26 Aug 2016

How The Media Is Covering Up The Truth About Hillary's Health

WeAreChange: Rachel Blevins covers the ways the mainstream media has gone overboard to censor legitimate questions about Hillary Clinton’s health.

A Discussion Of The Suspension Of Hope Solo

I didn’t quite believe it at first but it’s true, American Women’s Football player Hope Solo has been handed a six month suspension.
By Jordan Holbrook: Hope Solo, daughter of Han, has found herself yet again mired in controversy. This time she has been suspended and contract with the federation terminated for comments made following the USA-Sweden Olympic quarter-finals in Rio.

The Invisible Hand Of Sexism - Equivalent Rights & Responsibilities

"Feminism, ...a herd of kittens has better cohesion" Said The Backlash!

The US: A Dead Nation Walking

By Paul Craig Roberts: Here is an informative article by Dmitry Orlov: http://www.cluborlov.com
I use the writings of Orlov and The Saker as checks on my own conclusions.
In his article Orlov concludes that the United States is a dead nation, still walking, but no longer a uni-power. I agree with Orlov that US weapon systems are more focused on profits than on effectiveness and that Russia has superior weapons and a superior cause based on protection rather than dominance. However, in his assessment of the possibility of nuclear war, I think that Orlov under-appreciates the commitment of Washington’s Neoconservatives to US world hegemony and the recklessness of the Neoconservatives and Hillary Clinton. Washington is incensed that Russia (and China) dare to stand up to Washington, and this anger crowds out judgment.
Orlov, also, I think, under-estimates the weakness in the Russian government provided by the “Atlanticist Integrationists.” These are members of the Russian elite who believe that Russia’s future depends on being integrated with the West. To achieve this integration, they are willing to sacrifice some undetermined amount of Russian sovereignty.
It is my conclusion that Washington is aware of the constraint that the desire for Western acceptance puts on the Russian government and that this is why Washington, in a direct thrust at Russia, was comfortable orchestrating the coup that overthrew the elected Ukrainian government. I believe that this constraint also explains the mistakes the Russian government made by refusing the requests of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics to be reincorporated as parts of Russia, where the territories formerly resided, and by the premature withdrawal from Syria that allowed Washington to resupply the jihadists and to insert US forces into the conflict, thus complicating the situation for Russia and Syria.

Bearing Meets Barbara

"You're not having sex with a baby lama?" Asked Brearing.

Holodomor - Terror Under The Jewish Bolshevik Forced Famine In Russia - 1921-1923

Zionist Report: The horror of Lenin’s 'Red Terror' cumulating in Russia’s forced Famine (1921-23) and Ukraine’s 1st Holodomor (1921-22) served as a template for a second and third culling of Europe’s population. The 2nd Holodomor took place in 1932-1933, while the 3rd coincided with the murder of innocent European soldiers in 1946-1947. Excluding Russia's multiple forced famines, the death toll of Ukraine's 3 Holodomors exceeds 16.5 million.

Ladies, It's Time You Made The First Move - @C_C_Gill

6oodfella: Women can do anything a man can do, even in broken heels..........well, apart from make the first move.

Trump v. Hillary: A Summation

By Paul Craig Roberts: The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. If voters elect Hillary, we will know that Americans are stupid beyond redemption.
We don’t know much about Trump, and anti-Trump propaganda rules in the place of facts.
But we know many facts about Hillary. We know about her violation of classification laws and the refusal of the Democratic administration to do anything about it. The Democrats prefer to control the White House than to enforce the law, another nail in the coffin in which the rule of law in the US lies.
We know from their words and deeds and material success that the Clintons are agents for Wall Street, the Big Banks, the military/security complex, Israel, agribusiness, and the extractive industries. Their large personal fortune, approximately $120 million, and the $1,600 million in their foundation, much of which came from abroad in exchange for political favors, attests to the unchallengable fact that the Clintons are agents for the oligarchy that rules America, indeed, that rules the American Empire from Australia and Japan, through North America and Western and Eastern Europe to the Russian border.