23 Oct 2016

KILL ME - I'm Not A Feminist

A response to a response.

6oodfella's Seen Some Shit

6oodfella: It's been a while since the last one, but there's been no lack of shit.

Israeli Secular Father Rescues Baby Boy Minutes Before Jewish Ritual Genital Mutilation

Arutz Sheva: A planned circumcision in the city of Bnei Brak descended into chaos on Tuesday when the father of the newborn boy snatched the baby up and bolted in an attempt to thwart his son from undergoing the traditional Jewish operation.
The father, a formerly religious man, is adamantly opposed to his son taking part in the Jewish rite of passage traditionally performed on the eighth day after birth.
The event included one of the haredi world’s leading rabbinic figures, Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, who was set to serve as “sandak” – the person who assists in the circumcision, considered a position of honor.
A number of families were participating in the joint event, and when the turn of the child in question came, his father suddenly appeared, grabbed him up, and fled.
While others present at the synagogue where the circumcisions were taking place attempted to convince him to recant on his opposition, the father remained adamant, and left with his son.

China Mocks America's "Declining Global Influence", Slams US Attempts To "Destabilizing Peace"

By Tyler Durden: While the US is pondering how to undo Duterte's dramatic reversal in policy, when last week he announced he would align himself with China while abandoning the Philippines' 60 year old alliance with Washington, Beijing is already thinking one step ahead, specifically as pertain to China's claims over the South China Sea, where the Philippines had been one of the biggest hurdles to Beijing's territorial claims: claims which after last week have taken a far back seat as Duterte seeks to rebuild from scratch the country's new regional policy.
Which explains why overnight, in an op-ed in the official Chinese mouthpiece The People's Daily, China asserted it would never allow the US to run amok in South China Sea waters, after a US Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS Decatur, sailed through the waters of the Xisha Islands on Friday without the Chinese approval.  
What the US did, driven by its hegemonic mentality, cannot increase its influence in Asia-Pacific region, the article said, adding that such acts to stir up enmity and make troubles will only result in the accelerated decline of its global influence.

Geoff Stone Speaks At The First Canadian National Conference On Men's Issues

Canadian Association for Equality: Humour, Truth, and Relational Aggression. Geoff Stone claims that truth and honesty is the first victim of relational aggression, but that our sense of humour can help us to reverse the damage and restore our collective grip on reality.

Trump Drains The Swamp In Final Debate

"She's got a gang of neo-con Jews that she's warming the nuclear pot for." Said Brother Nathanael.

The Way We Live

Bruce Beats presents "The Way We Live" Feat. Skinny Malone & 90BRO

The Anguish And Anger On Gaza’s Walls

Besieged Childhood,” a mural co-created by Belal Khaled, on a Gaza City tower. Abed Zagout 

By Sarah Algherbawi: Twenty meters high and 15 meters wide, the mural on a wall of a 12-floor building in Gaza City is unmissable.

The artwork, “Besieged Childhood,” has garnered renown for its creators. It depicts a child wearing a keffiyeh scarf, a melancholy expression on her face, her hands wrapped around two bars, like those of a prison cell.
Its location, on the Zafir 9 Tower in an upmarket area of Gaza City, is deliberate. During Israel’s 2014 assault, fighter jets destroyed one of Zafir 9’s sister towers, Zafir 4, in a bombing denounced as a war crime by Amnesty International.
No one was killed, though more than a dozen were injured and the homes of more than 40 families were destroyed. More than 200 residents were left homeless in what Amnesty described as an operation with “no military justification.”
“Besieged Childhood,” painted in 2015, references this wanton destruction, said one of its four creators, Belal Khaled, 25.