26 Jul 2016

'The State's War On Fathers'

Paul Apreda - London ICMI 2016

Reality Of Uncertainty

Max and Stacy talk to Das, author of ‘A Banquet of Consequences: The Reality of Our Unusually Uncertain Economic Future’, about the structural changes needed to halt the decline in real wages. They also discuss financialization, economic apartheid and debt jubilees.

Why MGTOW Is The Best Strategy For Men

By Herbert Purdy: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born on August 27, 1770, in Stuttgart, in the Duchy of Württemberg in southwestern Germany, and he died on 14th November 1831. He was a divisive figure, but his philosophical ideas have towered over Western politics ever since. In particular, his Hegelian principle – or Hegelian dialectic – describes the dynamic behind a process of social change that has been at work for many centuries, and is increasingly the weapon of choice for politicians and social engineers, and particularly feminists who would conform us all to their ways.
Simply put, the Hegelian principle is: thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Someone, or some group, puts forward an idea, or set of ideas, which they want society to take on as its guiding principles – this is the thesis. The intention is to provoke a reaction by way of an antithesis – a set of ideas that stand in opposition to the thesis – then, through a dialectical process of discussion, dialogue, and argument those who promoted the original thesis force their opponents to take up a new position – a new social order – passing it off as an apparent reconciliation. This is the synthesis of the two opposing views.
One of the key techniques used by those who have used the Hegelian dialectic to significant effect to change society in the past, is the cynical process more commonly called ‘problem – reaction – solution’, which manifests like this:

At The International Conference On Men’s Issues - London

By Elena Rider - The Backbencher: Google the term MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) and you’ll get more results than you’ll know what to do with, mostly telling you what evil misogynists they are. There is not time for me to cover all of that here, so instead I’ll say this and leave you to do the research and make up your own mind:
A few years ago, appalled by the bias and bigotry of modern feminism I decided to start a blog and needed help. In those days the MRAs were pretty much the only people out there who could offer me advice. I reached out and found a community of women and men, all of whom were supportive, helpful and concerned for my safety. It’s a scene I’m still proud to call myself a part of, and it includes people of every skin colour, LBGT people and trans women, all willing to undertake a task that brings with it all kinds of risk because they believe that modern society discriminates against men and boys in many ways.
This is not just a Sisyphean task. It is a dangerous task. So the gathering of some of the movement’s most influential voices is not to be undertaken lightly. The last conference – held in Detroit – was fraught with threats and sabotage and eventually had to be moved to a different venue at the last minute.

Turkey’s Coup Plotters Are Members Of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps

Gilad Atzmon: I have been writing about it for a week. The recent failed military coup was a desperate NATO attempt to stifle the emerging Turkey/Russia bond, NATO wants to see more war in Syria. Now Sibel Edmond provides the details.

This Is Not Gaza After Israeli Invasion

By Gilad Atzmon:
This is how Pambos Napa Rocks, a 5 stars hotel in Cyprus looked when a group of Israeli youngsters checked out.

"The System Has No Chance Of Regaining Stability"

"I see people saying the system is unstable. Fine, as long as they realize it has no chance of regaining stability, not with its present components. There will have to be a big clean-up. But it will be messy. A very limited number of people, with all of their minions, control the entire now unstable edifice, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep their power. Nevertheless, they’ll lose."
By : John McDonnell, UK Shadow Chancellor of the Treasury (at least it sounds important) appealed to his -Labour- party on Sunday morning TV to “stop trying to destroy the party”, and of course I’m thinking NO, please don’t stop, keep at it, it’s so much fun. When you watch a building collapse, you want it to go all the way, not stop somewhere in the middle and get patched up with band-aids.
It’s alright, let it crumble, it’s had its day. And if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Nor is that some freak coincidence. ‘Labour’-like parties (the ‘formerly left’) all over the world are disintegrating. Which is no surprise; they haven’t represented laborers for decades. They’ve become the left wing -and even that mostly in name only- of a monotone bland centrist political blob.
The other ‘half’ of that blob, the ‘conservative’ side, is disintegrating just as rapidly, as evidenced by the rise of Trump and a motley crew of Boris Johnson ilk.

Families, Divorce, Cohabitation

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Following the earlier post on marriage statistics, here are some bald statistics on families, divorce and cohabitation in the UK. It is primarily intended for the mhrm.uk Wiki but I thought I’d post it here first. I also revisit the theme of the Marriage Gap because it is so important. 
The Increasing Socio-Economic Marriage Gap (click to enlarge)
Unless otherwise stated the data on families and households relate to the whole UK, whereas the data on divorce relate to England & Wales. Throughout “children” is used as a shorthand for “dependent children”. The ONS documents are not explicit regarding what constitutes dependency. The term “divorce” is used to include both decrees absolute and decrees of nullity.
Families and Households 2015 (UK)
Data is from this ONS publication. The following Figures and Table are self-explanatory.