20 Oct 2016

“5 Things Women Know That Men Don’t”

By : Passive-aggressive articles about men’s alleged ignorance are nothing new. You could even say they are a kind of tradition. Scott Barthelmes, founder of the Relevant Man and contributor to The Good Men Project is more than happy to carry on this tradition with his piece 5 Things Women Know that Men Don’t.

Before we get started let’s just say up front that there are exceptions to every rule. So, all of you haters just need to simmer down and know that these “5 Things Women Know That Men Don’t” are based on personal observances and experiences. But then, all of you women readers already knew that … didn’t you? See what I mean?
Scott, if this opener is any indication of your experience, there’s going to be a lot of things women know that you don’t—penis notwithstanding.

The Feminist Logical Pardox Personified: The Gigi Engle Story

By : So feminist Gigi Engle is upset. She is upset because her commentary about the Men's Rights Movement and the movie "The Red Pill", which took a compassionate approach to men's issues and the MRM, has drawn heavy fire from MRAs.

Her commentary, in a Medium article prior to seeing the film, and in a podcast with her boyfriend Mike Fishbein after seeing it, was, in my opinion, worthy of criticism. I'm guessing she got bombarded with negative messages in that malignant internet tumour known as Twitter (which in my opinion is good for little more than bullying and dog-piling). In response, she has written another blog post on Medium, decrying all the criticism.

In this post, I will endeavour to address what she says in her blog post in a calm, measured and non-angry way in the hope that she will read it and perhaps reflect on the reasons WHY she has come under fire, and maybe consider that some of the criticisms are justified.

So here goes. The article is reproduced here in its entirety (though without the embedded hyperlinks--you can visit her post if you want to click on those). 

What It’s Really Like To Be A Feminist On The Internet
I spoke out against Men’s Rights and their followers descended.
I spoke out about the MRA on my podcast and the flocks of angry men that this group attracts descended upon me like a plague.

A Shameless Petition For The State Pension Age For Women To Be Changed From 66 To 60

Via Kevin, J4MB: An utterly shameless petition launched 7 months ago. It’s attracted 318,000+ votes.
At the recent Tory party conference the loudest protest was by a group of women protesting against the equalisation of the state pension age, apparently totally the wrong sort of gender equality. I spoke to one of the (middle-aged) harpies, who defended the historically low state pension age for women (60) compared with the pension age for men (65). She said it had historically been lower for women so they could care for elderly parents. I asked her:

Do you agree men are more likely than women to be employed doing physically onerous work, so a relatively higher pension age is disproportionately unfair to men?
Should men’s lower life expectancy mean they should retire earlier than women?
Should women who didn’t look after elderly parents still have got the state pension at 60?
Should men who were looking after elderly parents have been able to get the state pension at 60?
She had no intelligent responses to any of these questions, and shrieked that I was a misogynist. Women are relentlessly privileged, yet ‘feel’ oppressed. It doesn’t say much for women as a class. My firm prediction is Theresa ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ May will cave into women’s demands for a longer period to introduce state pension age equalisation. Because heaven forbid any woman should ever suffer from gender equalisation.

One Year On, BBC Finally Forced To Acknowledge Suicide Of Victim Of False Rape Allegations

: Well, it took over a year, but we’re extremely pleased to announce that the BBC has finally backed down and reported on the case of Jay Cheshire, a story we’ve been demanding they report since October 2015. Jay was a 17 year old boy from Southampton who was falsely accused of rape. His accuser withdrew the allegation after two weeks, but the damage had already been done and Jay sadly took his own life.

Jay’s death was first reported in July 2015 in the local press and the case hit the national headlines in October 2015 once the full facts of the case emerged. The story was reported by every national paper bar the Guardian and it was quite astonishing that the BBC took the same stance as that paper and pretended the case didn’t exist. Its sexist bias became all the more extraordinary when the case was contrasted with the BBC’s wall to wall reporting of the suicide of Eleanor De Freias, an event that occurred at almost exactly the same time. De Freitas was of course not a victim of false rape allegation like Jay, but a false rape accuser, whose victim had to fight long and hard and spend vast sums of money to bring to justice. The BBC had seemingly endless sympathy for this criminal featuring the story on their main news page again and again, with headlines that didn’t reflect the truth in the slightest and that we at HEqual forced them to retract.

Updated Suicide Stats: APMS 2014

With the release of the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2014 comes a plethora of data and information.
By Jordan Holbrook: Fresh off the delivery van is the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS) 2014 and, even after many html-500 errors, broken URLs, links to the older website and the attempts by the NHS to move everything over to the new beta site (as well as a late/difficult to locate upload), we’ve now got a bounty of new information.
The APMS (or National Study of Health and Wellbeing, depending on whom you talk to) is a survey of mental health among adults living in private households in England and runs every seven years. There are several other forms however, I will specifically address the Private Household studies. It is commissioned by the Health and Social Care Information Centre and funded by the Department of Health.

Sheffield University ‘Safety Wardens’ Paid To Help Students Report Each Other For Rape

By Kieran Corcoran: Students at a British university are being paid to act as sexual assault look-outs on nights out, it has emerged.
Sheffield University students are employed to attend club nights where they can encourage students to make complaints against one another.
The so-called “safety stewards” are given training in advance to help them deal with harassment.
Though they are told not to “intervene” in any disputes, they are taught to refer potential victims to the authorities to help them complain.
The stewards play a part in an increasingly robust “zero tolerance policy” towards sex assaults at Sheffield.
Describing the system in an interview with Heat Street, Sheffield SU women’s officer Serena Cavasin said: “If they see one student is visibly upset, and they might have not seen what happened, they can say: 'We’ve got this zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment, so if you want to come with me and if you want to talk to security we can note down this has happened so we can take action.'”

"Good Anarchist / Bad Anarchist" On Immigration

Adam Williams and I (Larken Rose), along with our special guest, Hunter Thompson, have what may be the most rational, substantive, principled debate/discussion you will ever hear on the issue of "immigration" (a.k.a. people crossing the imaginary lines made up by ruling classes).

It’s ‘Unlikely’ Mike Buchanan Will Be Asked To Give Oral Evidence To The Health Committee Inquiry On Suicide Prevention. Please Help Us To Change That

Suicide has for many years been the leading cause of death of males between the ages of 15 and 49. The male:female suicide differential has more than doubled over the past 30 years, now standing at 3.5:1.
J4MB: It’s a topic we return to frequently, and covered in our 2015 general election manifesto (pp. 46-8).
The Health Committee of the House of Commons – it has a female chair, and most of the members are women – recently announced an inquiry on suicide prevention, and I submitted this. It explored 11 areas where the state’s actions and inactions are assaulting men’s and boys’ human rights – e.g. denying men access to their children after family breakdowns – and driving the relentlessly high male suicide rate.
There are a considerable number of individuals and organisations who’ve provided written submissions to the inquiry – link below – and focusing on mental health considerations. The committee will predictably favour these individuals and organizations over those (such as ourselves) which point out the state itself is the key driver of male suicide.