24 Jul 2016

Tracking False Accusations: I Am The Law

JohnTheOther said. "Criminal allegations are being increasingly made with very little care for their truth, for their factual veracity, particularly against men by women and this phenomenon is aided and abetted by our media who seem perfectly willing to set aside their value for the truth or evidence or enquiry, what you would traditionally think of as journalism."

Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation, Soft Name Circumcision: The Issue That Ended My Marriage

When her husband talked about having their two young sons circumcised, Mireille Thornton was horrified. It soon became an issue bigger than their love… 
By Mireille Thornton: I was in my kitchen getting my children ready for the school run when my phone pinged. I glanced at my friend’s message: “Maybe of interest...!” I paused on seeing the news report she’d sent – a High Court ruling against a Muslim father’s wish that his two young sons be circumcised. The children in the case were to decide for themselves when they were old enough to do so. I felt stunned. Like the mother in the case, I’m from the UK, with a background in which male circumcision is no longer routine. Like the father, my ex-partner is Muslim and wished to have our sons circumcised according to his cultural and religious beliefs. The boys in the High Court case were a similar age to our sons, too – mine are now seven and five. The court’s decision felt extremely close to home.

Gary Spedding - Sabbos Goy Or Israeli Agent?

By Gilad Atzmon: “We in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Have a Problem With anti-Semitism,” writes Gary Spedding, a pro Palestinian 'lobbyist' in the Israeli outlet Haaretz.   Spedding claims to be a Palestinian solidarity activist but his activism is better described as that of an ‘Israeli agent.’ Spedding’s article provides us with an extraordinary view of Left duplicity and its disastrous role in the solidarity movement.
“For me,” writes Spedding, “being equipped to recognize and call out anti-Semitism can only strengthen my Palestine advocacy.” And why? Because“having a clear definition of anti-Semitism helps to reassure the Jewish community.” The first question that comes to mind is why a ‘pro’ Palestinian wants to ‘reassure the Jewish community?’ If Spedding really wants to appease the Jews he should join AIPAC  or enlist in the IDF’s Unit 300.    
Pro Palestinian pretender Spedding doesn’t want us to use “anti-Semitic Jewish power tropes” he doesn’t want us to ‘vilify’ those “Jews who do identify with Zionism.” The obvious next question is, ‘what in hell makes Spedding think that he is a Palestinian solidarity activist?’ This guy is a text book ultra Zionist merchant, probably an Hasbara agent.

Pyrrhic Loss: Battle Of Sexes Necessary For Achieving Gender Equality

Pyrrhic (weapon) dances in the ancient Greco-Roman world depicted gender equality in fighting. Yet men fought and died in actual inter-society battles in vastly disproportionate numbers. Women rationalized not fighting outside the home in a variety of ways.[1] In short, gender equality in Pyrrhic dance wasn’t actually about equally shouldering the burdens of fighting foreign enemies.
Gender equality in Pyrrhic dance is best understood as a domestic political ideal. Pyrrhic dance was explicitly associated with the battle of the sexes and gender equality. Yes dearism destroys societies. The point of ancient Pyrrhic dance was to encourage men to fight with women domestically. Men must be willing to battle with women to constrain gynocentric tyranny.
Archaic Greek Pyrrhic dance seems to have been associated with elite men warriors. Under the social power of feminization, Pyrrhic dance changed. A wise old man in fifth-century BGC Athens complained:

Herbert Purdy Speaks At London ICMI16

His book 'Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life' was published shortly before the conference.

Libertarianism, Gender, Free Will, Biology, Evolution and Civilisational Success

CS MGTOW: Libertarianism within the context of Free Will, Biology, Evolution and Civilisational Success, with special guest Adam Jensen.

We May Be At A Greater Risk Of Nuclear Catastrophe Than During The Cold War

Astounding increases in the danger of nuclear weapons have paralleled provocative foreign policy decisions that needlessly incite tensions between Washington and Moscow.
By : “Today, the danger of some sort of a nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War,” warns William Perry, “and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.”
A former U.S. defense secretary from 1994 to 1997, Perry has been an inside player in the business of nuclear weapons for over 60 years. And his book, My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, is a sober read. It’s also a powerful counterpoint to NATO’s current European strategy, which envisions nuclear weapons as a deterrent to war: The purpose of nukes “is to prevent major war, not to wage wars,” argues the Alliance’s magazine, NATO Review.
But as Perry points out, it’s only by chance that the world has avoided a nuclear war — sometimes by nothing more than dumb luck — and, rather than enhancing our security, nukes “now endanger it.”

Serious Questions For Feminists, Anti Feminists And Others

Bearing: Some serious questions for feminists, anti feminists and anyone who wants to answer. Regards, Bearing.