24 Oct 2016

Achilles In Women’s Clothing: Tzetzes’s Allegorical Interpretation

: “For the most powerful and most Homeric queen” — so John Tzetzes in twelfth-century Byzantium dedicated a work to “Lady Irene of the Germans.” The description “most powerful and most Homeric” suggests enormous, terrible violence against men. Yet in Greek, which was the language of Byzantine intellectuals, Irene means “peace.” Tzetzes re-interpreted Homer to present strong, independent women rejecting the gender structure of violence against men and insisting that men’s lives matter.
Homer’s Iliad is commonly read with the understanding that men’s lives don’t matter. The Iliad describes horrendous violence against men:

Screams of men and cries of triumph breaking in one breath,
fighters killing, fighters killed, and the ground streamed blood.

the savage work went on, Achaeans and Trojans
mauling each other there like wolves, leaping,
hurtling into each other, man throttling man.

That day ranks of Trojans, ranks of Achaean fighters
sprawled there side-by-side, facedown in the dust. [1]

40 Feminist Female Labour MPs Demand Ban On Using Sexual History In Rape Cases Following Ched Evans Acquittal

Via Francis, J4MB: The story extracts:

Led by former interim Labour leader Harriet Harman and prominent feminist campaigner [left] Jess Phillips, the MPs write:
‘The verdict and events in this case sets a dangerous precedent that how a victim of rape, usually a woman, has behaved in the past can be taken as evidence of the way she behaved at the time of the alleged rape.
‘This will deter victims from disclosing their abuse and will reduce the number of victims presenting their cases to the police for fear of having their private lives investigated and scrutinised.’…
In April Mr Evans had his rape conviction quashed after his lawyers won a High Court appeal allowing fresh evidence of his accuser’s sexual history to be used as evidence.
The defence argued that accounts they from two men who said they had similar encounters with the woman around the time of the rape allegation proved that Mr Evans was right in saying the sex was consensual.
It was a rare example [my emphasis] of the alleged victim’s sexual past being allowed to be aired in court.

David Shackleton Lecture, Ottawa

StudioBrule: Lecture by David Shackleton at the National Conference on Men's Issues in Ottawa, Canada, September 17, 2016.

Mabonagrain Enthralled: Joie De La Cort Shows Folly Of Courtly Love

Joy, the love of the knight Mabonagrain from the time of his childhood, asked him to promise to give her a gift. She didn’t specify the gift. In modern Ovidian love literature, that’s called a “shit test.” Present-day teachers of love advise a response such as picking up a pebble, giving it to your girlfriend, and saying, “Here, a gift just for you.”
Mabonagrain lacked Ovidian love learning. Mired in ignorance like many men today, Mabonagrain disastrously failed his girlfriend Joy’s shit test:

Who could deny his love
a gift? No courteous lover
Could refuse her any pleasure:
He’s obliged to oblige her, without
Hesitation, as best as he can.
So I said I would, of course,
But she said she also wanted
My solemn oath. So I swore it
And offered anything else
She might like, but my oath was enough.
I’d promised, but didn’t know what [1]
Joy then declared the gift to be that he would not leave the garden in which she and he lived until a knight came and defeated him in battle.

Why Rape Accusations Are So Easy

johntheother: Why are women so quick to throw false accusations of rape? Are they actually evil? Or do women simply think rape accusations are no big deal?

Homer Effaced Palamedes To Heroize Word-Twisting Odysseus

: In the ancient Greek epic cycle, Palamedes was a culture hero. He invented writing and counting, systems of signalling across land and sea, important aspects of military organization, and leisure-time board games. A scholar observed:

The tradition of his {Palamedes’s} innocence and high-mindedness, combined with his inventive cleverness, made him a favourite character with {ancient Athenian} dramatists and rhetoricians of democratic or progressive sympathies [1]
Homer, however, excluded Palamedes from the Iliad and heroized the word-twisting Odysseus in the Odyssey. In literary history, the most vigorous response to Homer’s treatment of Palamedes came from the marginalized, twelfth-century Byzantine scholar John Tzetzes. Tzetzes work is vital for recovering the figure of Palamedes and broadening critical understanding of Homer and social justice.

You Should Be A Feminist Because Statistics This Guy Made Up

You should be a feminist because statistics this guy made up.

Slime Cover + H Bomb - William Banzai7

Feminist Dating Simulator 2016 - MGTOW

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: This simulator has been scientifically put together to recreate the authentic experience of dating a feminist.