25 Jul 2016

Findings From The 2012 Global Survey Of Male Infant Genital Mutilation AKA Circumcision - Tim Hammond, ICMI16

Mike Buchanan: Steve Brule has just posted his tenth interview of speakers and others from the conference.

Karen Straughan Interview At ICMI16 - London, UK

Steve Brule’s interview of Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat and member of The Honey Badger Brigade, at the International Conference on Men's Issues in London, England, July 2016.

Rape Culture Hysteria

Wendy McElroy clarifies the issues and philosophy surrounding a toxic brand of politically correct nitwittery that is prevailing on many college campuses and beginning to bleed into mainstream culture.

Technology Site Endorses Automated Troll Filters

By : In the wake of the Leslie Jones fiasco which resulted in Twitter banning Milo Yiannopoulos, technology news site Mashable posted an OpEd “Twitter, it’s time to take down the trolls with tech” by Lance Ulanoff in which he advocated for automated troll filters for Twitter.
Given Ulanoff’s long history in tech journalism, I’m moderately surprised that he apparently fails to understand the technical implications of what he’s asking for, never mind the political and social ramifications of the idea.
Ulanoff’s article doesn’t seem to have gotten much of airing, so here is a slightly edited version of the critique that I posted in the comments. The subject is particularly relevant when, in the last month, we have seen Milo ousted from Twitter and AVfM’s own Facebook page being removed (apparently deleted, mysteriously to reappear a week later).

Ulanoff asks some important questions.  I’m a computer scientist and am also active in politics, so let me share my perspectives.

Why Twitter probably can’t do what Ulanoff asks

In short, I think automated anti-abuse is a terrible idea, however well-intentioned its motivation.  I trust computers to do repetitive, same-y things automatically, but I don’t trust them to make executive decisions (in the cognitive sense) or take control away from humans (which is why I think driverless cars and pilotless planes are a terrible idea also).

Being Cuckolded Impotent Husbands’ Best Hope For Future

Current, official paternity establishment procedures institutionalize the cuckolding of men. Men have been completely impotent in addressing that social injustice and many other social injustices against men. Moreover, despite impassioned admonishments not to marry, many men still get married. What is impotent husbands’ best hope for the future?
An impotent husband in sixth-century Vandal north Africa shows how men can make the best of their circumstances. Whether as a result of a sexless marriage, being castrated, or some other difficulty, the husband Proconius was unable to sire children. Most women in the ancient world, including in ancient Athens, worked outside the home.[1] Women probably enjoyed such work no more than men do. Proconius offered his wife an opportunity to work within the home as a prostitute. She accepted, as would many men would if they had equally good opportunities to work as home-based prostitutes. By having his wife work as a prostitute, Proconius not only increased family income, but also increased the probability of having children in his family.

Segregation & Price Discrimination

"The message that we've been fed ever since second or third wave feminism in the 1960's, we've been told that women are strong, independent, didn't need to be taken care of or looked after, now here we are being told 'no, no, no sorry you poor delicate flowers here's your own space away from these evil men."

Laci Green And Bearing Talk Semen And Feminism

Bearing: Well known feminist Laci Green drops in to discuss semen with Bearing - particularly, how people have prevented semen from doing its job in the past. From ferret testicles to crocodile poo, people have employed some downright whack methods of contraception in the past.

Husbands Can Work With Wives Reluctant To Work Outside The Home

Despite much social pressure to work full-time for money outside the home, some wives are nonetheless reluctant to take such jobs. That puts husbands in the difficult, burdensome position of being primary wage-earners for their families.  Husbands with wives reluctant to work full-time for money outside the home should explain to them how their position, an aspect of socially entrenched female privilege, oppresses men. Drawing upon insights from classical literature, such husbands might discuss working together with their wives in a home-based prostitution enterprise.
Wives and husbands can achieve a more equal economic partnership through a home-based prostitution enterprise. According to the esteemed Roman author Horace, the renowned seer Tiresias advised Ulysses (the Roman name for Odysseus) to pursue such an enterprise with his wife Penelope. Penelope was renowned for her chastity since the time of Homer’s Odyssey. Ulysses queried incredulously:
Do you think her services can be bought, a woman of such honesty and virtue, whom the suitors could not turn away from the right track? [1]

Meineke Misogyny: The Gender Earnings Gap Is 21 Percent, Yet All We Get Is A Measly 10 Percent?

The Backlash!: I call upon our mighty slut brigades to march naked in the streets to protest misogyny, and to begin a spitting campaign to drool our way to superiority over the evil male patriarchal hegemony. As my dear Aunt Gertrude always used to say, men are bad! They smell bad, they're stupid, and they leave the seat up!