7 Sep 2016

U.S. Congressman Asks FBI To Release Notes From Financial Crisis Bankster Investigations

These agreements were created 100 years ago to give juvenile defendants and first-time offenders a chance to for rehabilitate themselves. Only in the last 20 years have DPAs migrated to the field of corporate criminals, treating them like kids who’ve just gone down a bad path in life.
The Justice Department is leaning on these toothless agreements more and more. Of the DoJ’s 283 deferred prosecution agreements since 2000, half have come since 2010, Reilly found in a working paper for BYU Law Review.
Why has the DoJ been so keen on deferred prosecution since 2010? It coincides exactly with investigations into the 2008 financial crisis.

Re: #MessageToAntiFeminists

Bearing: We have a look at this fellow's #MessageToAntiFeminists and find a few points of query.

Fearless MP Philip Davies Should Get A VC For Stuffing The Feminists

By Kathy Gyngell: I was glad to see Philip Davies, the blunt-speaking Conservative Yorkshire MP, standing up in Parliament yesterday, neither bowed nor beaten and seemingly not one jot worse for the feminist savaging and the trial by (trolling) ordeal he suffered this summer.
Water off a duck’s back for the doughty Mr Davies, so thank goodness for one MP who refuses to be cowed by the feminist furies and their orthodoxies.
For those readers who were enjoying the sun elsewhere this August and don’t know what I am on about – well you missed the fun of Mr Davies’s full frontal attack on feminist zealotry and feminist shibboleths.
He hit the headlines with a speech he'd had the temerity to make on the ‘justice gender gap’ to an International Conference on Men’s Issues in the summer.
He'd pointed out the unthinkable: that feminist zealots  - these were the words he used at one point - want women to have their cake and eat it, that they support equality when it's convenient for them – but not when it’s not. The example he selected was prison sentencing. It turns out that far from being the victims of a patriarchal criminal justice system, women are the beneficiaries of it.

A.J. Learns It Doesn't Pay To Be A White Knight In Blackface

"Turned on by the very black women he's [Angel Ramirez Jordan] been supporting all these years. ...They basically devoured him, drawn and quartered in the town square. ...Using the Socratic method you'll just tease out and call out that fuckery. ...If the shoe fits, buy a pair bitch! ...Bottom line, it doesn't pay to be a white knight. ...Better to be a jerk or ass-hole, than to be a white knight or simp." Said Obsidian.

The Feminists Who Are Turning British Justice Against Men

By Laura Perrins: The Crown Prosecution Service is meant to be one of the guardians of the British public. Its duty is to tackle criminality without bias, regardless of the background of either perpetrator or victim.
Its guiding spirit should be the famous, blindfolded figure of Justice that stands on top the Old Bailey, reflecting the ideal that we’re all equal before the law.
But, as a barrister myself [right], I fear the service is sliding towards the status of a noisy pressure group in the grip of feminist dogma.
No longer the stern, impartial bulwark of our legal system, it now appears to be increasingly driven by fashionable politics and ideological fads.
That’s certainly the outlook that shines through the CPS’s annual report on Violence Against Women And Girls, published earlier this week. In triumphant language, the document spells out a lengthy catalogue of success for the modern feminist agenda.

Rape Is A Badge Of Honour

John The Other said. "In the present day context for young women, particularly in college, particularly progressives, is having a story of being raped, is one of the points of esteem, like a coming of age. I don't mean actually being raped, I don't mean being a victim of a violent crime, I mean having a story. It's one of the things you need for approval in the very fucked up world of a 20 year old girl. That means if you are a 20 year old man, you have the cross hairs on you."

The Matrix Exposed

"You will never see the world the same way again."
Submitted by Thad Beversdorf: I define corporatism as an economic model (such as our existing) that prioritizes short term profit maximization above everything else even consuming all other aspects of society to attain that goal.  Now I try not to simply opine on matters I discuss but attempt to substantiate my claims with objective quantitative analysis.  And yet it amazes me the number of ‘experts’ and otherwise out there that don’t just disagree with me but quite aggressively take exception to my claims.
What is really fascinating to me is that so many stringent supporters of corporatism honestly believe they are proponents of capitalism.  And it is for them that I’ve set out to unleash the iniquitous truth with such clarity so as to finally sever their misplaced loyalties to those false authorities who would have them not only believe but defend that the system is, in fact, what ‘They’ say it is.
Now before we go on, I must warn you there is a potential risk lying somewhere between jest and certainty that you will never see the world the same way again.  And so if this is something that will cause you a sense of unending doom then perhaps best to click over to CNBC.  And so….

Right Of Return Is The Heart Of Palestine’s Struggle

By Mohamed Mohamed: A friend of mine recently shared an image meant to show solidarity with Palestine. At first glance, I thought it was nice: it depicts a heart that is outlined with the word “Palestine,” is filled with the names of many Palestinian cities and is decorated with the colors of the Palestinian flag.
Naturally, I tried to find the city of Safad, which is near the birthplace of my grandparents. I couldn’t find it, but I also couldn’t find other nearby cities such as Akka, Haifa or even Nazareth. Then it became clear: none of the Palestinian cities seized by Zionist forces during the 1948 Nakba were included in this Palestine heart.
As a descendant of Palestinians from a village in what is now known as Israel, the barrage of Israeli propaganda attempting to bury the history of our existence is not surprising. One can expect no less from a state that was created through the expulsion and subjugation of an existing population.
Discrimination against Palestinians is not perpetrated solely by the Israeli state; it is endemic to Israeli society itself. A recent Pew survey indicates that almost half of Israeli Jews believe that Palestinian citizens of Israel should be expelled from the country and 79 percent believe that Jews deserve preferential treatment in Israel.