2 Aug 2016

The Men’s Rights Movement - A Smart, Necessary Counterweight To Man-Hating Feminism

At the start of July, the second International Conference on Men’s issues was held at the ExCel centre in London, two years after the inaugural conference in Detroit. Jointly hosted by A Voice for Men and the British political party Justice for Men and Boys, men from all around the world flocked to the centre to hear people discuss real issues that affected them. 
By Jack Hadfield: The ICMI is one of the only places where issues that affect men and boys are even recognised as being legitimate – it is safe to say that the wider society has no real grasp of the seriousness of such pressing issues as male suicide, domestic violence against men, false rape accusations and many others.
Men’s Rights Activists (more commonly known as MRAs) have an undeserved reputation in mainstream society; they are commonly portrayed as misogynists, bigots, and generally strange individuals, who sit at home in their mothers’ basements fawning over anime characters in their fedoras and trenchcoats.
Yet pretty much every conference attendee looked just like every other human being on this planet – they are not the monsters that the media makes them out to be, just ordinary, normal men who are passionate about the issues discussed.

Saatchi’s Sexism Row Suggests Feminists Can’t Handle Debate

By Joanna Williams: Forget Pimm’s, sunburn and rain abandoned picnics. What really makes summer is a heap of outrage directed at an old white man for saying something feminists think is beyond the pale. Last year it was Sir Tim Hunt and his quip about the problem of women in labs. This time it is Kevin Roberts, chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, who has suggested gender bias is not an issue in the advertising industry. For this crime against feminism, Roberts has been suspended and will spend this summer in his garden rather than in the office. 
Unpicking the obligatory social media bluster about ‘misogyny’ and ‘the patriarchy’ to work out where exactly Roberts went wrong is not easy. His sin, it seems, was to claim that there are loads of talented women working in advertising but, when they are offered the top jobs, some of them decide they have other priorities and would rather not, thank you very much.
Rules about what can and can’t be said get more complicated every day. At least now we all know to preface conversations about the workplace with statements of women’s continued oppression. We know not to be so foolish as to claim that women might make decisions about how to lead their own lives according to their own priorities. Above all else we know never to suggest that sexual discrimination is not an issue.

How Much Of A Feminist Are You?

Shoe0nHead: I debate with another buzzfeed quiz for the entertainment of strangers on the internet.

Studies Of Cuckolding In Beyond Brezhnev-Era Soviet Intellectual Life

Titles of recent scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals declare “Three hundred years of low non-paternity in a human population” and “Cuckolded fathers rare in human populations.” These recent scientific publications indicate that for the past several centuries the share of persons falsely identifying their biological father has been about 1% to 2%.[1] The latter scientific publication called this finding “reassuring news for many fathers.” While that publication carries a publication date of May, 2016, its reassuring news has already been disseminated across about 1000 web sites. The public propaganda apparatus wasn’t so powerful and fast-moving at the height of its development in the Soviet Union under Premier Leonid Brezhnev.
Recent scientific studies of cuckolding have been of remarkably poor intellectual quality. By what basis is 1% to 2% cuckolding “low” or “rare”? Biological reproduction is the fundamental imperative in the evolution of life. Moreover, most men care greatly about their biological children. Knowledge about their father thoroughly informs most persons understandings of love.

Misandric BBC Still Silent On Jay Cheshire Case, Even After A Second Tragic Death From The False Rape Allegation

Jay’s tragic death and the disgraceful refusal of the BBC to carry out its obligation to report the story to licence fee payers inspired a number of articles on this blog. These included a full investigation of all media reported false rape claims resulting in the victim’s suicide.  This study showed the BBC (and Guardian) were the only outlets to have never reported or acknowledged the existence of a single such case in their entire histories.

Rosy-Fingered Dawn (Eos) Raping Men: The Untold Story

Eos the rosy-fingered one, also called Dawn, was wild for men. Every morning, her faced flushed, she thought of men rising. Dreaming of her trouble-maker bad-boy lover Ares, she vaulted across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot.
Demeter has Iason, who gives her a triple plowing, why should I wait here for boys to smile at me? They want me. I know they want me. They’re afraid to talk to me, because if they talk to me, they’ll want to kiss me, and if they just kiss me, they could get locked up for sexual assault. Being in prison — that’s awful. There are already so many men in prison. They have to wear ugly clothes, they can’t go shopping, and no matter how bad they feel they can’t post sad-face photos on facebook to get likes and encouragement from their friends. Whatever.
Hey, I can save men from being imprisoned as rapists. But it’s not enough for me to text a guy “come drink and then we can have hot sex” and then have sex eight hours later. If he says he didn’t rape me, but a judge thinks he did, he could still be imprisoned for rape. A man can be charged with a sex attack just for brushing up against a woman in a crowded London metro. Or even a woman just dreaming of rape can get a guy punished worse than Prometheus. Wow, just wow.
Well, here’s a divine plan: I’ll abduct them, then ravish them. It’ll be like I rape them, except women don’t rape, so as long as I rape them, no will get charged with rape.

Spinossaurus' Pseudoscience Argument

Golden Eagle-owl: My response to Spinossaurus Kin's rather vague issues with MGTOW, namely that "there's a lot of pseudoscience". Hopefully this will be the first and last time that I'll have to address this imbecile.

Men’s Rights In Germany - ICMI 2016

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