4 Oct 2016

The FKN Newz: Corbyns Workers Paradise = Banksters Paradise + Sue America For Terrorism...If You Dare

An Introduction to the Men’s Rights Movement

Editor’s note: No doubt the material in this article is familiar to most readers here. MRAs and those friendly to the MRM are encouraged to publicise this article as a straight forward explanation of our movement to counter so many lies told about us. Even if people don’t want to believe the truth, they can’t claim we didn’t try to put our case in plain terms. The featured image shows Indian MRAs photographed in 2013.
This articles is also in Spanish below.
By : The Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) also sometimes known as the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is a pluralistic movement of men and women who have identified certain problems facing men and boys. It is comprised of many organisations and individuals that are loosely affiliated. Despite this, participants within the MRM maintain a largely consistent position on men’s rights. The movement accepts robust and frank internal discussions, which are generally conducted in public. Individuals within the MRM are sometimes known as Men’s Rights Activists or Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs).

Stealing Now Legal In America

Max and Stacy discuss how finance is ruining America. In the second half, Max interviews Ronald Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, author of ‘Trumped: A Nation on the Brink of Ruin’... And How to Bring It Back.

Straw Men And Straw Crows: A Field Guide

DoctorRandomercam: Assembled by popular demand. This is for the fiddlers on the sinking ship. You might want to watch this one twice.

Israeli Settlements Explained

Zionist Report: Israel has over 200 settlements. Does it have any intention of ever stopping or really slowing down? Don't count on it. This is a very informative video on Israel's settlements and the blatant disregard for international law and the people of Palestine.

Anti-MGM Protest At The Conservative Party Conference

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our anti-MGM protest today was very successful. We handed out around 2,000 leaflets, and engaged in many productive discussions with delegates (and a number of MPs) – much like what we achieved in last year’s conference in Manchester. The most common topic of discussion was the illegality of MGM in the UK, which came as a surprise to many, who understandably – but incorrectly – assumed the commonality of the procedure reflected legality.
We’ve been taking video footage throughout on our bodycams, and The Forgotten Man (from The London Group) has taken some footage to give a sense of the activities. We’ll be posting footage after editing, in the next week or two.
We plan to be outside the ICC tomorrow morning, from around 9am. Please join us, and show your support for male minors being spared genital mutilation on religious or cultural grounds.
The photo is of a few of the people who protested today, including a lady from Ulster who flew over for the protest, with her partner.

Failures Of The Western Left

By Andre Vltchek: It is tough to fight any real war. And it takes true guts, discipline and determination to win it.
For years and decades, the so-called ‘left’ in the West has been moderately critical of North American (and sometimes even of European) imperialism and neo-colonialism. But whenever some individual or country rose up and began openly challenging the Empire, most of the Western left-wing intellectuals simply closed their eyes, and refused to offer their full, unconditional support to those who were putting their lives (and often even the existence of their countries) on the line.
I will never forget all those derogatory punches directed at Hugo Chavez, punches coming from members of the ‘anti-Communist left’, after he dared to insult George W. Bush at the United Nations in 2006, calling him a “devil” and choking, theatrically, from the sulfur that was still ‘hanging in the air’ after the US President’s appearance at the General Assembly.
I will not be dropping names here, but readers would be surprised if they knew how many of those iconic leaders of the US left described Chavez and his speech as ‘impolite’, ‘counter-productive’, and even ‘insulting’.
Tens of millions of people have died because of Western imperialism, after WWII. Under the horrid leadership of George W Bush, Afghanistan and Iraq have been reduced to ruins… But one has to remain ‘polite’, ‘objective’ and cool headed?