27 Oct 2016

"She Hits Me" - The Ignored Side Of Domestic Violence

Why I'm Not A Feminist

Why I'm Not A Feminist.

Don’t Let Censorship Win! The Red Pill Movie Will Be Shown In Melbourne!

By : As many will know by now Palace Cinemas cancelled the Australian premiere of The Red Pill only 11 days before the screening date. The organisers have found a new venue but they need our help. The new venue is bigger and security is being arranged. Please consider donating. Donations over A$35 include a ticket to the event.

MHRA MP Philip Davies Asks What Plans There Are To Commemorate International Men’s Day

By Mike Buchanan: Ally Fogg, a feminist commentator on gender matters, published a piece on this matter today. He makes a few good points – that makes a change – but then descends into predictable feminist ideology. The second sentence:

Philip Davies (yes, him again, I know) [My emphasis. Fogg is sneering at one of only two MPs among 650 – both Conservatives – who ever speak up for the human rights of men and boys. The other is Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln)] placed a question to the Women and Equalities ministerial team, asking how the government planned to mark International Men’s Day this year.
For sheer idiocy, this takes some beating:

Here’s the thing about men. As a gender (relatively speaking and globally) we have a lot of power. We have a lot of platforms. We often have loud voices. But as every mental health professional will tell you, as every doctor will tell you, as more than a few wives and girlfriends will tell you, one thing men tend to be absolutely terrible at is speaking about our own problems, admitting to our own vulnerabilities, confessing our own weaknesses. This is true of men as individuals and it is equally true of men as a gender.

The Launch Of AVFM Finland - The Voice Of Europe

Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be joined by Lauri Mertaranta, the head of the newly-launched AVFM Finland. - In this show, we will talk about the particular issues faced by men and boys in Finland, the unique political challenges for the non-feminist message in this country and the direction which AVFM Finland will have.

Mike Buchanan Interviews 'Moby', Network4Men

Mike Buchanan, J4MB: We’re enthusiastic supporters of Network4Men, but play no role in the organization. I was pleased recently to be contacted by ‘Moby’, the ‘figurehead’ of the organization, offering an interview in London.

Tokyo Condo Market Ponzi And Observations On US Elections

Max and Stacy discuss howls at the moon as the Bank of Japan attempts to taper the Tokyo condo market ponzi. They also discuss the newly announced interventions by the UK government in the nation’s deflating property pyramid. In the second half, Max interviews journalist and comedy writer Charlie Skelton about his observations on the US elections. He concludes that Hillary is the face in the machine of the Matrix and that the craziness is the system.

Don't Diss The Dark Ages

By Charles Hugh-Smith: Much was lost when the Western Roman Empire collapsed, but islands of literacy, learning and security arose despite the constant conflicts and threats of invasion.

Once dissed as The Dark Ages, the Medieval Era is more properly viewed as a successful adaptation to the challenges of the post-Western Roman Empire era. The decline of the Western Roman Empire was the result of a constellation of challenges, including (but not limited to) massive new incursions of powerful Germanic tribes, a widening chasm between the Western and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), plague, an onerous tax burden on the non-elite classes, weak leadership, the dominance of a self-serving elite (sound familiar?) and last but not least, the expansion of an unproductive rabble in Rome that had to be bribed with increasingly costly Bread and Circuses.
In effect, The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire ran out of time and money. The Grand Strategy, successful for hundreds of years, relied heavily on persuading "barbarian" tribes to join the Roman system for the commercial and security benefits. This process of integration worked because it was backed by the threat of destruction by military force.

"The Greater Israel Plan" Called Out & Ignored