2 Sep 2016

The Voice Of Europe: Major Policy Changes Incoming

Paul Elam: Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian V├ólsan and James Huff, will be back discussing the latest news on the Old Continent. - Sweden is preparing to bring back mandatory conscription and in Germany a new law is pending meant to prevent women from concealing their acts of cuckoldry and milk the State and innocent men as a result of that concealment. These are the big headlines these days in Europe’s sexual politics. - In other news, women are getting progressively unhappier whilst men’s happiness levels remain stagnant over the decades. This is sometimes framed as a joke but the pile of evidence is getting bigger by the day. And we’ll comment a lot on this aspect.

Palestinians Urge Turkish People To Reject Israel Ties

The Electronic Intifada: While strongly supporting the aspirations of the people of Turkey to restore and enhance democracy and respect for human rights and international law, the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) denounces the rapprochement agreement signed in June by the Turkish government with Israel and ratified by Turkey last month.
This agreement undermines internationally sanctioned Palestinian rights and aspirations.
The Turkish government recently submitted the agreement to parliament, which, in turn, approved to normalize relations between Turkey and Israel.
At a time when Turkey is facing substantial challenges, Palestinians are calling on the people of Turkey to reject the strengthening of ties with Israel, a regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid, with its brutal model of militarization, war-mongering and deeply seated racism.
The BNC, the broadest coalition in Palestinian civil society that leads the global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, calls upon the Turkish government to refrain from collaborating with the Israeli regime of oppression in its violations of Palestinian human rights.

Microaggressions Now Have Their Own Sub-Species, Courtesy Of #Rutgers !

Raging Golden Eagle: So Rutgers University took it upon themselves to create sub-categories of microaggressions... Yeah, you heard that right, they went there!

Kevin Barrett's And Greg McCarron Look Into Max Blumenthal's Affairs

Gilad Atzmon: You want to listen to this radio program: 
Kevin Barrett's: Max Blumenthal – son of Zionist operator, Libya-destroyer, and Hillary confidante Sidney Blumenthal – is one of the highest-profile pro-Palestine Jews and foundation-funded "alternative" media luminaries. Though a notable truth-teller concerning on-the-ground realities in Occupied Palestine, Max Blumenthal occasionally mutates into a self-appointed thought-policeman. As if his past witch-hunts against Gilad Atzmon and Alison Weir were not shameful enough, Blumenthal has now taken it upon himself to decide who is guilty, and who is not guilty, of the dreadful crime of 9/11 truth. The good news is that he has found Abby Martin "not guilty." The bad news is that he seems to be taking the position that 9/11 truth is indeed pernicious, but that Abby Martin only sought the truth about 9/11 when she was young and foolish. Older and wiser now, Abby is no longer interested in such things, Max assures us. 
Today's guest, Greg McCarron, is not impressed by Blumenthal's attempts at gatekeeping. Read his analysis at: 

Letter From An MP - MRA-UK

By William Collins aka mra-uk: A friend recently had an audience with his MP (a conservative), specifically to raise issues of disadvantage to men and boys. He used as his opening gambit Andrea Leadsom’s advice that men should not be hired to do childcare as they may be paedophiles. However, this was a pretext to introduce the whole swathe of male disadvantages (and good on him, I say). By all accounts it was a friendly conversation and the MP seemed very receptive. Of course, an MP is hardly likely to want a rancorous exchange with a voter. The MP was good enough to provide a written response to the issues raised. You will be unamazed at the nature of the written responses (which form the subject of this post). One presumes that it was researcher who actually drafted the responses.
I thought it would be worth giving the the contents of the letter an airing – and not only to provide me with the opportunity to refute it – but because I suspect it typifies what you will get back from ‘the establishment’ when they are confronted, however nicely, with the MHRM issues. In summary the responses amount to “we don’t think you really have any issues of significance”. Whether this response is born of ignorance, indifference, mindless obedience to an approved narrative or just plain nastiness I cannot say.

Moronocene Age On Earth - The FKN Newz

"Hello planet raping economic units, welcome to The FKN News. I'm expecting things to get worse, here are the head lies tonight" Said Deek Jackson.

Three Holocaust Revisionists

Zionist Report: Why can’t anyone question the Holocaust? Why are people jailed and their lives made miserable just for exposing things that scientifically could have never happened and did not happen? If the Holocaust was indeed how the Jews claim it was, they would be able to prove ‘deniers’ wrong without going to the extreme of trying to silence them like they do.

The Secret Global Court - Why Corporate Criminals And Corrupt Politicians Desperately Want The TPP

By Michael Krieger: Obama needs to ensure he gets well compensated after leaving office for a job well done protecting, defending and further enriching the global oligarch class. This is precisely why he’s so adamant about passing the TPP during the upcoming lame duck session of Congress, when he knows “representatives” who no longer face reelection can be coerced or bribed into voting for this monumental public betrayal.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ins’t really a free trade deal, it’s a way for global oligarchs to consolidate, grow and protect their enormous wealth. The investor-state dispute settlement system (ISDS) is perhaps the most nefarious and objectionable aspect of the deal, with this shadowy court system being used to accomplish the following for the super rich and powerful:
1) Eliminate sovereign risk from their investments.
2) Earn money by scouring the world for potential ISDS “opportunities” and then speculating on them.
3) Escape prosecution from criminality on a global basis.