27 Aug 2016

John Coltrane With Dizzy Gillespie 1951 Birdland, NY

Gilad Atzmon: I have been hearing about this recording for three decades. The great Robert Wyatt found it on the Tube. John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie Trane's First Ride 1951, Live at Birdland, NY. Very good radio broadcasts. Ripped from vinyl, slight crackling noises and hiss.

University Of Chicago And Others Fighting The SJW Menace

Raging Golden Eagle: First it was OSU, now the University of Chicago and Oklahoma Wesleyan University are basically telling SJWs to go elsewhere if they want their trigger warnings and safe spaces. Now lets hope the game industry is watching this and learns something...

Lesser Evil Voting

Max and Stacy discuss the door opened to lesser evil as journalism collapses and neoliberalism dies. In the second half, Max interviews economist Sandeep Jaitly about negative rates, private placements, and Trump’s gold standard plans.

Inflation + Soros - William Banzai7

"Women Can NOT Handle The Truth?" NO, THEY CAN'T

Obsidian: "I do not agree with condone or endorse in any way men regardless of station in life lying to a women.
...That is not the mode one way."

Trillionaire Rothschild Warns His Own Central Banking System Is Failing & Buys Gold

Gender Pay Gap Is A Myth

Barbara4u2c: The truths from the video & social media

Book Review: Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion Of Roosevelt’s Government

By Scott Free: I started this book several times and kept putting it down because the politics of the authors bled through so quickly that I could tell I wasn’t going to agree with their spin on history.  Evans seems promising enough, having penned the re-habilitating book about Joe McCarthy “Blacklisted by History”.  The other author is a little more hurting for credibility having worked in US propaganda operations and as staff of the “House Intelligence Committee”.
            The authors posit a titanic struggle between the “West” and the emergent Soviet communist “power” whom sent spy after spy into the US penetrating the highest ranks of the US government.  Though this book was written in 2012 it fails to mention any of the work of Antony Sutton who wrote “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” back in 1974; in which he decisively shows that the Bolshevik’s were backed by Wall Street Banks and the revolution was largely hatched from 120 Broadway NY, NY(Big claim, but backed up with documents and evidence).
            The authors could not be faulted for failing to consult another book… “Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel” by Alison Weir in which she also decisively shows that the US government had been very heavily penetrated by Zionists who were hell bent on creating the Golem  “Israel”.

University Safe Spacers

Julie Borowski: University of Chicago tells incoming freshman that they do not support trigger warnings or safe spaces.