15 Aug 2016

Vile Feminist Hypocrisy Out For All To See

The timing could not have been better, the juxtaposition perfect, the stark hypocrisy and double standards are out for all to see.
By Jordan Holbrook: Fat Feminists have been out in droves eating cake to show how much they love deriding men and to also prove how men aren’t actually being treated more harshly (and in turn, women more leniently) in the justice system. They’ve been outraged by Philip Davies MP’s comments at the International Conference on Men’s Issueseven Comrade Corbyn of the Labia Party has weighed in on it. How very dare a male talk about these issues like this!?
Yet, rather inconveniently, a rather startling story broke at the same time. This is a very troubling story that I feel needs some discussing. 
Michael Mihalyfi was returning belongings to an ex-girlfriend when she set upon him with a knife, she slashed up his hand and left a 10cm laceration that required two operations to fix. He has been left with permanent damage and diminished use of his hand. His attacker? She was given an 18 month prison sentence, suspended for two years for unlawful wounding, as well as nine months for possession of a bladed article and one month for criminal damage, both to run concurrently. She was told to pay a victim surcharge of £100 and complete a 60-day rehabilitation action requirement.

Turkey Threatens To Reopen Refugee Floodgates To Europe

By Michael Krieger: Even if you’ve only been paying a superficial amount of attention to the European refugee crisis, you’ll be aware of the fact that earlier this year the EU and Turkey agreed to a deal on migrants where in exchange for concessions, Turkey would stem the flow of migrants from its shores. The deal went through and refugee levels from Turkey fell dramatically.
Unfortunately, one major problem with the deal is Turkey’s demand for visa-free travel, something many throughout the EU were intensely against from the beginning, and are even more opposed to now following the Turkish government’s authoritarian crackdown on tens of thousands of its own citizens following last month’s failed coup.

So here we are, less than six months since the deal was agreed to and Turkey is now threatening to end it. This could be a geopolitical event of enormous consequence considering there are an estimated 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, many of which are itching to take their chances within the EU.

UK Mother Jailed For Subjecting Her Children To Needless Surgery So She Could Claim £375,000 In Benefits

...despite doctor’s warning THREE YEARS before she was arrested
Via Tim J4MB: the piece starts:
A mother who forced her children to have a decade of unnecessary surgery in a £375,000 benefits scam was jailed today as it emerged she could have been stopped three years earlier.
Paediatrician Dr Susanna Hart [right] wrote to other specialists at world renowned hospitals in 2010 raising concerns the children were at risk but their mother was not arrested until 2013.
The 49-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, [our emphasis] tricked doctors into believing her children were suffering from a host of serious health conditions for more than a decade.
For receiving £375,000 in a benefts scam related to needless surgery, the woman was given a seven-year-long prison sentence. We have estimated that some people who specialise in other needless surgery – the non-therapeutic circumcisions of male minors – can expect to earn over £2 million over their criminal careers. We’d like to see them serve lengthy mandatory prison sentences in future.

George Soros HACKED, Thousands Of 'Open Society Foundations' Files Online Now

"Soros is a bigger threat
to Europe's existence than ISIS!"
Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news of how George Soros was just hacked. An organization named DCLeaks just released over 2,500 documents from the Open Society Foundation for people to curate themselves.

WEP Leader, Says “Staggering To Hear” MP Philip Davies Claim “Feminist Zealots” Exaggerating Gender Inequalities

By Mike Buchanan J4MB: This piece has just been published. Like all feminists, Sophie ‘Doughnut’ Walker spends much of her time being staggered, shocked and offended by facts and rational arguments, patriarchs’ preferred weapons of choice. It’s time for a major study to be conducted on the IQs of feminists. My firm conviction is that the average feminist’s IQ would be well below that of a particularly dim-witted duck-billed platypus.
The website which hosts Ms Walker’s silly piece boasts the strapline, ‘Supporting the female pipeline’. I expect it’s sponsored by Canesten, but I digress.
Sophie Walker is clearly not content in having won just two of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards, and is seeking more, possibly to pass Caroline Criado-Perez’s tally of three. Her bids for more awards in her new article include:

Davies’ case for what he calls the ‘Justice Gender Gap’ overlooks clear evidence to the contrary.
Walker explained that in the UK women entering prison are more likely… to have been sent to prison for their first offence…
According to Walker Davies also denied that violence against women and girls in the UK is a problem.

