23 Sep 2016

Ernst Zundel On Marxism Today In "Positions Of Power"

The Unscientific Side Of The Scientific Method - MGTOW

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: In this video I explore the unscientific aspects that take part of executing the scientific method through the essay on theory by Michael Langan. - In my continued series investigating the philosophical challenges underpinning science I would like to focus on the concept of the theory.

Feminists GET OWNED On Reality TV Show "Dragon's Den"

Rekt Feminist Videos: Feminists get owned in this funny clip from the TV Show "Dragon's Den".

Hating Men Is Mainstream

By : I remember a stand-up comedian from twenty-five years ago whose routine commented on the word “nymphomaniac.” (I’m sorry, I do not recall his name.) He wondered why there was a term for a woman who wanted sex all of the time, but there was no such term for a man who wanted sex all of the time. He came to the conclusion that we do not have such a term for men since all men want sex all the time. It is implied in the word “man.” He joked that we don’t need a special term for a male nymphomaniac because it would be redundant. (Actually, there is such a term—satyr—but few know it.)
This reminded me of a semantic analogy that I had heard concerning the word “misogyny.” It was noted that “misogyny” was a term for hatred of women, usually by men, but that there was no such term for hatred of men, usually by women. It was concluded that we did not need such a word since all women hate men. It is implied in the word “woman.” It would be redundant to have a special term for women who hate men. (Of course, I later learned that there is such a term—misandry—but few know it.) This notion that all women hate men to some degree has only gotten stronger for me over the last twenty-five years. In fact, women hating men is mainstream and prevalent and normal.
Here are a few recent examples.

Hippies v Hipsters

Max and Stacy warn hipsters, “Don’t let the hippie man keep you down.” As the intergenerational baton is passed to a bigger voting bloc called ‘Millennial’, they look at the economic consequences to all the Ponzi and pyramid schemes which worked well for the Boomers. Max interviews Wolf Richter about the real numbers behind US income data and Germany’s export plunge. They also discuss whether or not Deutsche Bank can survive these days of major fines.

Men - NEVER Call The Police - They Will Kill You

By  Ijeoma Oluo: A line of police officers stand in the dark on a Charlotte, North Carolina, highway. They look like an occupying force with their helmets and face shields and various weaponry strapped all over their armored clothing. A large bus illuminates them with its headlights. The front of the bus declares in bright lights: “NOT IN SERVICE”.
It’s as if these police responding to protests of Tuesday’s shooting death of Keith Scott are carrying with them a lighted banner that declares what black Americans already know: they are not in service. Not for us.
It’s the message that police have always been sending black Americans. Blacks make up about 13% of the US population, and yet accounted for 27% of the approximately 1,146 people killed by police in 2015. “Not in service” is the message we got when Tamir Rice was killed, when Freddie Gray was killed, when Eric Garner was killed. This was the message we got when Terence Crutcher was killed this week while asking for service. We understand that if our police force really does exist to protect and serve, it does not exist to protect and serve us.


Sus Bully teams up with producer Abstract Soundz to deliver this Lo-fi summer vibe.

If The Moon Landing Happened In The Current Year

6oodfella: This is how I imagine it would be if it happened today. Enjoy.

Stupid Feminist Wage Gap Video With Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) stars in this lame feminist video about the wage gap. Yep, the fucking wage gap. Feminism is shit.