26 Oct 2016

Feminist Cunts Shut Down Documentary In The Name Of Free Speech

Bearing with Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Doctor Randomercam, Doge and more. - A group of feminists lead by anon "Susan Smith" created a petition on change.org to get the Melbourne showing of "the red pill" shut down due to "extreme soggy-knees." They managed to get the Palace Cinema to yank the showing after they hit ~2400 signatures. Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker and the chaps at Men's Rights Melbourne have written a newsletter and created a petition to reinstate the film. Other parties have also created petitions.

Behind The Song - LOWKEY

GlobalFaction series featuring Artists offering an insight into the motives, feelings and inspiration behind their songs.

BOHICA + Ban The NeoCon + The Fly - WB7

What Makes Jewish Israeli Apartheid “Special”?

By Rod Such: Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid, a collection of essays edited by historian Ilan Pappe, takes for granted the validity of the assertion that Israel is an apartheid state.
Instead, what this book explores are the similarities and dissimilarities between Israel today and South Africa during its apartheid era.
Pappe claims that understanding the historical roots of these commonalities and differences is essential to realizing why Israeli apartheid is of “a special type” and has been more difficult to overcome.
Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid, edited by Ilan Pappe, Zed Books (2015)
While the book opens with essays that provide overwhelming evidence of the apartheid nature of the Israeli state, it concludes with several essays suggesting why new perspectives are needed to defeat this special type of apartheid. 
The overlap and differences between Israeli and South African apartheid became apparent in a single year, 1948. That year the white minority South African government proclaimed apartheid (Afrikaans for “apart” or “separate”) to be official state policy, establishing laws that rigidly separated whites from the Black majority while claiming 87 percent of the land for whites.
The same year a minority settler-colonial population officially proclaimed the establishment of a Jewish state. Israel’s foundation involved the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians, with the explicit aim of establishing an overwhelming Jewish majority – on more than three-quarters of the land – while rigidly separating itself from the newly created Palestinian Arab minority.

Naked At Gender Gap: The WEF Report - MGTOW

"Could it be that the real problem is feminist statistics?" Said The Backlash!

Another Promising Male Contraceptive On The Way

Raging Golden Eagle: If this works out, we will have our own pill that kicks in fast and lasts a few days. Say goodbye to the baby trap gentlemen!

Does The Russian Government Have A Reality Disconnect?

By Paul Craig Roberts: During the decades-long Cold War the belief in America was that the Soviet Union had an ideology of world domination. Every nationalist movement, such as Vietnam’s effort to throw off French colonialism, was misinterpreted as another domino falling to Soviet world conquest. This mistaken American belief persisted despite Stalin’s purge of the Trotsky elements that preached world revolution. Stalin declared: “socialism in one country.”
As the Soviets did not have the aim that the US attributed to them, the two governments could cooperate in reducing the dangerous tensions that nuclear weapons presented.
The rise of the American neoconservatives and their doctrine of US world hegemony has given the United States the expansionist ideology formerly attributed to the Soviets. Only this time the expansionist ideology is real. Yet, Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov, said today that “we [the US and Russia] have no ideological differences which make the Cold War inevitable.” https://sputniknews.com/politics/201610251046697689-lavrov-russia-cold-war/
The inability of the Russian government to understand that the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony is the driving force of US foreign policy leaves Lavrov puzzled at the high level of hostility toward Russia. As Lavrov believes that there are no ideological differences between the two countries, he doesn’t understand the hostility. However, he does understand that this hostility toward Russia is a negation of Cold War rules that both countries avoid surprising the other with what could be perceived as a dangerous threat.

Will ICC See Through JSIL's [Jewish State of Israel in the Levant] Sham Justice?

By Charlotte Silver: For decades, Israel’s crimes against Palestinians living under its military occupation were subject to little more oversight than that of public opinion. This may soon change, and Israel is putting on a show of applying the law in order to evade accountability.
Nearly two years ago, the Palestinian Authority, with non-member state status at the United Nations, ratified the Rome Statute, giving it access to the International Criminal Court.
With war crimes files now formally submitted, for the first time Israel may be held accountable outside its own courts, thus posing a test of the ICC’s mandate “to combat impunity and prevent the recurrence of violence.”

Information That Could Change The Course Of The US Election

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones.