28 Jul 2016

Interview With Wikileaks’ Julian Assange - Hillary Clinton Expands The Overton Window Of Corruption

Michael Krieger: The other day, Julian Assange sat down with Democracy Now to discuss Wikileaks’ recent release of the DNC leak emails. It’s a very interesting and worthwhile 15 minute interview. Enjoy.

Turkey’s Failed Coup, Rise Of Nationalism & Mammonism

Gilad Atzmon speaks about his understanding of the failed Turkish Coup that followed attempts by Erdogan to reinstate Turkey’s amicable relationship with Russia. https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/turkey-s-failed-coup-rise-of-nationalism-and-mammonism
Gilad speculates that Turkey was on the verge of becoming the new Syria, as it’s on one hand an extremely Nationalist country and on the other at the forefront of the NATO/neocon intervention project. We learn about the uprising and taking to the streets by the Turkish people that stopped the military takeover, which Gilad says has been likened by some (fools) to an 'Islamofascist' revolt. Then, we discuss how the Brexit decision relates to a bone of contention for Turkey’s role in the dirty NATO wars and the refugee invasion sprouting out of Eastern Europe. Gilad points out some factors related to the Jewish Bolshevist movement in Russia and the Zionist occupation of Palestine that echo in present patterns being seen in Turkey, and he emphasizes how Erdogan’s popularity is another clear signal of the nationalist uprising and growing awareness of ethnic belonging. We also look at the perils of today’s trade-driven capitalist Britain, which Gilad calls Mammonism, and was predicted nearly 100 years ago by the genius manufacturer and business tycoon Henry Ford.
In the member half, we hone in on the Brexit decision and newly appointed PM Theresa May’s clampdown on free speech. Gilad speaks more to the Mammonite funded power structure that is still at the helm of Britain’s capitalist system, and we draw some comparisons to the Mammonist monster manifesting itself in American politics. We look at parallels between Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Trump’s plea to a more fascist way of thinking, which can be understood by looking at fascism as an economic system that appeals more to the will of the people.

Putin's Warning

Inessa S: This candid conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016. Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the impending danger that is a nuclear arms race. - Nobody has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main threat to international security.

How To Ignore Sexual Assault

By : I’m a grower, not a shower.
When it grows, its length is average.
But before it grows, it looks so damn tiny.
When I shower in the gym, after a workout, it is barely visible. I am embarrassed, and I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m embarrassed. I know what people will say: “it’s not the length; it’s what you do with it. Length—erect or flaccid—should not matter.” I get it. But it still embarrasses me.
I don’t like this.
I’m not trying to turn on the guy in the next shower, but I just don’t like seeing these hoses dangling—they are majestic, don’t get me wrong—when I have what looks like a stub. So I stretch it out before getting in the shower. I never enter the sauna, anymore, if there are other men there. I am embarrassed.
This is all because someone decided they knew better about my body.
You see, I’m circumcised, and that’s why I feel it always looks so tiny. I feel my penis is desperately trying to retract to a safe space—to crawl back into a protective layer of skin that is no longer there. Some research seems to indicate that circumcised penises are smaller. But I don’t think they’re smaller; I think they retract and look tiny when they are not erect because the tissue has a visco-elastic memory of a safe space and is pulling back to find it.
My son is not circumcised. He is only twelve years old, but his penis actually looks longer than mine. It dangles like the penis of a horse; mine retracts, and all that’s visible is a calcified mushroom head.
I have also noticed that as I get older, my penis tries to retract even when I am sitting in an office meeting. It makes me physically uncomfortable—it really is an uncomfortable feeling—and I try to pull it out. On a few occasions, it is so irritating, that I leave the meeting, go to the bathroom and pull it out. I don’t think I would have to do this if there was skin around my best bud.
I don’t like this at all.

Another Madoff? This Time It’s Platinum

By Eve Mykytyn: With all the attention on the political conventions, random terror attacks and the upcoming Olympics (where we Americans may have finally defeated the Russians without the inconveniences of competing in sports), Wall Street’s latest billion dollar fraud has gone little noticed.
Platinum Partners and its various funds claim a value of $1.25 billion and have stated average annual return rates of between 10 and 17% for at least ten years. The funds are primarily the creation of two men, Murray Huberfeld and Mark Nordlich. Platinum has run on a perpetual stream of unsavory, semi-legal and immoral investments that enriched the owners of Platinum, their families and their foundations.
Mr. Huberfeld pleaded ‘not guilty’ last week to charges that he paid $60,000 to the head of the union of New York City Corrections Officers in return for a union pension fund investment of twenty million dollars in Platinum Partners. According to The New York Times, the hedge fund also gave an $18,000 donation to a charity with ties to Jona Rechnitz, allegedly to thank him for making the connection. Rechnitz is one of the two Orthodox businessmen at the center of a widespread investigation into corruption in NYC.
So why did Mr. Huberfeld risk such an obvious bribe? It seems Platinum Partners, despite its claims of extraordinary results, was having trouble repaying its investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have not released the results of their investigations, so the full extent of the scandal is not yet known, but here’s what’s we do know.

Gaza In Context

Is Europe Doomed By Vassalage To Washington?

“One Ring to rule them all . . . and in the darkness bind them.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

By Paul Craig Roberts: World War II resulted in Europe being conquered, not by Berlin but by Washington.
The conquest was certain but not all at once. Washington’s conquest of Europe resulted from the Marshall Plan, from fears of Stalin’s Red Army that caused Europe to rely on Washington’s protection and to subordinate Europe’s militaries to Washington in NATO, from the replacement of the British pound as world reserve currency with the US dollar, and from the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government.
With few exceptions, principally the UK, membership in the EU also meant loss of financial independence. As only the European Central Bank, an EU institution, can create euros, those countries so foolish as to accept the euro as their currency no longer have the power to create their own money in order to finance budget deficits.
The countries that joined the euro must rely on private banks to finance their deficits. The result of this is that over-indebted countries can no longer pay their debts by creating money or expect their debts to be written down to levels that they can service. Instead, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, and Ireland were looted by the private banks.

Feminism, Research Rigour And Peer Review, With Cheeky Bastard

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Meet The Israeli Army’s Sexual Sadist Chief Rabbi

The rabbi newly appointed to the Israeli army’s top religious post has made a long list of racist and sexually sadistic edicts over the years, including one permitting Jewish soldiers to rape non-Jewish women during wartime. 
By David Sheen: The elevation of Colonel Eyal Karim to the rank of brigadier general and the position of chief rabbi was thrown into question after his past controversial statements were reported by Israeli media. After holding a private meeting with Karim, however, Israel’s chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot publicly proclaimed that he would support the appointment.
Once he is military chief rabbi, Karim will be responsible for making decisions with regards to religious matters in the armed forces. Karim currently serves as the second-highest ranking religious official in the Israeli army. His nomination to the top post has received the support of the State of Israel’s two chief rabbis and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.