18 Oct 2016

Ched Evans’s Family May ‘Take Action’ Against ITV Programme ‘Loose Women’

BBC: The family of footballer Ched Evans have said they may take legal action after a discussion of his rape acquittal on ITV's Loose Women.
The Chesterfield striker was cleared of rape at Cardiff Crown Court after a retrial.
A statement on his website said his family were "considering their legal options" after comments on the chat show on Monday.
A Loose Women spokesperson said they were responding to a complaint.
In 2012, Mr Evans was found guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel room in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, the previous year. He then served half of a five-year prison term
But that conviction was quashed on appeal last April, and on Friday he was found not guilty of the same charge, at Cardiff Crown Court.
The player's website said he had served "30 months for a crime he always denied and has now been exonerated of," and he had "always acknowledged his behaviour was morally unacceptable but consensual".
It added that "opinion is acceptable" but went on to criticise comments by Gloria Hunniford.

Women Prefer Babies To Scientific Research

By Belinda Brown: In a paper I presented yesterday to the Kings College Maudsley Debates, I set out why the under-representation of women in the highest echelons of academia does not reflect inequality of opportunity, or even a lack of gender equality.
It simply reflects the differences between women and men. Furthermore, attempts to change this are not only ineffective, they are counterproductive.
First of all, it is a myth that women are being discriminated against in recruitment. Recent research shows, to the contrary, that faculty members prefer female applicants by 2:1 over identically qualified males. A report from the Paris School of Economics, which analysed 100,000 applications to high level teaching positions, found an overwhelming gender bias in favour of women. In the past, it is true that gender discrimination was a cause of women’s under-representation in academia, but this claim has continued to be invoked when it is no longer valid.
So if we women are not discriminated against why are they still so under-represented in the upper echelons of academia?
There is an incredibly strong feminist ideological drive to ignore sex differences as an explanation, but you do not have to scratch far beneath the surface to find that, although we exist on a spectrum, we are binary – male and female - best reflected in our different relationship to the central reproductive role.

‘The Mud Will Stick’

Sir Cliff Richard makes an emotional plea to MPs and peers to demand anonymity for people accused of sex crimes after he was ‘taintedby false claims
By Tim Sculthorpe: Sir Cliff Richard today made an emotional plea to MPs and peers to change the law and ensure people accused of sex crimes remain anonymous until charge.
The singer said he had been 'tainted' by false claims made against him in 2014 and warned 'the mud will stick' despite being exonerated.
Sir Cliff made pleaded with politicians at a private meeting in the House of Lords today alongside broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, who also faced unfounded claims.
He renewed his attack on the BBC for broadcasting pictures of a raid on his home in 2014 after they were tipped off by South Yorkshire Police - claiming the 'TV circus' ended his hopes of returning to a normal life.

ECB’s First Chief Economist Warns - The EU Is A ‘House Of Cards’

By Michael Krieger: None of the following about the EU will come as a surprise to most of you, but the language used by Otmar Issing is nevertheless pretty remarkable.
The Telegraph reports:

The European Central Bank is becoming dangerously over-extended and the whole euro project is unworkable in its current form, the founding architect of the monetary union has warned.
“One day, the house of cards will collapse,” said Professor Otmar Issing, the ECB’s first chief economist and a towering figure in the construction of the single currency.

World Depression Part Three

Max and Stacy discuss more warnings of global economic imbalances and the failings of neoliberalism. Max talks to Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com about his latest chapter in his online documentary on monetary history, Hidden Secrets of Money.

Mandatory Feminist Indoctrination In Victorian Schools

Bearing: Feminist indoctrination classes are now a reality for Victorian (my home state) high school students - the state government has very hypocritically implemented mandatory classes with a strong bias against men - painting them domestic violence 'perpetrators' and women as 'victims'. The curriculum even teaches students about 'male privilege' - which every male has, like it or not. This is ridiculous.

Ads In New Scientist

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: One last plug for the forthcoming Men’s Working Forum in Bath, 28-30 October 2016, including the first UK screening of The Red Pill. Apply immediately if interested. Details here.
The 1st October edition of New Scientist included, as usual, various job adverts or adverts for New Scientist itself. Where these ads included a picture of people I have reproduced these pictures below. All such pictures are included. I have left none out...

The Truth About Rape Culture

“Jews Control Swedish Media,” MP Quits

The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden.”

By Zionist Report: To clarify, this Swedish MP didn’t resign on her own will. In fact, she was forced to leave by the Zionist “Mattias Karlsson,” who has more influence on the Sweden Democrats than the leader Jimmie Åkesson. Mattias Karlsson has worked with the radical-left intelligence service financed by George Soros called ‘EXPO’ to locate Nationalistic people in the party — so they can be kicked out. In sum, the Sweden Democrats is a infiltrated useless party today that works in the interests of Israel.
To understand the extent of Jewish control of media and power in Sweden read the following article: The Chosen People” In The Swedish Media.
“‘Jews Control Swedish Media,’ MP Quits,”