30 Sep 2016

Man As Sperm Factory

Professor Fiamengo discusses the issue of allowing a woman to take the sperm of her dead boyfriend in order to impregnate herself. This case arose in Australia.

Jewish Bigotry On Speed? Just Check Out Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

By Gilad Atzmon: Last week, Britain’s veteran chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks lectured to the European Parliament on antisemitism. The rabbi’s mission was to define antisemitism, but instead he just demonstrated some of the most problematic symptoms of Jewish supremacy, tribal arrogance and even crude Goy-hatred. Unwittingly, the rabbi didn’t make the Jews look too good.
“The hate that begins with Jews doesn't end with Jews.” was the Rabbi’s starting point. Here, I tend to agree with the rabbi. The rabbi probably knows a lot about hate. Hate can so easily backfire. Hate is dangerous territory. Hate spreads fast. The Zionist project, initially driven by moderate animosity towards the Palestinians, quickly evolved into hate towards Arabs, then Islam, then Black migrant communities and eventually to Goyim in general.

Dan Rather & The Corrupt Mainstream Media

Zionist Report: A must watch video on Dan Rather, a lifetime CBS insider, and his comments on how mainstream media is propagandized.

What Happened To Four Palestinians Abducted In Egypt?

By Hamza Abu Eltarabesh: Wafaa Abu Libdah experienced both shock and relief when she saw photographs of her son Abdeldayim in detention.
“When I saw the photo, I screamed ‘Abdeldayim is still alive,’” she said. Then she had a closer look and noticed that he was being held in unsanitary conditions.
“The ground is wet, the whole place is dirty and my son is half naked,” she said, viewing the pictures on a mobile phone. “Why is Egypt doing this?”
Abdeldayim was among four Palestinians abducted by masked men after entering Egypt in August 2015. They had passed through the Rafah crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border and were on a bus heading to Cairo International Airport when the abduction occurred.
Last month — one year following their abduction — Al Jazeera published images of Abdeldayim and Yasir Zannoun, another of the four abductees, being detained, reportedly in Cairo.
Wafaa, Abdeldayim’s mother, has had trouble sleeping since her son was abducted. “I want my only son back,” she said. “I want to hug him again — even just once before I die.”
Abeldayim and the three other abductees had, according to press reports, been involved in the armed wing of Hamas.
They were destined for Turkey when abducted. Abdeldayim was planning to further his studies in software engineering there.

Trump Treated Hillary As An Equal - That’s What The Feminists Can’t Abide

By Kathy Gyngell: Poor persecuted Mrs Clinton has become the overnight victim of a brand new gender crime, 'manterrupting'.
Yes, really. Within minutes of Donald Trump challenging her comments in the first of their debates the other night, feminist tweeters were at it, monitoring his every gender offence and creating some brand new ones to boot:
‘Trump's definitely winning the #mansplaining and #manterrupting components of this debate’, one tweeted in desperation.
This was the feminists’ answer to Mrs C’s lacklustre performance - to account for it in terms of women’s historic state of victimhood.
‘To the men amazed Clinton hasn't snapped: Every woman you know has learned to do this. This is our life in this society’, another tweeted bitterly.
Oh, so Hillary cannot stand up for herself. The poor put-upon dear. How terrible is the lot of women! This had to be the reason.
Donald Trump did indeed harass, shout, taunt and talk over Mrs Clinton. But he does it to everyone. The fact is that she let him. That is what these safe space feminist commentators couldn’t digest. Trump treated her equally – like a man.
And at the game of reality TV, which is what this debate was, he won and she lost - whatever the heroic CNN poll and other polls claimed.
But we can hardly expect Mrs Clinton’s feminist backers to face the real reasons for her continuing unpopularity.