29 Sep 2016

A Letter To A New Student Leader

By : Greg Krikorian*, a student from U of Maryland, reached out to share his upcoming activism project, and I had to share. It’s important that everyone interested in equitable Title IX activism support him in his efforts as much as they did mine, if not more so.
Dear Sage,
Hope all is well. My name is Greg Krikorian and I am a freshman at the University of Maryland. I really admire the work you have done and continue to do for boys and men. Some friends and I have started a group called Students Advocating for Students, and our goal is to fight against unfair and biased Title IX procedures as well as other civil liberties for students. Rather than having individual groups at campuses, we intend to be a movement encompassing thousands of students across the country. We are currently in the process of drafting letters to school administration at Tufts University (my friends college) and University of Maryland. In these letters we highlight everything wrong the disciplinary system biased against young men.

"People Are Mad" - Dave Collum Warns "Existential Change Is In The Air"

By Tyler Durden: Chemistry professor, and infamous market observer Dave Collum, author of the encyclopedic 'Year in Reviews', senses "existential risk in the American Experiment." In an excellent interview with The Cornell Review, Collum opines on everything from 'safe spaces' to 'social unrest' warning "people are now mad, and it shows in the chaotic election. We are guaranteed to elect a president that half the populace finds repugnant...Change is in the air."
 ...It is probably only in the last 15 years that I’ve started hiking up my pants and bitching about the government. Now I am relatively outspoken because I sense existential risk in the American Experiment.

...We have an interventionist central bank—a global cartel of interconnected central banks actually—that is determined to use untested (read: flawed) models to try to repair an economy that was hurt by their policies and would fix itself if the Fed would just get out of the way. I think these guys are what Nassim Taleb calls I-Y-I (intellectual-yet-idiot). They will continue with their experiments until the system finally breaks in earnest. They will blame the unforeseeable circumstances.

The social contract on the home front is faltering badly. When the system started to fail in ’09, we stitched up a putrid wound without cleansing it.

Jews Against Circumcision

By We are sorry to learn that a remarkable website is no longer in operation, that of ‘Jews Against Circumcision’. In 2004 the organization produced a powerful leaflet with print on both sides, Brit Shalom: A Peaceful Alternative. Brit Shalom is a naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys, which doesn’t involve genital mutilation. We’ve distributed many copies of the leaflet during our Golders Green and Speakers’ Corner protests, and will be taking a stock of them to the Conservative party conference for our anti-MGM protests next Monday and Tuesday.

Questions Libertarians Have For Statists

Check out all the awesome people featured in this video:

Women’s Boat To Gaza Ready To Break Blockade

By Eoin Wilson: “If somebody falls overboard, all you see is their head. It’s about the size of a coconut.”
With those words, Captain Madeleine Habib ensured the attention of her passengers, all now digesting the image of the vastness of the sea enveloping a human body.
Habib, a Tasmanian-Egyptian and an experienced captain with Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders, was delivering the safety briefing to the all-women passengers of her boat, the Zaytouna. The three crew and 10 passengers were preparing to leave the port of Ajaccio, the Corsican capital, for Messina, Sicily.
The Zaytouna is part of a now one-vessel Women’s Boat to Gaza flotilla after its sister ship Amal was forced to return to Barcelona because of engine trouble. It was not the only boat in the harbor of Ajaccio, but certainly the Zaytouna’s purpose — international solidarity, not leisure — was unique.
The quays here are lined with the yachts of the affluent, from Monaco and the Caribbean, themselves dwarfed by the gargantuan cruise ships which daily arrive and depart, their passengers disembarking to stroll through the narrow streets and palm tree-lined corniches of yet another picturesque Mediterranean town.
The Women’s Boat to Gaza flotilla is the most recent international attempt to break the near decade-long sea, air and land siege of Gaza.