19 Jul 2016

US-NATO Border Confrontation With Russia Risks Nuclear War

Michael Hudson says that the US-led confrontational approach of NATO with Russia is driving European countries to consider disbanding or leaving the military alliance due to increased security risks
JESSICA DESVARIEUX: President Obama met with NATO leaders in Warsaw last weekend to what seemed like a restatement of vows to protect Europe. Let's take a listen to what the president had to say.

Lord Faulkes Quits Over Appointment Of Feminist Liz Truss As Lord Chancellor, Blasting Her Inexperience And Warning She Won’t Be Able To Stand Up For Judges In Cabinet

Via Paul J4MB: Liz Truss was first elected to parliament just six years ago. In an article in The Times today, Charles Falconer (Lord Chancellor, 2003-7) wrote:
Liz Truss… has displayed no obvious signs of independence as a minister, backing Mrs May right from the off in the leadership election and so far shows every sign in her career of being more interested in promotion than the rule of law.
There is nothing wrong with ambition – but the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 said that the prime minister could only appoint someone who appears to be qualified by experience. The lord chancellor is the only job in cabinet where there are personal conditions, laid down by statute, which have to be satisfied by the holder.
There is no one who could possibly suggest that Ms Truss met the bar set by that law…

Prevent Israeli Training Of US Police

BBC News Feminist Propaganda About FGM

Mike Buchanan: This video was drawn from the end of an episode of BBC News at Ten. It follows time-honoured feminist narratives on FGM. It conflates FGM with forced marriage, and starting at 2:52 there's an outright lie - 'In these deeply traditional, patriarchal communities, away from the big cosmopolitan cities, many men still demand that women are cut.' - Wherever it is carried out, FGM is performed at the behest of women, and almost always BY women. Men don't demand that women are cut. You have to wonder if the Maasai warrior interviewed at the end is curious about why MGM continues unchallenged. He's surely a victim of the butchery himself.

White Ribbon Australia Bullies A Legend

"Erin does this work as a volunteer, collecting no income and continues working to this day even as a pensioner who has suffered a stroke and she does so in the face of an aggressive domestic violence industry that runs on a patently false model of the problem." Said Paul Elam.

Sibel Edmonds Predicted The Coup 6 Months Ago

Gilad Atzmon: In the following 6 month old Corbett Report episode, former FBI Sibel Edmonds analyses events in Turkey and  predicts the recent coup. This  video is a must watch. Edmonds' understanding of Turkey and politics involved is with no comparison.

Man Screwed In Canadian Divorce Court Flees The Country Before It's Too Late

Raging Golden Eagle: Do everything you can to build up connections in other countries in case you ever have to flee. And learn all you can about bitcoins and other methods of keeping your money out of reach of the government while you are in transit. No one else has your back, so be smart and take all the precautions.

Male Sovereignty & The Path To Healing - Auribus Teneo Lupum

Spetsnaz: "If the patriarchy exists women should be grateful for it. It is what took us to space, it is what built roads, it is what built the Internet; it is what protects and provides for women. If it exists, thank god it does."

Dark Age Cometh

By Dmitry Samoylov: The world has fallen behind itself.

It turns out the processes of secularization and technological progress have raced ahead of civilization’s collective consciousness.

People were summoned to explore the heavens, they were promised universal prosperity, a world without borders, gender equality, and a third gender, and a fourth, and a fifth, and watermelons that taste like raccoons, and raccoons with the hair of mermaids. But people wanted a hug, warm tea, summers in the country, and to spend time with their relatives.

The idea of globalization has turned out to have been privatized by large capital, which needs a market of 300 million consumers, 500 million, a billion…

But the people just want somebody to buy their rutabagas, and that’s it.

“But thanks to globalization, everyone gets to develop—the little homesteads, the individual entrepreneurs, the hired hands…”

Sure, yeah. Sounds good. Pardon me while I hit the snooze button one more time.

How To Reach Your Alienated Child And Change How They Think of You

Ryan Thomas, a child of parental alienation who discovered the lies and reunited with my Dad.
If you’re watching this you’re probably trying to figure out how to reach your alienated child and change how they think of you.
And that’s exactly what I’d like to help you do!
Because so many parents like you are at a breaking point and something’s got to give right. The alienator has brainwashed your child with lies and manipulations for years and years and it feels almost impossible that they’ll ever change their mind.

What Do Men Want? Gattula Shows Women’s Misunderstandings

Many women don’t understand why men prefer to be pigs. Some think that men are dogs (if not u, Doug!), ready to snap their leashes as soon as a woman shakes her bones. No one today dares tell women the truth about women and men. But back in the sixth century in Vandal north Africa, Luxorius wrote Latin poetry fearlessly. Consider his poem to the ugly exotic dancer Gattula:

To an ugly lutist
When you dance, Gattula, your wretched body
gives no one pleasure, you horrid one.
You instead prove yourself to be an insane lutist
who makes her ugly face worse with her gyrations,
and, as long as you displease, prompts everyone’s jokes.
Do you believe that your finger-cymbals delight the public?
No one possesses such a judgment of mind
that he wouldn’t, on account of you, abandon that joy.