12 Aug 2016

Give Women Power And Women Will Create Morally Righteous Ways To Abuse It

By : Compliance Officer. The job title itself sounds like a warning. What exactly is a compliance officer?
Compliance officer: It’s one of the hottest careers today. The guardian of an organization’s good corporate citizenship, the job ranges from creating and enforcing guidelines and policies that ensure a company’s integrity, to promoting ethical standards and values that form strong workplace cultures. Compliance officers are the ones who meet government investigators at the door when they knock.
Is anyone surprised that most compliance officers are women and that these women are the ones who create corporate cultures that actively undermine the strategic goals of the organization and help to ensure those businesses fail? HR officers of all stripes are overwhelmingly women, and their ‘qualifications’ amount to ‘soft degrees in liberal arts’ featuring a lot of cultural Marxism and not much in the way of critical thinking, strategy or math.
It was not always thus.
This is an excerpt from a new book coming out called Death By HR: The Great Slackening, and I am looking forward to this one!
HR departments have in many companies been “captured” by the political forces outside the company that regulate labor, punish violations with fines and public shaming, and pressure companies into paying off diversity activists looking for support for their causes and sinecures for their political allies.

Imaginary BBC Detector Vans Now Scanning WiFi?

"BBC now training its secret, likely imaginary, detector vans on your WiFi."

On Modernity Part 5: Nietzsche v Rousseaunian Politics

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: Nietzsche's critique of the political philosophy of Rousseau, the original social justice warrior.
Nietzsche's critique of Cartesian subjectivity sets the stage for a critique of the kind of Enlightened politics that this subjectivity makes possible. Nietzsche articulates this political critique as an attack on Rousseau. Rousseau's politics assumes that individual Cartesian subjects who exist peacefully and harmoniously in the state of nature will eventually join together via a social contract. His thought contains at its very heart the same conception of human subjectivity that Nietzsche attempted to reject with Descartes.

Feminist Zealots Want Women To Have Their Cake And Eat It, Says Tory MP At International Men's Conference In London

Philip Davies tells men’s rights conference that Britain’s legal system is skewed in favour of women
A Tory MP has spoken at a men’s rights conference hosted by an anti-feminism party, telling the audience thatfeminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it”.
Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, delivered a 45-minute speech at the International Conference on Men’s Issues, organised by the Justice for Men and Boys party (J4MB).
Davies, who sits on the Commons justice committee, told the conference at the ExCel centre in London that Britain’s justice system was skewed in favour of women and discriminated against men.
J4MB states on its website that it intends to target the 20 most marginal Conservative constituencies in the next general election and has the income to fund its candidates’ £500 deposits.

Man Denounces Male And Female Infaint Ritual Genital Mutilation Children

John Sambrook spoke frankly of his learning what had been done to him as a baby, and his street activism to end genital mutilation of children.

Rethinking The Cold War, ...And The New One

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Cold War began during the Truman administration and lasted through the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations and was ended in Reagan’s second term when Reagan and Gorbachev came to an agreement that the conflict was dangerous, expensive, and pointless.
The Cold War did not cease for long—only from the last of Reagan’s second term and the four years of George H. W. Bush’s term. In the 1990s President Clinton restarted the Cold War by breaking America’s promise not to expend NATO into Eastern Europe. George W. Bush heated up the renewed Cold War by pulling the US out of the Anti-ABM Treaty, and Obama has made the war hotter with irresponsible rhetoric and by placing US missiles on Russia’s border and overthrowing the Ukrainian government.
The Cold War was a Washington creation. It was the work of the Dulles brothers. Allen was the head of the CIA, and John Foster was the Secretary of State, positions that they held for a long time. The brothers had a vested interest in the Cold War. They used the Cold War to protect the interests of their law firm’s clients, and they used it to enhance the power and budgets associated with their high positions in government. It is much more exciting to be in charge of foreign policy and covert activity in dangerous times.


MGTOW Hybrid discusses all of the many ways that women kill men's dreams and turn them into Beta Male Providers and sharing some of his personal experiences to illustrate this point.

‘How To Bring Men’s Rights To Campus’

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