9 Sep 2016

Unexplained Infant Deaths

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Data on child homicides, and the perpetrators thereof, is subject to considerable obfuscation. The incompleteness and inconsistencies in child homicide data have been well described by Robert Whiston and Nigel Hawkes, and the overall picture is summarised in http://mhrm.uk/wiki/killing-children/. In a forthcoming post I will return to this issue with particular emphasis on perpetrators.
Cot death (SIDS) has been related to laying babies prone (right) rather than supine (left)
The present post is by way of being a precursor to this. Here I look first at the data on all child deaths. The overwhelming bulk of these are from natural causes. Nevertheless the data reveals some interesting features, not least the dependence of child death rates on marital status, cohabitation and lone parenthood.
The focus of this post, though, is on unexplained infant deaths. We shall see that the dependence of unexplained infant death rates on marital status, cohabitation and lone parenthood is particularly marked. There are features in the data which are disconcerting and, I suspect, politically incorrect to notice. Hence the post.
It has long been argued that a certain, but unknown, percentage of unexplained infant deaths are actually covert homicides. This, then, forms the link with the planned subsequent post.

US War Economy And Presstitutes - CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Warns About Job Loss If The U.S. Stops Arming Saudi Arabia

By Michael Krieger: Ladies and gentlemen, it appears the long anticipated moment of peak mainstream media stupidity may have finally arrived.
This is what passes for journalism in America today.
The Intercept reports:
Sen. Rand Paul’s expression of opposition to a $1.1 billion U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia — which has been brutally bombing civilian targets in Yemen using U.S.-made weapons for more than a year now — alarmed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday afternoon.
Blitzer’s concern: That stopping the sale could result in fewer jobs for arms manufacturers.

“So for you this is a moral issue,” he told Paul during the Kentucky Republican’s appearance on CNN. “Because you know, there’s a lot of jobs at stake.

Greece: Antifa "Welcomes" The New 'Fascist' AKA Nationalist Offices Of LEPEN In Athens, Agios Panteleimonas

Perseus999: Greek antifascists paid a visit and literally demolished the new offices of the nationalist socialist party LEPEN, just few days before their planned official opening ceremony, not just on any other day, but purposefully on the day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neonazis (18 September) in Keratsini, Greece just 3 years ago. As it seems, the fascists's provocation was immediately answered by antifascists, before it was even materialized.

Why Do People Hate Feminism #10 - #Feminism Is A Supremacy Movement

Sargon of Akkad: “If feminists weren’t also supremacists, they’d be best friends with men’s rights activists.” An excellent breakdown of why Feminism is a supremacist movement.

Karl McCartney MP: We Must Ensure Schools And Colleges Are ‘Boy-Friendly’

By Karl McCartney MP: One of the great things about being a Member of Parliament in a marginal bellwether seat such as the City of Lincoln is the sheer variety of issues that you see and hear, many of which never reach the confines of the Westminster or Whitehall ‘Bubble’. Some of these though are One Nation issues which not only affect our Country as a whole, they also have a detrimental effect on lives, families, businesses and communities in each and every constituency across our great nation. This is why I am leading a Parliamentary debate today on the educational underperformance of boys and the gender education gap. In a welcome post-Brexit positive Britain embracing the opportunities in the global economy this issue is even more pressing. The underperformance and education gap is an issue that I have regularly come across, or has been raised with me when visiting local schools, businesses, training providers, universities and colleges in my constituency. I also see its impact when I see young men hanging around when they should be in work, on an Apprenticeship or at university or college. It is also clear to me that this issue crosses all social classes, geographical areas and ethnic groups. It is not just a “working class” issue.
 The gap in attainment is stark, starts young and is not new. At Key Stage 2 (in old money that is 11 years of age) the gap is six percentage points. For GCSEs, the gap for five A*-C including England and Maths is nine percentage points in England and over seven in the other three nations of the United Kingdom.

Coming Out...

Anti-feminist and MHRA or men's human rights advocate/activist Karen Straughan said: "I knew there were almost no people out there who would even tolerate what I felt, who I really was. ...All they've [lame-stream] really done is convince the majority of the public that how they already feel and already think is taboo, that it's wrong even though it is the majority opinion."

A Political Hurricane Is About To Sweep Across Europe

By Michael Krieger: If you’ve been paying attention, you could see this coming a mile away. Although I’ve forecast huge political shifts in the West for years now, I made my strongest prediction on European changes late last year following the Paris terror attacks.
In the post, A Message to Europe – Prepare for Nationalism I wrote:
Actions have consequences, and people can only be pushed so far before they snap. I believe the Paris terror attacks will be a major catalyst that will ultimately usher in nationalist type governments in many parts of Europe, culminating in an end of the EU as we know it and a return to true nation-states. Although I think a return to regional government and democracy is what Europeans need and deserve, the way in which it will come about, and the types of governments we could see emerge, are unlikely to be particularly enlightened or democratic after the dust has settled.
A few months later, Brexit shocked the world when the British public voted to leave the European Union. While this event represents a moment of huge historical significance, Brexit is just the start of a much, much bigger trend.

Are Jews The Chosen People? - Holocaustianity

Brother Nathanael: The notion that Jews are thechosen peoplehas been drilled into the minds of the masses all over the world. - Gentiles have been brainwashed to believe that Jews have some special place in God’s heart—above all other people—and still have some special role to play in the destiny of man. - Nothing could be further from the truth. And I speak as a former Jew now an Orthodox Christian.