1 Oct 2016

WW3? How The Ceasefire In #Syria Broke Down

SyrianGirl: A little bit about why the madmen in the state department are pushing it to the brink of war with Russia and Syria.

Sent To Separate Prisons To Be Kept Apart, How Did Lesbian Couple Jailed For 47 Years For Torturing & Murdering Their Son, 2, Manage To Share A Kiss In The Street?

Via Martin, J4MB: An extract of this story:
A shocked eyewitness told the Daily Record he saw two G4S security vans behind a shopping centre, and both the prisoners were there at the same time.
They are believed to have been attending meetings at Fife’s Kingdom Centre.
He said: ‘The vehicles caught my eye before I saw them – they are a very distinctive couple. It’s difficult to miss Nyomi – she’s a very large and imposing figure.
‘They were both chained to a female officer and there were four other male security guards too.
‘It looked like they’d come out of the registry office, which I thought was odd because they’ve already had a civil wedding.
‘Nyomi’s face was tripping her until Rachel moved over and gave her a kiss before they climbed into separate vans. It was very unusual but the guards were pretty relaxed about everything.’

Competition: Men Build Civilization

"Masculine socialisation has nothing to do with it. In one way or another all living things compete, because wanting creates competition." The Backlash!



How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged

"You've got a kosher approved barbie puppet."
Brother Nathanael