22 Oct 2016

‘Women Against Rape’ Advise Women To Lie About Having Been Raped

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: At 9pm tomorrow evening I shall be involved in a radio discussion with a woman representing the British organisation Women Against Rape, which was founded in 1976. The discussion will be in connection with the Ched Evans case, and whether it was appropriate for the court to allow evidence of the woman’s sexual history to be presented to the jury. I plan to publish a blog post at 8pm tomorrow informing followers of this blog what the show is, along with a phone number so they can contribute to the phone-in (21:15 – 21:30).
My preparations so far have included WAR’s 60-page-long Self-Help Guide for survivors of rape & sexual assault & their supporters. Turning to the section on ‘Consent, Drink & Drugs’, on p.31 we find this:
If you are sure you didn’t consent but are unable to remember clearly what happened before you went to sleep, make clear that, at the time when the man penetrated you, you were asleep or unconscious and unable to consent. [WAR’s emphasis] 
The first section, up to ‘went to sleep’, begs the question of how a woman can be sure she didn’t give consent to sex, when she cannot remember clearly what happened. Leaving that to one side, the remainder of the advice is shocking, and amounts to recommending to women that they pervert the course of justice, a criminal offence.

Rigged US Double Government

The 'double government' and the WikiLeaks revelations that exposed it to be true are among the topics for Max and Stacy. Max continues his interview with Dr. Michael Hudson about his new book, “J” is for Junk Economics, and about the US presidential candidates.

People STILL Haven't Figured Out Why Men Are Opting Out Of Work And Family...

Raging Golden Eagle: Hint: Just talk to some of these men, they will tell you. But the answer isn't what you want to hear and doesn't fit with your agenda, so I guess you won't do that... Well have no fear, I'll tell you whether you want to hear it or not! As usual, it has to do with cost/benefit.

Dakota Access Pipeline - Honest Government Advert

thejuicemedia: The US Government just released this advert about the Dakota Access Pipeline and it's surprisingly honest and informative.
1. Call North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200. When leaving a message stating your thoughts about this subject please be professional.
2. Sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/stop-construction…

UK Judge Orders Boy, Seven, To Live With Father After His Mother Raised Him As Her Daughter

Social workers let a mother raise her young son as a girl because they were in thrall to ‘transgender equality’.
By Josh White and James Tozer: The boy, who was made to wear a pink hairband, dresses and nail varnish, lived ‘entirely as a girl’.
He was registered as a girl with his doctor’s surgery and was referred to as ‘she’ in official documentation from the age of just four.
But despite the alarm being raised by officials and the boy’s father, council staff failed to intervene.
Details of the extraordinary case were revealed at the Family Court yesterday when a judge accused the boy’s social workers of naivety and professional arrogance.
The seven-year-old, who cannot be identified, has been removed from his mother’s care and is living with his father in the north of England.
He now regards himself as male and plays with toys such as Power Rangers. The judge, Mr Justice Hayden, said: ‘This is not a case about gender dysphoria, rather it is about a mother who has developed a belief structure which she has imposed upon her child.
‘I am bound to say that had the concerns [of school staff] been given the weight that they plainly should have, it is difficult to resist the conclusion the boy could have been spared a great deal of emotional harm.’

Rigged Elections Are An American Tradition

By Paul Craig Roberts: Do Americans have a memory? I sometimes wonder.
It is an obvious fact that the oligarchic One Percent have anointed Hillary, despite her myriad problems to be President of the US. There are reports that her staff are already moving into their White House offices. This much confidence before the vote does suggest that the skids have been greased.
The current cause celebre against Trump is his conditional statement that he might not accept the election results if they appear to have been rigged. The presstitutes immediately jumped on him for “discrediting American democracy” and for “breaking American tradition of accepting the people’s will.”
What nonsense! Stolen elections are the American tradition. Elections are stolen at every level—state, local, and federal. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley’s theft of the Chicago and, thereby, Illinois vote for John F. Kennedy is legendary. The Republican US Supreme Court’s theft of the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore by preventing the Florida vote recount is another legendary example. The discrepancies between exit polls and the vote count of the secretly programmed electronic voting machines that have no paper trails are also legendary.
So what’s the big deal about Trump’s suspicion of election rigging?

Super MHRA Janice Fiamengo Faces Trial Before A 'Social Justice' Tribunal - Interview

Janice Fiamengo attended mediation today with respect to an accusation by a former student of Human Rights Violation. Janice Fiamengo discusses the allegations of human rights violation made against her by a former student. ...But the video has now been removed for legal reasons, explained above.

“Secret Relationship” Book

Zionist Report: Farrakhan exposes a meeting with members of the tribe where they tried to bribe him into denouncing a book titled “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. The book was released in 1991 by the Nation of Islam and states how the Jews dominated and controlled the Atlantic slave trade.

False Accusations

The role of false accusations of domestic violence in denying access to children in divorce proceedings.