10 Aug 2016

The Stench Of Raw Propaganda + Canada Has Followed America Into The Integrity Void

By Paul Craig Roberts: I just heard the rawest kind of propaganda from former presstitute David Satter, who hangs out at the right-wing Hudson Institute and pretends to be an expert on Russia and Putin. On August 10 Satter told NPR’s audience that Washington’s hope to bring peace to Syria would fail unless Washington understood that the Russian government had no humanitarian feelings and did not care about the loss of human life. What Washington needs to do, said Satter, was to make sure that Putin and his henchmen understood that they would be held accountable as war criminals. 
I should be hardened by now, but it never fails to astonish me that agents for the elite are willing to tell the most blatant and transparant lies. Perhaps this is because they know that the media and their fellow bought-and-paid-for “experts” will not challenge them on their statements. In fact, this is the way explanations are controlled and history rewritten.
Perhaps everyone has already forgotten that when Washington’s plan to invade Syria was blocked by the UK Parliament and Russian diplomacy, Washington sent the forces used against Gaddafi in Libya to overthrow Assad in Syria where they emerged as ISIS and commit extraordinary atrocities.
As ISIS was serving Washington’s purpose, Washington took no action against them. After a couple of years of death and destruction suffered by Syrians, the Russian government lost its patience and backed the Syrian Army with air power. Soon ISIS was defeated and on the run.

Embracing Brotherhood

It’s time to re-stitch the fabric of Brotherhood.
By Jordan Holbrook: Feminists, leftists, general misandrists, they all enjoy attacking men and masculinity. Men are the problem. Toxic masculinity is permeated throughout society. Rape culture is rife and men are to blame. Whilst this has caused a schism between men and women, gender relations are at the worst they have been for some 100 years, this has also caused a split between men.
I hate to see it and I hate to say it even more, but men have become isolated. There’s no comradery among men, the unity is gone. What ever happened to the blood ties that bonded men? What happened to a shared brotherhood? I see it too often, either a one-upmanship of competition between the lads of today or a shared, collective ignorance of one another. There’s no bro code.
Way back in 1893 Lois Waisbrooker published her novel A Sex Revolution, which called for a change in the hands of power, so that rather than men leading the way but instead, for 50 years, women shall. Not entirely a bad concept but what I wish to draw attention to is the manner in which men and women were represented. Men were represented by Selfredo, a man dressed in an officer’s uniform, who attempts to call up his troops with his trumpet. Selfredo is the embodied spirit of the love of power, of selfishness. This is in spite of the fact that he is calling his troops so they can defend their nation, as if them going of the fight to protect their lands (and those who inhabit them) is a crime.

Feminism Kills Your Culture

TheLondonGroup: The Forgotten man at speakers corner discussing how feminism leads to a decline in marriage and birth rates, and how it will eventually kill the culture.

Professional Rugby Player Cleared Of Raping Tinder Date - She Sent Him An Angry Text Claiming She'd Been 'Fucked And Ditched' As He Left Her House For Training After Sex

By Keiligh Baker: A professional rugby union player has been cleared of raping his Tinder date after a court heard she sent him a message accusing him of 'fucking and ditching' her after sex. 
Zach Kibirige, 21, has been cleared of raping a woman he met on the dating app Tinder following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court. 
Kibirige was accused of attacking the woman at her home after the pair had met on dating app Tinder and swapped 1,000 WhatsApp messages.
Kibirige, who is a winger for Newcastle Falcons and England's under-20 side, denied four counts of rape, attempted rape, sexual assault and assault by penetration. 
Today after a five day trial he was found not guilty of all the charges. The jury took just one hour and 20 minutes to clear him.
Kibirige was accused of raping the woman four times in an hour long attack after he went round to her house to watch a film.
But Kibirige, who is studying for a psychology degree alongside his rugby career, and who gained three As at A-level, has always maintained that the hour-long sexual encounter last November was consensual.


Falsely Accused College Men Now Winning More Court Cases Than Ever

Raging Golden Eagle: In the past, falsely accused men in college lost most of their court cases because they tried to play up the discrimination angle. Nowadays they are focusing more on violation of due process and scoring some epic wins. Keep up the good work guys!

The Horror Of Childhood Under Occupation

Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak, edited by Norma Hashim and translated by Yousef M. Aljamal, Saba Islamic Media (2016) 
By Alia Al Ghussain: Norma Hashim’s engagement with the issue of Palestinian prisoners has previously produced one book — The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag — which has been described by former hunger-striker Hana al-Shalabi as “A humane, beautiful, valuable but painful book.”
Hashim’s Dreaming of Freedom is worthy of a similar description. In this collection children recount their experiences of solitary confinement, beatings, torture and humiliation while in Israeli detention.
The use of firsthand accounts gives a platform for stories that would otherwise go unheard and shed light on systematic abuse in Israel’s prison system.
Dreaming of Freedom begins with the story of 14-year-old Yazan al-Shrbati, one of the most harrowing narratives in the book.
Yazan lives on Shuhada Street in Hebron, formerly the commercial heart of Hebron’s Old City but now severely restricted to Palestinians for the benefit of Israeli settlers. Yazan recounts his brutal assault by Israeli settlers while walking by himself in the street and his subsequent arrest by the Israeli military, despite the fact that he had done nothing to provoke the attack.

Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE: "Goodness Knows What Happens Next Week"

By Tyler Durden: It started off well enough.
On the first day of the Bank of England's resumption of Gilt QE after the central bank had put its monetization of bonds on hiatus in 2012, bondholders were perfectly happy to offload to Mark Carney bonds that matured in 3 to 7 years. In fact, in the first "POMO" in four years, there were 3.63 offers for every bid of the £1.17 billion in bonds the BOE wanted to buy.
However, earlier today, when the BOE tried to purchase another £1.17 billion in bonds, this time with a maturity monger than 15 years, something stunning happened: it suffered an unexpected failure which has rarely if ever happened in central bank history: only £1.118 billion worth of sellers showed up, meaning that the BOE's second open market operation was uncovered by a ratio of 0.96.  Simply stated, the Bank of England encountered an offerless market. 

...Yeah - Emma Watson Goes Full Feminist Retard

DoctorRandomercam: Another standard candle. Thanks Tomás Mugetti for directing me to part 8 of this interview, and bless you for presumably sitting through the other 7.