24 Sep 2016

Male Masochism And Culture (1936)

By : Do males in the Western world display clinical levels of masochism? Has chivalry morphed into a thinly veiled expression of masochism? Is male masochism the true basis of gynocentric culture? Most would agree that chivalry today appears to overlap with clinical masochism – which is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the chivalric man and those disparagingly referred to as white knights or manginas.
According to the following excerpt from his 1936 essay Male Masochism and Culture, psychoanalyst Arnold Herman Kamiat fingers masochism as a very real problem among men. With modern academic researchers unable to get past the traditionalist mythology of women as masochistic and men as sadistic, and reluctant to look at the concept of male masochism, we will take Kamiat’s essay as a first examination of the topic and a prefiguration of contemporary gynocentrism theory. – PW


The masochism that has hitherto occupied the attention of psychologists is individual masochism. This is the masochism of particular individuals in their subordinate relation, fancied or real, to particular members of the opposite sex.

Paul Milana, Haute Couturier: Feminism And The Manufacture Of A Modern Misogynist

By Mike Buchanan: Paul Milana is a gay haute couturier, his blog ‘We Are The New Male Army’ is here. His first blog piece (April 2016) was Feminism and the manufacture of a modern misogynist.
Among the good ideas on his website is for International Men’s Day, 19 November, to also be designated Global Ignore Women Day
He writes:

We are officially declaring Nov 19 (which is International Men’s Day) Global Ignore Women Day.
Why are we having a Global Ignore Women Day?
We are having a Global Ignore Women’s Day to show women what it really means to have their issues ignored.
This should be a day of silent,  indifferent  protest! Any incidents of domestic abuse that day we imagine would be female led as we know women hate to be ignored.
Methods of silent protest:
Pick at your nails intently when asked a question by a woman.
Walk away if asked to do anything by a woman.
Pretend you don’t understand either a. the language or b.  anything a woman says to you.
Wait to be served by male staff and then purposely leave the waitress less of a tip than him.

Black Lives Splatter - The FKN Newz

Deek Jackson said. "I'm biding my time until the aliens get here. Here are the head lies tonight."

Israel In 60 Seconds - God Is Not A Real Estate Agent + A Study In Jewish Hypocrisy

Forcibly annexing land and building Jewish only colonies for religious fanatics is racist and insane.

Feminist Jody Allard Is An Admitted Child Abuser

Jody Allard – a writer for Washington Post and Huffington Post is openly admitting to pushing one of her sons to suicide through feminist blackmail and bullying. All one has to do to notice that is to simply read her work. - Lucian V├ólsan has done just that and the picture is terrifying.

Dumb SJW Chick 'Feels Scared' And Has It Out With Cop

This Jewish feminazi SJW prawn of a lady felt scared after she abused a Trump supporting 'redneck' and he followed her in his car. - Eventually getting the attention of a cop, she proceeds to laboriously tell that cop exactly how to cop. Regards, Bearing.

The Myth Of Modern Racism Amongst Men

Cheeky Bastard: This will be a video article what will be of particular interest to MGTOW's, MRA’s and Anonymous activists. - It covers perceived racism amongst men, and the reason why men do not understand the difference between racism and sexism under the context of competition.