13 Jul 2016



Gestapo America

By Paul Craig Roberts: FBI Director James Comey got Hillary off the hook but wants to put you on it. He is pushing hard for warrantless access to all of your Internet activity.
Comey, who would have fit in perfectly with Hitler’s Gestapo, tells Congress that the United States is not safe unless the FBI knows when every American goes online, to whom they are sending emails and from whom they are receiving emails, and knows every website visited by every American.
In other words, Comey wants to render null and void the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution and completely destroy your privacy rights.
The reason Washington wants to know everything about everyone is so that Washington can embarrass, blackmail, and frame on felony charges patriots who stand up in defense of the US Constitution and the rule of law, and dissidents who criticize Washington’s illegal wars, reckless foreign policies, and oppression of American citizens.
Washington’s demand for power has nothing to do with our security. It has to do with destroying the security that the US Constitution gives us.
The security that Comey wants to protect is not our security or the national security of the United States. Comey’s intent is to make Washington secure despite its violations of statutory law and the US Constitution. The way Comey intends to do this is by intimidating, harassing, and arresting Washington’s critics.

Utah Porn "Ban" Scaremongering And Regressives On All Sides

Warning - Pokemon Go Can Spy On iPhone Users’ Google Account

Several news outlets reported on this yesterday.
Here’s the Forbes take:

iPhone users of Pokemon GO, beware: the app has access to your entire Google account. That’s a major problem for fans of the game. Shockingly, there’s no warning about the extensive permissions either. For now, it’s unclear if Android owners are affected, though reports of sporadic Google account access have emerged.
To be clear, the app, as it stands, can read and write emails. It can also view your Google Docs, search history and Maps use. And your private photos. It’ll also take data that’s standard for modern apps, like IP and email addresses. Given the app by necessity has to use location data, Niantic suddenly has access to incredibly private information of millions of individuals across the world.
Keen eyed security pro Adam Reeve warned about the issue last week, noting that he didn’t receive any warning about the permissions on download.

Abuse By The “Anti-Abuse” Frauds

By : More than ever before, so-called empowered women are falling on their victim sword and are being offended at every single comment which can be used for political gain, particularly when it drives media attention to them.
Journalists like Jenna Price (Destroy The Joint founder) and Clementine Ford who both campaign against trolling of women are quick to pump out sensationalist pieces about how sexist and misogynistic men are and how all men are the cause of all violence against women purely by their gender. Organisations like Our Watch and White Ribbon are quick to jump on the bandwagon and spruik their wares to help perpetuate the story of a problem they are heavily funded to solve.

Brexit: A Win For Localism?

Ron Paul: Daniel Hannan, a Member of the European Parliament and Euroskeptic explains what last month's historic Brexit vote means for the UK and the EU. Is this a turning point for localism over globalism?

US, Mexico & Walls

Max and Stacy talk to John Ackerman, professor, columnist and the Mexican Law Review’s editor-in-chief, about the economic relationship between Mexico and the United States. Ackerman has a plan to cut off the flow of funds from America to the Mexican government and he also responds to Donald Trump’s wall. Like Trump, however, Ackerman believes Nafta has been devastating... both to the American worker and to the population in Mexico. They conclude with solutions to the consequences of neoliberal capitalism and dodgy trade deals.

Interview With Mike Buchanan After ICMI 2016

Brule interviewed Mike Buchanan immediately after the 2016 International Conference on Men's Issues in London, England. Mike was very positive about the conference.

Let's Talk About Jewish Revolutions...

ERTV s'est entretenu avec Gilad Atzmon chez lui à Londres sur l'attitude des premiers sionistes vis-à-vis du Judaïsme et des Juifs.