16 Aug 2016


SYNIKALL FT. ELLE CHANTE - Friend With Benefits is a social commentary about the hypocrisy of the system and people becoming a product of their environment as a result. Synikall states "I was on benefits a few years back, the press make it out like all people on benefits are lazy and don't want to work, but nobody is willing to give you a chance. "Synikal".

Feminist MP Who Sought Suspension Of Philip Davies For “Sexism” Attended Gender Segregated Rally & Was Elected Via All-Women Shortlist

The most extreme reaction to the speech came from the Shadow Minister for women and Equalities, Angela Rayner, [left] who called for Davies to be suspended from his party by the Prime Minister. Incredibly , her comments were then supported by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Given her unhinged reaction to such an eloquent and well researched speech speech by Davies, we decided to find out a little more about Rayner. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed!

Gender segregated rally
In November 2015 Labour held one in a series of gender segregated rallies, this time in Oldham with mainly Muslims attending. Leading political Blogger Guido Fawkes rightly describes such events as “gender apartheid” and photos clearly show the males seated at the centre of the room with women marginalised towards the far side. This is of course a very real example of what real sexism looks like, yet it’s reported that Rayner was in attendance to give her support and there’s no indication she condemned this blatant sexism, either during the event or any time afterwards.

Peeping Tom Killed For Viewing Naked Woman Riding Through Town

: In ancient Greece, men’s sexuality was much more harshly regulated than women’s sexuality was. Today, in most jurisdictions, men have no reproductive rights whatsoever. Moreover, totalitarian laws attempt to suppress reproductive coercion in conjunction with strong, formal legal support for women’s reproductive choice. Rather than addressing such grotesque gender inequalities, scholars serving dominant ideology have constructed baroque theories of the male gaze oppressing women. The development of the popular legend of Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom from the Middle Ages to the present illustrates the gender bias that disparages, devalues, and criminalizes men’s sexuality. 
The historical Lady Godiva was a wealthy, powerful woman who died in Coventry in 1067. Her name was Godgifu in the Anglo-Saxon England of her birth. She was a devout Christian who greatly venerated Mary, the mother of Jesus. After being the widow of an earl, she married another earl, Earl Leofric of Mercia. Godgifu held a large amount of land in her own name. In particular, she owned the land of the small farming village of Coventry. The sixty-nine men peasants in Coventry were completely subservient to the wealthy, aristocratic woman Godgifu.

Josh O'Brien Interview At ICMI16 In London, UK

Interview of Josh O'Brien at the International Conference on Men's Issues in London, England, July 2016.

The Myth Of Jewish Suffering

Introduction by GA: The following article was written by a friend of mine who is clearly scared of Jewish power and the possible personal consequences of writing such an article. He decided to remain anonymous. I would add that Jewish suffering may be a myth, but Jewish fear is real. Why are Jews fearful? Because they believe in the history of Jewish suffering but they also know that, considering the acts committed by Jewish oligarchs, lobbies, Ziocons and Israel, future Jewish suffering seems too real.  
The Myth of Jewish Suffering
By Anonymous: Decades of endless propaganda have led Jews and Westerns alike to believe that Jewish suffering is “unique,” and that the Holocaust is virtually ineffable. In fact, even comparing Jewish suffering to that of others is equated with belittling Jewish suffering.
But is it really true? Is Jewish suffering really worse than what other groups have had to endure? The late professor Israel Shahak summarised the Jewish presence in Europe as “by and large toleration.” Shahak took the city of Rome as an example: There has been a continuous Jewish presence in Rome for the past 2,000 years—praying in Synagogues were always allowed—yet Protestantism were banned in the city. [1]
Compare this to the treatment other religious groups and minorities faced – they were not even allowed in Europe. So the Jews were actually a privileged minority.

Alan Of Lille’s Knotty Knot More Twisted In Modern Authoritative Norms

I can scarcely unknot a knotty knot,
and demonstrate an undemonstrable monstrosity

{Vix nodosum valeo nodum denodare,
et indemonstrabile monstrum demonstrare} [1]

So begins Alan of Lille’s brilliant, twelfth-century Latin poem on love and sex. The first part of the poem condemns love broadly, without differentiating between the starkly different social positions of men and women.[2] Then, in a scholarly mode, the poem considers whether an unmarried man should seek sex with a virgin woman or a married woman.
Alan of Lille argued strongly in favor of unmarried men having sex with virgin women. The choice in his view is obvious:

Who, not bereft of wit, an enemy to reason,
brings together tears with joy, laughter with suffering,
brings together mud with gems, the owl with the peacock,
compares straw to flowers, Thersites to Adonis?

This Week In Stupid

Feminist zealots get both barrels
from https://twitter.com/PhilipDaviesMP.

Ugly Truth About Millennials

Authored by Jenna Abrams: Today I asked my followers how would they describe Millennials and this is what I got:
“lazy”, “thin-skinned”, “spoiled”, “selfish”, “undisciplined”, “self-absorbed”, ”fragile”, “oblivious”, etc.
...and I can agree on this. This generation is really what you call it. But there was one description that is the most accurate.
Raised by neglectful, over-compensating for inadequacy, self-serving parents.”
You’re in charge. You insisted your children and grandchildren have to get higher education instead of taking a blue-collar job or just entering the workforce after school like your generation did. Most of you pay for that (often unnecessary) higher education. You are overprotective and prevent your children from playing outside and making mistakes you had a chance to make to gain that thick skin. You don’t let your 12-year-old kid stay at home alone because they are too young. And who is wrong when your child has a conflict at school? I bet you always blame the other side, not your “special snowflake”. And how you get surprised that the whole generation gets offended by facing the truth: they are not special. It must hurt, right?

'How Feminism Is Destroying Higher Education'

Professor Janice Fiamengo at the International Conference on Men's Issues, London, 2016.