15 Sep 2016

Large Angry SJW Gets Naked and White Knights for Male Feminist

Kizzume Fowler is one big badass SJW who steps up to white knight for the slow moving social Marxist male feminist Hellion in the punching down vs punching up debate against Bearing.

The Perils Of Commitment - MGTOW

"Men care about their income the same way women care about their sexuality." Anonymous.

Are Millennial Men Useless?

In a previous video Hiding in the Man Cave,” one of Paul Elam’s viewers made a response excoriating Millenials. Paul sets the record straight in a style and delivery that he has a gift for.

Plastic Traditionalism #MGTOW

White Ribbon Australia Finds Favour At WIPO

I have dedicated over 50 years of my life to educating people about family violence and I won’t be stopped now by these hoodlums.” Erin Pizzey.
By : AVFM just received the news that WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has ruled against Erin Pizzey and in favor of White Ribbon Australia in the dispute over the whiteribbon.org domain.
In their ruling, the three-member panel unanimously ruled that Erin Pizzey, pioneer and founder of the modern domestic violence shelter movement did not have a legitimate interest in the use of the “White Ribbon” name for domestic violence advocacy.
The panel also concluded that, “The Respondent’s use of the Complainant’s WHITE RIBBON trade mark in the Disputed Domain Name was due to its trade mark value and was intended to confuse users into believing that the Disputed Domain Name is associated with the Complainant.”
That ruling was made despite the fact that while White Ribbon Australia did have some specific Australian trademarks that included the “White Ribbon” name, they did not file for a trademark for “White Ribbon” with no appendages till after Pizzey owned, invested in and launched whiteribbon.org.
The panel treated White Ribbon Australia’s trademark with retroactive, worldwide recognition, for which they cited precedent.

US Killed Bin Laden To 'Hide 9-11 Truth’

Zionist Report: There has never been a single photo or shred of evidence that our government captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. All we have ever had is their word they did so. And, we all know what our government's word on anything is worth. 9-11 was planned and carried out by our own government using controlled demolitions - all for the benefit of "America's Greatest Ally" - Israel.

The Feminist Architect Who Tried To Liberate Kitchens From Houses

Via Robert J4MB: Re. the following Piece in Atlas Obsura. You can’t beat photographs of feminists in dungarees. The end of the piece:

Ultimately, the kitchenless house was never built. In Utopianism and Radicalism in a Reforming America, Francis Robert Shor writes that, due to a lack of capital and water, as well as American involvement in the First World War in 1917, the Llano Del Rio commune had all but disappeared in California by 1918. Austin’s dream of a kitchenless socialist city died with it, but she continued to write and speak about the possibilities of the design into the 1920s and 1930s, focusing on technology and the role it would play in eliminating housework for every citizen.
While Austin’s design for the kitchenless house was not the first of its kind, Hayden writes in the academic journal Signs in 1978 that Austin was the first architect to envision an end to domestic drudgery on such a large scale, and the first to expand the idea outside the confines of an individual dwelling and into an entire community. Maybe, as feminism moves firmly to mainstream pop culture in 21rst (sic) century America, we may yet see it show up in home design.