3 Sep 2016

Nigel Farage Rallies Planet Against Tyrannical World Government

Zionist Report: We are not keen on Trump because of his relationship with the #JewishZionists BUT it is true that he is the only option that America and the world has to keep our freedoms in place!. Lets all stick together and crush the Globalists once and for all.

An Army Of Dead Children. We Ignore Them At Our Peril

One year on, has the world learned the lesson of the three-year-old boy washed up on a Turkish beach?
By Robert Fisk: The body of Aylan Kurdi has gone beyond the ‘iconic’. Being small and dressed like a little European boy, and being white rather than brown-skinned, his very name posthumously and subtly shifting to the homely English ‘Alan’, the son of the Kurdish refugee family fleeing across the Mediterranean from Turkey to Europe became ‘our’ child. The moment his tiny body washed up on the beach near Bodrum and appeared on front pages around the world, the closet racism of our politicians was briefly stilled. What stone heart could condemn this little boy as part of a ‘swarm’, a word used about the occupants of the Calais camp by a former British prime minister? But the image of Alan Kurdi obscured a host of lessons which we ignored – and continue to disregard –  at our peril. Firstly, of course, he was a mere representative of the thousands of other Alans whose remains lie today on the sea bed of the Mediterranean, forever unrecorded and unfilmed. Alan was a symbol, perhaps even a representative of this army of dead children. But he also became a sacrificial three-year-old, thrown up by the waves as a ‘martyr’ rather than a victim of political violence and betrayal, while the Turkish police officer in rubber gloves gently taking his body from the sand became a kind of male version of the ‘pieta’.

CS MGTOW's Response To MHRA Jack Barnes

"Some of his claims require quite specific rebuttal to here we go."

Children Of Diaspora

Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil
"Exile is strangely compelling to think about
but terrible to experience.
It is the unhealable rift forced between a human
being and a native place, between the self
and its true home: its essential sadness
can never be surmounted.
And while it is true that literature and history
contain heroic, romantic, glorious, even triumphant episodes
in an exile's life, these are no more than efforts meant to overcome
the crippling sorrow of estrangement.

Mega Week In News (Ft. Kim Dotcom)

Max and Stacy discuss the mega week in the news: from Apple’s mega tax bill to Trump’s ‘yuuuge’ visit to Mexico. They also discuss Mark Carney’s warning about “dishonest bankers[Banksters] and their “misconduct” threatening another mega disaster in the financial markets. In the second half, Max interviews MegaUpload.com founder, Kim Dotcom (@kimdotcom) and his lawyer, Ira Rothken (@rothken), about MegaUpload 2.0 and Bitcache. They also discuss his ongoing trial against the might of the Hollywood copyright industry and the US government.

Alternative Right Media - EXPOSED

Zionist Report: The Alternative Right Media is controlled-opposition and funded by Zionist-Jewish groups. This short video illustrates this point with a few excerpts.

A Brave New Zionist World 2016

Brother Nathanael: In 1931, Aldous Huxley, published his legendary novel, Brave New World, in which he predicted that will come soon the Western World would live under Collapse - Three impersonal forces which would undermine the individual liberties of Western Man underlie Huxley’s master work which he later amplified in his Essay, “The Enemies of Freedom.”
These three impersonal forces are:
1. The Acceleration of Over Population
2. The Acceleration of Over-Organization or Centralization
3. The Acceleration of Mass Communication

Oxford Doesn't Understand Genital Mutilation

By Wow – just wow. I’ll let TL;DR explain this important video:
“Cutting someone else’s genitals without consent is not a good idea outside of reasons of valid medical intervention. It is not a women’s issue, it is not a men’s issue, it is a people issue and must be approached as such. Stop gendering ungendered problems and stop spreading misinformation and relying on knee jerk emotional propaganda to manipulate people into ignoring the real issue.”