29 Jul 2016

Why The Alt-Right Isn’t Wrong

: I got told off this week by a presenter on BBC radio for using a four-letter word live on air. In my defence, I was merely quoting a tweet from a black Hollywood comedy star called Leslie Jones which said: ‘Lord have mercy… white people shit.’ And the only reason I did so was that I thought it important that someone, somewhere, spoke out against the double standards which seem to exist on social media right now: one rule for progressives and accepted victim groups; quite another for everyone else.
A good example is the ban recently imposed by Twitter on my friend and colleague Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo had got into a public spat with Jones when he goaded her over the awfulness of her new movie, an all-female remake of Ghostbusters. Nothing he said matched the borderline racism and incitement to mob bullying in some of Jones’s tweets. Yet guess which party it was that ended up being booted permanently off Twitter…
This is why I took very strong exception to a piece written by Brendan O’Neill on Coffee House condemning Milo and his Twitter followers as ‘alt-right angries, convinced the world is one big lefty, feminist plot to ruin your average white dude’s life’ and ‘as anti-PC, bedroom-bound fans of Trump and strangers to sexual intercourse’. It seems to me that if you’re going to campaign for fairness and free speech — as Brendan frequently and heroically does — then you need correctly to identify the true enemy.

Julie Bindel - More Dodgy Journalism And A Breach Of Ethics

HEqual: There was a piece in The Guardian yesterday by Julie Bindel about the Economou case, and the number of omissions in it are quite incredible.
It fails to mention that Economou was clearly treated terribly by much of the media (particularly the BBC and The Guardian) and falsely smeared as a rapist even when his innocence was clear. Just two such examples are here and here.
However, the most obvious omission from the article is the legal case that took place immediately before the libel trial, in which Economou was bullied by the state with bogus harassment charges simply for clearing his name and correcting the smears of those associated with his accuser. The full verdict from that case makes for very interesting reading, you can view it in full here.
Now, back to Bindel’s article and one of the key sentences from it is actually the following:
Her father, David de Freitas, was referred by the charity Inquest to a lawyer with expertise in rape investigations and in holding the state to account. 

Women Get Mauled Killed By Tiger While Trying To Assault Husband At Zoo!

"The woman got what she deserved for being a jackass like the majority of women are." Said Tommy Sotomayor.

The Future Of Men's Rights, Antifeminism And Everything

The Honey Badgers as we discuss moving forward in the realm of Men's Issues, fighting Feminism, and moving forward!




Global Energy Crisis

Max and Stacy talk to Gregor Macdonald of Gregor.us and the TerraJoule newsletter. They discuss energy transition, San Diego's 2035 plan, walkable cities, and urban burbs. They also examine Saudi Arabia's plan to float Saudi Aramco and go solar.


'Sexy Justice Warriors and the Truck of Peace'.

The Jewish Bolshevik Bestial Tortures

Zionist Report: On the 19th October Lenin wrote to Felix Dzerzhinsky saying “It is vital that this movement (Tambov) be crushed as swiftly as possible in the most exemplary fashion: we must be more energetic than this.”- Thus, hunger became the most powerful weapon imaginable as areas of high The Jewish Bolshevik “bestial tortures grain seizure suffered most horrifically due to their resistance. A horrific cycle of crucifixions, scalpings and other “bestial tortures” ensued. Shootings by the Jewish Cheka where common place, even children caught eating confiscated grain were shot as ‘traitors’ to the Bolshevik state, and there were those Cheka who cut open their victim’s stomach.