19 Sept 2016

The Latest Rapist Rat Trap Contraption

DoctorRandomercam said: "A woman can harass, abuse, physically terrorise and rape a man, but if she tells the police that he is the guilty one, they are mandated to arrest him.. All thanks to unapologetic thuggery like VAWA."

Tax Funded Sexual Predators

johntheother: I have not linked to the original video because I have no desire to promote a web page benefitting criminals and sexual predators.

The Balfour Declaration & British Involvement

Zionist Report: Walter Rothschild, on December 2nd 1917, in Covent Garden Opera House, London, said: "This is the greatest event that has occurred in Jewish History in the last 1800 years." - Rothschild was referring to the Balfour's Declaration British support for the establishment in Palestine for a national "home: for Jews. This was the dream of the Zionist movement.

Domestic Violence Against Men Soars To Record Levels As Number Of Cases Treble In Past Decade

Via Nigel, J4MB: From a piece in yesterday’s Sunday Sun. Excerpts:
Domestic violence against men has trebled in the past decade, shocking official figures reveal. [Wrong. The number of convictions has trebled, as more men have reported being victims to the police. The crime remains woefully under-reported, and the police should bring far more prosecutions.]
A record 5,640 wives and girlfriends were convicted of assaulting their male partners last year — up from 1,850 in 2007.
The issue has become a taboo because victims are often too ashamed to talk about their experiences. [Wrong. It hasn’t ‘become’ a taboo, it remains one for most male victims of DV. There are quite a number of reasons men don’t report being a victim of DV – other than shame – some in common with female victims, some unique to men e.g. the lack of available refuge places for men with their children.]

Smarmy, Self Righteous And Mistaken

Incredibly smarmy, self righteous guy has an 'open mind' .... a mind this open doesn't need to learn things .. a mind this open can simply assume things.

On Scientific Fanaticism - MGTOW

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: In this video I give an exposition on modern science and modern technology as presented in Heidegger's essay concerning technology. I also discuss the fanaticism of some adherents of modern science and why such devotion is misplaced.

Satire’s End: Momus Castrated For Offending Women

: In a literary tragedy that reverberates through to the present, a conspiracy of goddesses acting as damsels brought about the castration of Momus, the god of satire. Jupiter, nominal Head God in Charge of the cosmos, told Momus to moderate a divine assembly of free, open debate among divine beings. With the encouragement of the goddess Mischief, Pallas Athena, the goddess of justice, and Juno, the ruling wife of Jupiter, conspired to disrupt the assembly and get Momus castrated.
Initially the assembly proceeded in the manner of most august deliberative bodies. The issue to be discussed was destroying and recreating the universe. An eminent, elderly god spoke incomprehensibly. An elderly goddess chewed her gums, looked at her nails, and declared:

Certainly we should think carefully about these serious and unusual circumstances.
{ Enimvero … de his rebus gravissimis atque rarissimis cogitasse oportuit. } [1]
Another god delivered a bombastic oration signifying nothing. Yet another spoke at length complimenting his fellow gods’ speechifying.