14 Oct 2016

Feminist's Comment Section Survival Guide

I found this gem in the comments section of a feminist I'd recently critiqued - the 'Feminist's comment section survival guide' is an amusing read so I thought I'd share it with you. Regards, Bearing.

How Feminist Top QC Sasha Wass ‘Buried Evidence Of Met Bribes To Put Innocent Man In Jail’

Whistleblower alerted court that ‘organised crime’ had infiltrated police… then they said HE had perverted course of justice
Our thanks to J4MB's Stuart for this. The start of the piece:

One of the country’s top prosecutors is facing professional ruin following sensational claims in a London courtroom that she lied to judges in order to hide damning evidence of police corruption – at the risk of sending an innocent man to jail.
At the heart of the growing scandal, whose origins were exposed by this newspaper in February, is Sasha Wass QC, the barrister who prosecuted entertainer Rolf Harris and the £2 billion rogue trader Kweku Adoboli.
A court has heard claims that Ms Wass not only buried an official report by the Metropolitan Police confirming there was evidence that officers in its anti-corruption unit had taken bribes, but that she prosecuted the lawyer who brought the report to the attention of the authorities for perverting the course of justice.
The alleged attempted cover-up almost led to a lengthy prison sentence for the man who blew the whistle, Bhadresh Gohil.

Pardon Snowden

Julie Borowski: Obama should pardon Snowden. He needs to think about his legacy. What has he accomplished as president?

Mike Buchanan Interviewed About MGM By Julia Hartley-Brewer

By Mike Buchanan: Julia Hartley-Brewer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_H... is one of our favourite broadcasters, and when she's on Question Time she often makes more sense than the other panelists combined. Since March 2016 she has been presenting a three-hour show daily on talkradio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkradio.

After The Republic

By Angelo M. Codevilla: Over the past half century, the Reagan years notwithstanding, our ruling class’s changing preferences and habits have transformed public and private life in America. As John Marini shows in his essay, “Donald Trump and the American Crisis,” this has resulted in citizens morphing into either this class’s “stakeholders” or its subjects. And, as Publius Decius Mus argues, “America and the West” now are so firmly “on a trajectory toward something very bad” that it is no longer reasonable to hope that “all human outcomes are still possible,” by which he means restoration of the public and private practices that made the American republic. In fact, the 2016 election is sealing the United States’s transition from that republic to some kind of empire.
Electing either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot change that trajectory. Because each candidate represents constituencies hostile to republicanism, each in its own way, these individuals are not what this election is about. This election is about whether the Democratic Party, the ruling class’s enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or whether constituencies opposed to that rule will get some ill-defined chance to strike back. Regardless of the election’s outcome, the republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone. But since the Democratic Party’s constituencies differ radically from their opponents’, and since the character of imperial governance depends inherently on the emperor, the election’s result will make a big difference in our lives.
Many Enemies, Few Friends
The overriding question of 2016 has been how eager the American people are to reject the bipartisan class that has ruled this country contrary to its majority’s convictions.

...Wherein A Die-Hard Feminist Vomits Red Pills Everywhere...

A Treason Of The Intellectuals

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa discusses why so many smart people stand by while academia is destroyed by fanatical bullies.

Regime Change In The Philippines

By Paul Craig Roberts: When will the neoconservative chant begin: “Duterte must go”? Or will the CIA assassinate him?
President Rodrigo Duterte has indicated that he intends a more independent foreign policy. He has announced upcoming visits to China and Russia, and his foreign minister has declared that it is time for the Philippines to end its subservience to Washington. In this sense, regime change has already occurred.
Duterte has suspended military maneuvers with the US. His defense minister said that the Philippines can get along without US military aid and prefers cooperation over conflict with China.
Duterte might simply be trying to extract a larger pay-off from Washington, but he had better be careful. Washington will not let Duterte move the Philippines into the Chinese camp.
Unless, of course, Washington has bitten off more than it can chew in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Ukraine, Russia and China and is too occupied elsewhere to deal with the Philippines. Still, Duterte would do well to request a praetorian guard from China.
The view is spreading in Asia that the American era is over, wrecked by disastrous US economic and foreign policies. The rise of Russia and China has birthed what William Engdahl calls the Eurasian Century. http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/10/11/eurasian-century-now-unstoppable.html
China’s One Belt One Road approach to Eurasian development is cooperative. The operating principle is that everyone works together to build a future for everyone. This is far more attractive than Washington’s arrogance of organizing the world in the interest of US corporations.