9 Oct 2016

Because Vagina: 16-Year-Old Girl’s False Claim Led To The Suicide Of Michael Isherwood (51)

BY Mike Buchanan, J4MB: On p.13 of today’s Sunday Times there’s a piece on the suicide of 51-year-old Michael Isherwood, an inspecting engineer at Vauxhall’s car factory on Merseyside. He’d been accused by a 16-year-old girl of secretly filming her on his phone. There was no supporting evidence of her claim, from his phone or elsewhere. His first suicide attempt was unsuccessful, the second (five weeks after being told of the allegation) ‘successful’. From the piece in The Sunday Times:

Shortly before he died, Michael Isherwood left a hand-written note for his sister: ‘Mud sticks. No coming back from these allegations.’…
Sue Isherwood, 47, his sister, said that when she asked the police how such an investigation could be launched based on so little, she was told, ‘It happens all the time.’
‘When they said they had found no evidence on Michael’s phone, I asked whether they would prosecute the false complainant, and they just said no,’ she said.

If Trump Were Sexually Interested In Men, It Would Be Politically Incorrect To Say Anything About It

By Paul Craig Roberts: The presstitute media are doing everything that propagandists can do to anoint Hillary to the Oval Office.
The main issue facing the electorate is whether the next administration will lead us into military conflict with Russia and by implication with China, not Trump’s sexual interest in women. The conflict would be thermo-nuclear. Trump is in the oligarchs’ crosshairs, because Trump disavows conflict with Russia. - A subsidiary issue is that Trump, unlike Hillary, is not owned by the oligarchs. If Trump were able to form a government that reflects this difference, there would be hope for peace and for Washington to turn its attention from service to the One Percent to service to the 99 Percent. 
One-Party Rule in America
By Stephen Lendman: Democracy in America was farcical from the republic’s inception. Money-controlled duopoly rule runs things today
Things are headed toward eliminating one of its two right wings in the presidential race if pro-Hillary supporters, backed by media scoundrels, get their way.

Why Russia Is Preparing For The Worst RIGHT NOW!

Luke Rudkowski gives you the full breakdown of deteriorating relations between Russia and the U.S. We go over how dangerous this situation is globally and how it developed.

Here’s What Cambridge Students Think Of Their Sexual Consent Classes

Womens officer posts picture of empty hall as freshers boycott patronising talks
Via Jeff, J4MB: Some good news. As we’ve also seen at York University recently, students are starting to tell the feminist control freaks among them to go to hell. About damned time. An extract:
Last night Sir Anthony Seldon, the vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said he was heartened by the student boycott. ‘Universities are about the teaching of independent mindedness, and students should not be going along with what the NUS or anyone else is telling them,’ he said.
By Jonathan Petre: They are the university workshops designed to inform new students about sexual consent in an effort to tackle the rising number of assaults on campus.
But in a sign of a growing backlash against such events, not a single fresher attended an hour-long session at a top Cambridge college.

Female Sociopaths - MGTOW

Sexist, Racist, Leftist White Female Bigots

Can Trump Get The Black Vote? Shocking Facts

Brother Nathanael: After eight years of Obama, America is ruined, and blacks are suffering for it. What’s disturbing is that he even warned us.
"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor.”]
But Obama’s “transformation” has done nothing for blacks.
The janitor’s wage buys less and the factory worker’s job went to China.

The Dreadful Chronology Of Gaddafi’s Murder

By Jean-Paul Pougala’s April 14, 2011 piece in Pambazuka News titled “The Lies Behind the West’s War on Libya” describes how Africa first developed its own transcontinental communications system by purchasing a telecommunications satellite on December 26, 2007: the African Development Bank ponied up $50 million toward the nearly $400 million cost of the orbiter and the West African Development Bank added $27 million more. Libya contributed $300 million, which made the purchase possible. Pougala writes that when it was up and running, the new system was “connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting, and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching.”
After 14 years of foot-dragging by the IMF and the World Bank, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s generosity allowed for this one-time purchase that spared the nations of Africa a $500 million annual lease payment for access to a telecom satellite and euchred Western banks out of potential billions in loans and interest. At this time, Gaddafi was also seeking to establish a trans-African banking system based on gold to free the continent from its financial bondage to the IMF and the World Bank—which would gravely harm both predatory entities.