14 Jul 2016

‘If NATO Encroaches On Nuclear Russia, It Will Be Punished’

RT: Russia has zero trust in NATO and believes that the alliance is preparing to go to war against it, a leading Russian foreign policy expert told 'Spiegel', while warning that, if it comes to a new big conflict, Moscow won’t fight it on its own soil.
In an interview with the German magazine, Sergey Karaganov, a veteran political scientist and member of the influential Foreign Policy and Defense Council of the Russia Foreign Ministry, said in bold terms that the risk of a new shooting war in Europe has been on the rise for a decade and is now as high as it was at the height of the Cold War.
The abundance of propaganda coming from both sides attests to the dangerous state of the crisis, Karaganov said.
“The Russian media is more reserved than Western media. Though you have to understand that Russia is very sensitive about defense. We have to be prepared for everything. That is the source of this occasionally massive amount of propaganda,” he said. “But what is the West doing? It is doing nothing but vilifying Russia; it believes that we are threatening to attack. The situation is comparable to the crisis at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s.”
The expert was referring to a massive build-up of intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe that could have easily led to an unintended nuclear war.

Drunk Sex: A Treatise in Three Parts - Part Three

Josh O'Brien said. "I'm going to take the argument that alcohol consumption makes you incapable of giving consent and apply it to other situations beyond simple sex."


US Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics: ‘Circimcision Is Unethical And Unlawful’

By Mike Buchanan: Tim Hammond gave a well-received presentation at the recent conference, on the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm. We thank him for pointing us to a 20-page-long paper, Circumcision is Unethical and Unlawful, published recently by the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. The Conclusion (p.276):

Part I of this article showed that non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors is not medically justified. Part II showed that circumcision violates the cardinal rules of medical ethics, including a patient’s right to autonomy and the Hippocratic Oath, and many specific ethical rules, including the fiduciary duty to one’s patient, the prohibition against unnecessary surgery, discrimination against boys, and the obligation to
defer all pediatric procedures that can be deferred.

Part III showed that, as a German court recently held, circumcision is already illegal under numerous provisions
of American and international law.

Britain Is Now A One Party Political System

By Gilad Atzmon: The contemporary British political system can be easily defined. Tories are committed to big money. They believe that whatever is good for big money is good for the Brits. The Labour alternative presents middle class politicians who claim to know what is good for the working class while failing to recognize that actual productive work is virtually nostalgic and the workers haven’t made up a class for quite a while.
Britain now has a one party political system – The United Conservative Kingdom. It is hard to judge whether this one party rule is the result of a diabolical conservative plot or whether Labour has simply succeeded in sabotaging itself.
The Brexit Referendum was probably the most significant British political event since the end of WWII. The debate on leaving the EU was hijacked by the Tory Party. The issue merited an open cross party political exchange. But the Brexit was an internal Tory matter. The Labour Party had nothing to offer. Its leadership was primarily concerned with clearing itself of absurd allegations of anti-Semitism. The rest of the country was left to witness an entertaining Tory exchange between PM David Cameron and his potential challenger, Boris Johnson.

The Killings Of Tony Blair

George Galloway – until recently the Respect MP for Bradford West – is an old adversary of Tony Blair, and he has presented and produced a documentary about Labour’s longtime leader in the 1990s and 2000s. Focussing on the decision to go to war in Iraq, Blair’s post-politics activities, and his effect on the Labour party itself, The Killings of Tony Blair is directed by Sanne van den Bergh and Greg Ward.

Responding To A Dumb Feminist Comment

Dr Shaym: I wouldn't normally make a video about a single comment, but since I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I decided to take this opportunity to address the "feminism is about equality" argument.

Bianca Jagger Asks ‘Why Did The US & UK Really Go To War In Iraq’?

"This War was a War for oil." Said Bianca Jagger. Afshin Rattansi the background to the Iraq War. Human rights advocate & founder of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Bianca Jagger on her pre-war trip to Baghdad where she believes WMDs did not exist.

Trotsky - The Jewish Sadist

Trotsky was a sadist of the worst sort. He often executed his victims personally. He even ordered children murdered. His cruelties are well documented in the Communist archives.

Nottinghamshire Police Records Misogyny As A Hate Crime

Via Jeff and Martin, J4MB: We can be sure huge numbers of grievance collectors – i.e. feminists – will be wasting a great deal of valuable police time that could be spent investigating real crimes. We think it’s safe to say Nottinghamshire Police won’t be recording misandry as a hate crime.
An extract:
Chief Constable Sue Fish claimed it will make the county a safer place for women.
“What women face, often on a daily basis, is absolutely unacceptable and can be extremely distressing,” she said.
“Nottinghamshire Police is committed to taking misogynistic hate crime seriously and encourages anyone who is affected by it to contact us without hesitation.”
Work on the idea first started with the Nottinghamshire Safer for Women Conference last year, co-hosted by the police with the Nottingham Women’s Centre.
Melanie Jeffs, centre manager at Nottingham Women’s Centre, said: “We’re pleased to see Nottinghamshire Police recognise the breadth of violence and intimidation that women experience on a daily basis in our communities.”