26 Sep 2016

The Incredible Case Of Robin Camp

Feminism LOL: Feminist lawyers want Judge Robin Camp removed from the bench because he doesn't just do what they tell him to do. He actually cares about fair trials. Find out what you don't know.

He Who Hesitates Is Lost And Russia Hesitated

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Russian government deceived itself with its fantasy belief that Russia and Washington had a common cause in fighting ISIS. The Russian government even went along with the pretense that the various ISIS groups operating under various pen names were “moderate rebels” who could be separated from the extremists, all the while agreeing to cease fighting on successive verges of victory so that Washington could resupply ISIS and prepare to introduce US and NATO forces into the conflict. The Russian government apparently also thought that as a result of the coup against Erdogan, which was said to implicate Washington, Turkey was going to cease supporting ISIS and cooperate with Russia.
Alas, the Russians so fervently, or perhaps I should say feverishly, desired an agreement with Washington that they deceived themselves. If Finian Cunningham’s report is correct, Washington has taken advantage of Russia’s urging that Washington and Turkey join in the attack on ISIS by invading northern Syria under the guise of “fighting ISIS.”
Syria has now been partitioned, and the pretend or fake “moderate rebels” can be built up inside the US/Turkish occupied areas of Syria and the war against Syria kept going for as long as Washington wants. The western presstitutes will report that the Turkish/American forces occupying areas of Syria are not invaders but are attacking ISIS.
With US, Turkish, and, little doubt, soon other NATO troops operating inside Syria, the neoconservatives will have many opportunities to provoke a conflict with Russia from which Russia will have to stand down or reply with force.

The Zionist Occupied Government of America

Zionist Report: In The Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) of America, real choice is simply an illusion. Regardless of who one votes for, the status quo will remain the same. Why? The United States government is totally controlled by treasonous Zionists who look out for the interests of Israel at the expense of America itself.

British Parliament Concludes US & Vassals Lied About Gaddafi & Libya

Parliamentary Report Confirms What the Alternative Media [Man On Fire et al.] Has Been Saying for Years 
By WashingtonsBlog: The UK Parliament just confirmed what the alternative media has been saying for years.
Specifically, a new report from the bipartisan House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – based on interviews with all of the key British decision-makers, review of documents, and on-the-ground investigations in Africa – found that the Libyan war was based on lies, that it destroyed the country, and that it spread terrorism far and wide.
The War Based On Bogus IntelligenceLike the Iraq War
Initially, the report finds that the threat to civilians from Libyan  government forces was dramatically overstated:
Former French Foreign Minister Alain JuppĂ©, who introduced Resolution 1973 [imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, and laying the groundwork for overthrowing the government], asserted in his speech to the Security Council that “the situation on the ground is more alarming than ever, marked by the violent re-conquest of cities”. He stressed the urgency of the situation, arguing that “We have very little time left—perhaps only a matter of hours.”

Because Of Feminism: Will Women Become The Unnecessary Sex?

The Backlash!: A day may come when, because of the mean-spirited way men are being treated today, women will then be treated as the unnecessary sex.

Feminists Are Retarded

johntheother: Feminists are...
"less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age."
I am aware that retarded also sometimes means:
very foolish or stupid.
That is also a correct description of feminists.

Politically Correct Murderer + Are You Ready Kids - WB7

How All Banks Including Privately Owned Central Banks Masquerading As State Owned Rob The Public By Charging Interest On Money They Create Out Of Thin Air

Zionist Report: This video is important to understand as it gets to the core of the scam perpetrated on all of us by central banksters around the world. - The man, in this video, is referring to 'Fractional Reserve Banking.' This is a Ponzi-scheme banking system in which only a fraction of bank deposits are backed by actual cash-on-hand.

6oodfella's Seen Some Shit

"If I go out and slap a man in the face, I will be charged with assault. If I go out and slap a woman in the face, I will be charged with assault plus a hate crime, because she's female so I must have done it because she is a woman. Why else would I do it? Not because I'm a nutter and violent, no, it must have been because she was a woman." said 6oodfella.