27 Jul 2016

Feminist Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity

Corbett: Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Wall Street-backed warmonger whose potential election as President of the United States this November poses an existential threat not just to Americans but to all of humanity.

BT-1000 Mom Assaults Her Daughter On Facebook Live

 ...& Other Blacks Are Now Condoning The Abuse!

NEOCON WESTWORLD - William Banzai7

OBGYN Pressured Mother To Genitally Mutilate Infant Son

Bonobo3D: During a demonstration at Pike Place Market (July 14, 2016), Andrea del Valle explains how her OBGYN tried to pressure her into cutting her son and why she protests genital mutilation of baby boys.

Is Marina Shut Up A Feminist Cyber Bully?

Bearing: Recently, prominent feminist YouTuber Marina Shutup published a video criticizing anti feminist response videos in general - claiming they decontextualize her and other feminist's arguments through editing. - When YouTuber Jacob Guillory directed a response video to Marina inviting her to have a conversation with him, he wasn't expecting the answer he got. - Is Marina Shutup a person of integrity .. or is she yet another hypocrite in a sea of feminist hypocrites? Looks like we'll find out soon!

30 Seconds To Midnight

By Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Secretary of Defense William Perry warns that the world is on the knife edge of nuclear catastrophe. Such catastrophe can result accidentally from electronic failures or glitches in warning systems and from the recklessly aggressive and unnecessary force buildup against Russia. Conn Hallinan discusses these issues.
I doubt Hallinan is correct about Washington’s military predominance. This is Washington’s view, and this view makes Washington confident that it holds the aces. It is a mistake for Hallinan to encourage Washington in this view. Nevertheless, Hallinan makes it clear that we could all be vaporized at any minute. This extremely high risk has been created entirely by the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes in which zionist neoconservatives have controlled foreign and military policies.
It is tiresome to hear the argument that nuclear war won’t happen because it makes no sense. William Perry points out that the failure of a 49-cent computer chip resulted in NORAD’s computers signaling that the Soviets had launched 220 nuclear missiles at the United States. Just think about all the failures and glitches in our own personal computers, even the best ones.

Corbyn Doesn’t Speak Anti-Jewish, He Just IS Anti-Jewish

Introduction by GA: The following insightful and unusual comment was made by a great friend of mine who prefers to stay anonymous.    

Corbyn doesn’t speak anti-Jewish, he just IS anti-Jewish.

Note how every time Corbyn denounces anti-Semitism (as he is required to do, and as he always DOES do) he always adds “and all kinds of racism.” The Jews hate this. What’s with this guy? Does he not understand that anti-semitism is not any ordinary run-of-the-mill racism? Can he not see that anti-Semitism is special? Can he not see that Jews are special?
No he cannot. And that is why Corbyn IS anti-Jewish
But he has one immense, insurmountable flaw – he just cannot understand that the Englishman wants to be an Englishman., This just passes him by (strange, since he is the quintessential Englishman)  – and this will be his undoing.
Perhaps you (Gilad) have trouble seeing this because you have a limited engagement with Englishness.

#MGTOW: Homogeneity, IQ And Outcomes. Facts v Fiction

CS MGTOW  said. "As a form of peer review, I encourage you to take the raw data, run it through your own statistical software and see if your outcomes match mine and if your conclusions are in line with my own."
Raw Data and NCSS Linear regression reports

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Inferior Child

DoctorRandomercam: I'm only able to make these things because of all the stupid out there. So I want to thank everyone who's contributed. Stare into their eyes, this one's for you.

The Jewish Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty

By Paul Craig Roberts:
Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was my colleague at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Tom, after whom the F-14 Tomcat fighter is named, expressed to me his concern that US politics and foreign policy was in the clutches of Israel and that America was being led into war with the Arab Middle East. Admiral Moorer and the State Department and Pentagon at that time did not think that war with the Arab countries served the interests of the United States. However, Admiral Moorer thought that the war could not be avoided because of the hold Israel has over the US government.
What convinced him of this was Washington’s coverup of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which resulted in 208 killed and wounded Americans. Tom was disheartened that Admiral John S. McCain Jr., the father of the current US senator, for career reasons had cooperated with the coverup. Tom worried that careerism had destroyed the integrity of the US military.
Last month was the 49th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the American ship. I raised the issue of the USS Liberty eight or nine years ago in a syndicated newspaper column, which, as I suspected would be the case, only a few news sources dared to publish. However, the article editor at Hustler magazine saw the article and contacted me. He said that Hustler was popular among US sailors and now that they were again thrust into needless war they should be aware that the US government could sell them out without notice.