13 Aug 2016

Too Fat To Be A Wanker + The Victim Feelz

"Are you a sumo wrestler?"
Asks DoctorRandomercam.

Fat Feminists Can’t Help But Eat Cake!

As if the whole anti-Philip Davies saga couldn’t get any better, it has. What started as a weak article in The Guardian has now spiralled into a cacophony of bullshit. Funny, isn’t it, how none of these journalists turned up for conference but are willing to circle-jerk each other to produce their shoddy content. Churnalism, I heard it’s called.
By Jordan Holbrook: It all started with this pathetic Guardian article (archive here) which I won’t spend too much time discussing because I commented on it late last night in this article. The long and short of it is that they projected a load of their progressive horse-shit onto the conference, quoted Philip Davies MP a lot and didn’t bother discussing the very real issues mentioned in the quotes. Do they even try?
So, after I finished that post I popped off to bed, and this morning when I arose what did I find? My-oh-my had the mainstream media been busy! Let’s work through each of these articles one by one, shall we!?
First there’s this delightful narrative from Sophie Walker detailing how MPs such as Philip Davies make me proud to be a feminist zealot (archive here). Tell me Sophie, are these the sort of feminist zealots you identify with? She describes Philip’s speech as an outburst, not too sure how she came to that conclusion, and says that his awful comments shed light on what is happening right across British politics. Hmmm, you mean resisting feminism?

Israel’s Stolen Babies Remains Another Dark Jewish Secret

By Jonathan Cook: It is Israel’s darkest secret – or so argues one Israeli journalist – in a country whose short history is replete with dark episodes.
Last month Tzachi Hanegbi, minister for national security, became the first government official to admit that hundreds of babies had been stolen from their mothers in the years immediately following Israel’s creation in 1948. In truth, the number is more likely to be in the thousands.
For nearly seven decades, successive governments – and three public inquiries – denied there had been any wrongdoing. They concluded that almost all the missing babies had died, victims of a chaotic time when Israel was absorbing tens of thousands of new Jewish immigrants.
But as more and more families came forward – lately aided by social media – to reveal their suffering, the official story sounded increasingly implausible.
Although many mothers were told their babies had died during or shortly after delivery, they were never shown a body or grave, and no death certificate was ever issued. Others had their babies snatched from their arms by nurses who berated them for having more children than they could properly care for.
According to campaigners, as many as 8,000 babies were seized from their families in the state’s first years and either sold or handed over to childless Jewish couples in Israel and abroad. To many, it sounds suspiciously like child trafficking.

Corbyn Drank Too Much Of The Feminist Kool-Aid

Someone needs to remind Jeremy Corbyn that Labour was founded to be the working man’s party. He seems to be fine denigrating an entire sex just to try and favour another. So much for “equality for all”.
By Jordan Holbrook: Early yesterday evening Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labia Party, put up a Facebook post commenting on a Guardian article detailing the appearance and speech of Philip Davies MP at the International Conference on Men’s Issues.
The post in question (archive here in case it disappears) criticises Philip Davies for making “derogatory sexist comments at a conference held by an openly misogynistic political party”. Sorry Corbyn, but CITATION NEEDED.
He then goes on to threaten Philip Davies and the whole Tory party (in for a penny, in for a pound) claiming they will be held to account by Angela Rayner, Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Minister. Corbyn appears to be failing to see any irony in holding the Tory party guilty of sexism yet having a Women and Equalities Minister. Surely it should be just “Equalities Minister” … or do men not count?

Worldwide Search Underway For Pokémon Campus Rapist

By : Students packing in anticipation of a return to campus for the fall semester are breathing sighs of relief today as the mysterious “1 in 4” campus rapist, also nicknamed “Invisibeau” and “Haven Monahan“,  has been positively identified as “Charmander”, a virtual character in the Pokéman universe. Known for his fiery tail and vulnerability to water-themed characters, a worldwide search is underway to capture Charmander as well as his alleged Pokémon co-conspirators: over 15 million volunteers are assisting in the search in the US alone.
For more than a decade, the stealthy Charmander has been raping millions of coeds in ways so devious and confusing that 99.9% of those rapes went completely unreported and unnoticed, and the rare report of these rapes was often dismissed by authorities due to the unlikely and even fantastical descriptions and details provided by the rape victims.
While the nefarious, penis-related and even demonic aspects of Pokémon characters are well known, rape only entered the picture when The Daily Mail reported on a brave Moscow woman, Ekatrina Lysalot (not her real name), who came forward with her harrowing story of being sexually assaulted in her bed after a consensual “play session” with the cellphone application known as Pokémon GO.

‘Where Are All The Young MRAs?’

Josh O'Brien at the international men's conference in London, England.

Negative Retail Interest Rates Have Arrived In Germany

By Michael Krieger: I only have three words in response to the following article.
Gold. Silver. Bitcoin.
Bloomberg reports: 
When the European Central Banksters introduced a negative interest rate on lenders’ deposits two years ago, few thought things would ever go this far.
This week, a German cooperative savings banksters in the Bavarian village of Gmund am Tegernsee — population 5,767 — said it’ll start charging retail customers to hold their cash. From September, for savings in excess of 100,000 euros ($111,710), the community’s Raiffeisen bank will take back 0.4 percent. That’s a direct pass through of the current level of the ECB’s negative deposit rate.

“With our business clients there’s been a negative rate for quite some time, so why should it be any different for private individuals with big balances?,” Josef Paul, a board member of the banksters, said by phone on Thursday. “As it looks today, charges on deposits won’t be extended to customers with lower amounts” than 100,000 euros, he said.

The Sentencing Gap: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A Brief Analysis of MRA Talking Points

People are more likely to protect women than men

Prof. Starr's research shows large unexplained gender disparities in federal criminal cases

The Honour That Truly Stinks Came From Corbyn

'Too often I hear people decry what they call a charade, citing the awards doled out to cronies, lickspittles, wankers, desiccated mandarins, half-witted sportswomen, professional lesbians, time-serving persistent vegetative state dullards, pompous community panjandrums and smirking air-headed luvvies.'
Those outraged over peerages for trivialities have overlooked Shami Chakrabarti’s reward for an anti-Semitism whitewash
Another honours list comes and goes and yet again my name is not on it. I don’t think either the Prime Minister or Jeremy Corbyn realises the hurt that this flagrant oversight engenders, both in myself and of course in my public. For countless years I have tried, selflessly, to make the world a better place, to illuminate the poor and the downtrodden with the light of love. I have endeavoured, wherever I can, in my own way, to bring comfort to the sick — not only those who are physically infirm, but also mentals. And yet — nothing, nix.
More pertinently, with regard to the latest honours list from David Cameron, I was at a party at the end of last year and offered Sam Cam a fag. Given the sorts of people who Dave has ennobled, I would have thought that was worth a CBE at the very least. It was one of those parties where people kept coming up and saying to me ‘I don’t smoke, but…’ — and in this way my stock of Superkings was depleted within the hour. I was down to my last five or six when I saw Samantha standing there, clearly gagging for a gasper. This act of kindness, like so many others, went-unrewarded.