Observations On Davies-Corston Disagreement

By William Collins: Following Philip Davies MP’s presentation at ICMI-16, Baroness Corston has challenged the accuracy of his claims in an article in The Guardian. Philip Davies presented the case that men are treated more harshly in respect of prison sentencing than women. I have dealt with this topic previously (and here) and come to the same conclusion as Philip Davies. I will not repeat the case here but confine myself to responding to Baroness Corston’s counter-claims.
I will principally deploy data from the Ministry of Justice Sentencing Statistics 2009 Supplementary Tables (Ref.1) and the Ministry of Justice Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2013 (Ref.2). The reader may easily check what follows for himself.
The Guardian quotes Davies as claiming that, in 2009, 34.7% of men were sentenced to immediate custody for violence against the person, compared with 16.9% of women, and in the same year 61.7% of men were sentenced to immediate custody for robbery, compared with 37.7% of women. I can confirm that these figures are correct. They can be found in Ref.1 Table 2i.
In the Guardian article, Baroness Corston attempts to refute this evidence of harsher treatment of men by the observation, “In the same year, however, women were sentenced to an average of 17.9 months in prison for violence against the person, compared with 17.7 months for men“. I can confirm that these figures also are correct. They appear in Ref.1 Table 2j.

The Role Of Masculinity

By “Whats the Difference?”
“I’ve come to learn that there is a real difference between men and women. It’s genetic.” - Sharon Gless
There is, and there always has been a difference between men and women. A significant portion of our world’s history based how it functioned off of those differences. In recent developments in human philosophy, certain groups have sought to blur the lines between the two sexes for their personal gain. In doing so, they have also tried to reorganize society more and more to their mold of how they think the world should be, versus what it is. Feminism is at the head of this movement.
Politicians and government officials have institutionalized all sorts of androgynous pseudo-equality measures because they wanted to double their voters and broaden the tax base. Social figures who want to be popular and make money cater to crowds of women who are waiting to be flattered, and told that they can be everything that a man can be on live television. Limp wrist males with no father figures or male role models spend their lives supplying women with unending attention, just at the chance that a  female will give them a moment of acknowledgment in exchange. Feminists in this world live to tell one another all sorts of nonsensical folklore about how a woman is at best in life when she is trying to be a man.

In Praise Of Richmal Crompton

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Savour this moment. I am unlikely to sing the praises of a suffragette again very soon.
And indulge me in what may seem an off-topic post. It isn’t.
I was not a great reader as a child – I was a boy, after all. I did read several of the Just William books, though. I loved them. My experience was the common one. I went right off them when I discovered that Richmal Crompton was a woman. Clearly, my misogyny set in early. But it wasn’t misogyny, of course. (I doubt that a 10 year old boy is capable of such a thing). No, it was shock. Shock at the realisation that an adult woman understood me so well. Because I was William Brown, you see – or I would have been had I been possessed of his chutzpah.
William Brown, like Richmal Crompton, was raised in a middle class home when the middle classes were properly bourgeois. The constant references to the Brown household’s domestic staff may grate upon the modern reader. But the William stories are all about exploding social pretentions. It is remarkable how well they stand up despite the huge changes in our society since the first story appeared in 1919. The same types of character are to be found inhabiting today’s world as they did nearly a century ago. And they are still eminently in need of having their conceits pricked. The fact that the William stories remained unchanged in nature during the 50 years they were being written is testament to the timelessness of the psychologies involved. Throughout, William remained stubbornly 11 years old.

Women Lie About Rape + Students Need To Start Caring About Men

Feminism LOL: We all know they do. It's time to do something about it.
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15 Excellent Facts We've Learned About Beards

The politics of shaving are way more complicated than you think.
BBC: Nowadays, you’re more likely to spot luxuriant facial hair on hipsters than royalty. Yet in the past, beards – or their absence – have been viewed as signs of power, masculinity, strength and even godliness. Here are 15 cool things we learned from a recent Proms Interval Talk on the politics of shaving.
1. The height of British political beardery was in the mid-19th century, when nearly all MPs had beards, moustaches or other whiskers. Back then, looking neat was seen as a sign of effeminacy.
2. Just 100 years before, however, being clean-shaven was seen as the height of manly sophistication. The only politician of note to have any facial hair at all in the mid-18th century was the Whig MP Charles James Fox, who was described by his own father as resembling a monkey.
3. One of the reasons facial hair became so popular in Victorian times was the Crimean War. Large numbers of soldiers returned home in the mid-19th century with the moustaches and beards they’d grown to keep out the cold. The Raglan Moustache is a prime example of a “hero beard” of this era.