31 Jul 2016

On Honoring Parents - MGTOW

An account of how one can go about honoring their parents and insights into nobility. - There is an expression that I have often heard from parents. Parents say: "I work hard so my children can have all the things I never had." The substantive sentiment contained in this expression is, however, somewhat unclear at best and misguided at worst. The misguided nature of this sentiment comes from its conflict with another saying parents have; namely, "I wish my kids retain my values." - Yet both of these expressions can be interpreted in so many ways that it is easy to dismiss my accusations if they are not made particular as to their meaning. In the first case, a parent who desires that his child have all the things he himself has not had is prone to purchasing all sorts of gifts for his child.

'The Status Of Men In Continental Europe'

Lucian Valsan at ICMI 2016

She Raped A Young Boy But It's Not Her Fault

Luimarco talks about gynocentric and misandric culture. "Illegal indiscretion with a boy aka rape."

'The Political War On Men And Boys'

Mike Buchanan at ICMI 2016

The Health Gap

Canadian Association for Equality: The Health Gap is not merely the gap in health awareness, funding, services, and care provided to men.
The Health Gap is also an enormous advertisement campaign, sponsored by the Women's College Hospital to imply that Women's health care needs are being neglected in order to accomodate men's health care needs.

Theresa May Decided Britain First

By Gilad Atzmon: British Jews are not so sure about Theresa May. Her cabinet “has fewer Jewish ministers than any government for a decade”  the JC reported last week. Theresa certainly witnessed how the Jewish lobby crashed Corbyn and the Labour party.  She probably came to the conclusion that she would do much better without that foreign interventionist lobby dominating her political decisions. She decided Britain first.
Some Jews seem to have serious problems with Sir Alan Duncan's new role as a Foreign Office minister. 
Labour MP Louise Ellman said Sir Alan had, in October 2014, referred to the United States as being "in hock to a very important financial lobby which dominates its politics." His remarks were made the day after he launched a blistering attack on the Israeli government's settler policy, comparing it to Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands and Saddam Hussein's claim to Kuwait.
The Jewish Labour MP was not suggesting that Sir Alan was lying or operating against the interests of the British people. Quite the opposite. Jewish MP Ellman was critical of Sir Alan for telling the truth. 
Sir Alan had also said: "We need British Jews for the Conservative, Labour, or other UK parties; not the Israeli lobby for any party." Sir Alan mentioned that political funding in Britain had to be "decoupled from the influence of the Israeli state".

YouTube Harrassment, Sub Wars And Milo

Milo is a non binary trans person who use the pronouns he or they. He recently published a video addressing harassment on YouTube and offering his (Milo) suggestions on how to make YouTube a more Milo friendly space.


In this piece MGTOW HYBRiD discusses how female nature developed, why it is not bad, and how we can use it to our advantage.

Suicidal Women - MGTOW

One of the things the traditionalist men's rights movement likes to present to the world to show that men have it worse than women under the feminist society we live in so men are more likely to kill themselves because of life is tougher. But what they aren't looking at traditionalism combined with bad economic conditions being one of the leading causes of suicide in males. If men are raised to be provider protectors and they can't provide for their wife and children or accumulate enough assets to attract women in the first place then they are far more likely to kill themselves. The failing traditionalist model is bad for men. Look at places like the former Soviet Union when the economy collapsed the male suicide rate shot through the roof and that doesn't include the men that drink themselves into oblivion and die from things like Chrosis of the liver or Asophogeal Cancers.


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