8 Sep 2016

Child Support: Making Men Pay - MGTOW

Child Support - By Rod Van Mechelen:
Many wives couldn't afford to throw their breadwinners out if the displaced breadwinners didn't pay them to do so. - Daniel Amneus, The Garbage Generation
Making Men Pay
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - Most divorced fathers are not "deadbeat dads." In 1987, the courts awarded child support to 59 percent of the women demanding it. Of these, 76 percent of their ex-husbands paid as best they could, and more than two thirds paid the full amount. (Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1991, p 374, table 616)

Feminist Mass Hysteria

"Horrifying cultural moment in which the very foundation of our civilisation is in peril." Professor Fiamengo argues that feminism, and the claim that we live in a "rape culture" in particular, is an instance of mass hysteria.

'Apocalypse Soon' - Brexit Sea Of Consequences

As the clod called Britain is washed away by the “Brexit means Brexit” vote, Max and Stacy ask if Europe will be worse off, or will the trading bloc hardly notice? In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan on what “Brexit means Brexit” actually means and about the rise of protectionism.

Research Finds That As A Group, Only Men Pay Tax

Imtroduction by MB J4MB: In the UK in 2013/14, men paid almost three-quarters of the income tax collected by the state, and the proportion had risen for each of the previous four years (we didn’t research further back) – details here. That year, men paid £75.4 BILLION more income tax than women, much of it was then handed over to ‘strong’ women who don’t need men to financially support them.
By : Legions of feminists will ferociously type smash the patriarchy! at their Internet rallies, calling out for the end of the male supremacy in all spheres of life. Yet, few of them acknowledge the fact that one of these spheres, the government (the institution granting them rights), is entirely funded by male taxpayers. Economically, women cost more to the state than they benefit. The government is literally paying women to be alive. As such, strong independent women are only that way because the state is transferring money from men to them. Feminists are not seriously against being dependent on men, they are just against men having the full control over their money.
Let’s explore a fiscal research report in New Zealand.

Posters Advertising National Men’s Rights Working Forum

The National Men’s Rights Working Forum needs your help.

By Jordan Holbrook: Due to be hosted over the final weekend of October, starting on the evening of Friday 28th and finishing in the late afternoon of Sunday 30th, the first National Men’s Rights Working Forum aims to find practical solutions to eradicate male inequalities. It also aims to start building a concrete national network of male activists and to create and project a more professional public and political front for the Men’s Movement.
This is open to any and all who are concerned with the neglect of male issues and wishes to be part of the engine that will change that.
The issues addressed shall be left up to those who attend, allowing for people to see the change in the areas they care about.
Attached below are a series of posters advertising the event, even if you cannot attend, please do share these posters across social media, into men’s groups, wherever you feel appropriate.

The Undermining Of Our Values Continues…

By Herbert Purdy: Having spent the better part of the last three years researching and writing my book, Their Angry Creed, I think it is fair to say that I have become pretty savvy about what feminism is, and what feminists are up to in our society. Yet I had my eyes opened even further last week when I had the opportunity to study some of the hacked documents, leaked by the DC Leaks website on August 13, from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation,1 which, amongst a wealth of other things, revealed that this mega-wealthy individual is channeling vast quantities of money to further a Marxist/feminist/progressive agenda in our societies. 
In my speech to the second International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI16), held in London’s Excel in July this year, I pointed to the fact that, for decades, feminists have been increasingly shaping public and government policy in order to conform us all to their dogma, and I showed that the principle focus of their attack has been on the family as the basic unit of society.
I cited clear evidence of how they were overturning the rule or authority of the father (which is the true meaning of their sustained campaign against patriarchy), and how they were using the family courts to marginalise and demonise men, and excise them from their families in order to break the chain of their children’s natural inheritance from their fathers, and their fathers’ families.

Iran: The Inside Story

Ron Paul: What is it like to be a Jewish citizen of Iran? Today's Liberty Report speaks with an Iranian-American of Jewish background who just spent three months in Iran. His take on Iran is far different from what the neocons want us to believe. His experiences might surprise you.

Ahmed (Live Version)