1 Nov 2016

Frank Zappa On American Democracy...

Shithouse Of Horrors 3

DoctorRandomercam: Be afraid. Be very afraid. And then be angry. Very angry. And then calm yourself down with a hot shower and some pumpkin tea. It'll all be okay.

Cassie Jaye Interview Preview + Milo Endorses 'The Red Pill' Movie In Los Angeles

StudioBrule: This is a preview clip of an interview with Cassie Jaye, director of The Red Pill, at the Los Angeles Premiere of her film.

Cathy Young Screws The Pooch - Again

"An ear for men, where populism comes to die a slow horrible death. ...I don't care fuck all for popularity or for being palatable to the main stream." Said Paul Elam.

Feminist Supports The Ban Of Men's Rights Documentary Screening

casualmeat: Studio 10 discusses Palace Cinema's decision to axe the screening of the documentary, "The Red Pill" to have its Melbourne premiere on November 6th. - The organisers of the screening have since been able to find another venue to show the film. The location has to be kept a secret and they have also had to hire security for the day. - Triggered feminist speaks up at 2:22

MGTOW - Women Are Only For Recreation

MGTOW HYBRiD discusses the the true value of women.

"The Red Pill" Move Tickets - London, England

Richard Elliott: The theme of this year’s International Men’s Day on Saturday 19th November is to help more people consider what action we can all take to address issues that affect men and boys.
For a glimpse into the world of men’s issues through the eyes of a feminist documentary maker, and to encourage an increased understanding of and compassion for men and boys, you are invited to take The Red Pill. Vaunted as “the movie about men that feminists didn’t want you to see”, Cassie Jaye delves into the world of men’s rights activism and find things aren’t quite as black and white as her kitchen.

The film chronicles Cassie’s journey exploring an alternative perspective on gender equality, power and privilege. She discovers a new way to look at power and gender in which men are seen as expendable and they and their children are suffering as a result – and it’s time we listened to them.