2 Oct 2016

Karen Straughan's Keynote Address To The First Annual Conference On Men's Issues

Karen explores the reasons why men are treated with less compassion in our society.

Because Vagina: Susan Bosworth, 51, History Of Damaging Property, 58 Previous Convictions (178 Offences) Smashed Up Leicester Crown Court With Hammer ‘On Impulse’ Following All-Day Bender = Suspended Sentence

Via a J4MB supporter: An extract from the headline story:
She admitted causing £1,650 damage and was ordered to pay £500 compensation to the court and was put on curfew between 9pm and 6am for one month.
So her fine – should she be bothered to pay it – accounts for 30% of the cost of the damage she caused. This isn’t punishment, it’s a farce. Another extract:
She had been sent to prison in the past and Mr Majid (prosecuting) added that she was in breach of a conditional discharge for an earlier criminal damage conviction.
Predictably there’s a mental health defence, commonly employed to excuse women’s crimes, rarely to excuse men’s crimes:
Steve Morris, defending, said: ‘I have known the defendant for many years. She does act impulsively. She has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.’

America Loses Presidential Debate - The FKN Newz

Will We Exist Tomorrow?

PCR: Western peoples must pour into the streets or Washington will end their lives with nuclear war. All of the evil of the world in concentrated in Washington. Washington is Mordor. The American president regardless of party is Sauron.
PCR Interviewed by The Mind Renewed
The Mind Renewed: "People say, 'Oh the Cold War's started again.' You hear this constantly from pundits. I wish the Cold War would come back, because the Cold War was very carefully managed; tensions were reduced. We've got the opposite of a Cold War; we've got tensions increased beyond any level they ever existed before."—PCR
We welcome once again Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Ecomonic Policy, who joins us to discuss the increasingly dangerous geopolitical tensions focused upon Syria. Dr. Roberts argues that unless the European peoples wake up and refuse to co-operate with Washington's insane neocon policy of "world hegemony"—a co-operation that helps facilitate Washington's illegal wars around the globe—the result will almost inevitably be a thermonuclear WWIII: a war that can have no winners.

Answers For Anti Anti SJWs

DoctorRandomercam: The only sport left is getting there first. And the only prize left is a good night's sleep.


"I think I've found the craziest feminist ever." Said Birdman.

Invasion Of Debt Snatchers

Max and Stacy discuss the Invasion of the debt snatchers as tech gets leveraged and mobile phone bills get collateralized. In the second half Max and Stacy continue their conversation with Karl Gray (@paradimeshift) about the cryptocurrency and blockchain investment space.