2 Nov 2016

Bono Makes J4MB's Twat Of The Year List

Bono named on Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year list
By Mike Buchanan: Just when we were all starting to think there couldn’t be any more reasons to loathe Bono, here’s another. The start of the short BBC piece:

Glamour magazine said he was the first man to be included on the list because of his campaigning for women’s rights.
Bono said he was “sure he didn’t deserve it” but the battle for gender equality couldn’t be won “unless men lead it along with women”.
He’ll be going on our Twat of the Year list.

What A Hillary Presidency Would Bring

"What Obama started will be ramped up by Clinton. ...She's not called Killary for nothing." Said Brother Nathanael.

Eliminating The UK Gender Pay Gap

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Legislation will be introduced in 2018, forcing British companies with 250+ employees to publish their ‘gender pay gap’, with a view to eventual elimination. You have to compare the median pay of all f/t male employees with that of all f/t female employees to arrive at the sort of ‘gap’ campaigners witter on about, 17-20%.
The causes of the ‘gap’ have been well understood for decades, and have nothing to do with companies paying women less than men for the same work (which would be illegal). Key points:

    • there’s a small gender pay gap in favour of females in their 20s, almost no gap in their 30s. Only in the 40s onwards does a gap in favour of males appear, as women focus less on their careers for a variey of reasons including childcare.
    • men are more work-focused than women. Dr Catherine Hakim’s report on Preference Theory (2000) tells us that four in seven British men are work-focused, only one in seven British women.
    • from the moment they leave f/t education, women are more likely than men not to engage in paid employment, or to work only p/t.
    • men are more likely to do the dangerous unpleasant jobs which employers struggle to fill.

North Carolina, The Battlefield State

Max and Stacy discuss the significance of battleground state, North Carolina. Max chats to four time former mayor of Pittsboro, NC about Obamacare, Bernie’s role in a Hillary Clinton administration and more. In the second half Max interviews author and journalist, Tim Shorrock, about the ‘Asia Pivot’ and Hillary’s North Korea policy.

Funding Warning For UK Sports Governing Bodies Under New Gender Diversity Code And Why Aren’t 50% Of Lorry Drivers Female?

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: More government bullying to privilege women unworthy of senior positions on the grounds of merit. An extract:

Sporting governing bodies must bring in more women or lose public funding, UK Sport and Sport England have warned.
Under the new ‘Code for Sports Governance’, organisations must adhere to “gold standards” of transparency, accountability and financial integrity.
The code sets out a target of at least 30% gender diversity on boards.


Blackk Chronical prod. by Architech off “The Unapologetic Autopsy of Crime” EP

Tickets For The First London Screening Of ‘The Red Pill’ Already Sold Out

Good news. The film is really capturing imaginations, and the feedback we’ve had from Paul Elam and others – some of whom saw it in Bath two days ago – has been very positive, with one or two minor reservations. We look forward to the film being shown around the UK and Ireland, in ever bigger cinemas. M.B.

Trump Whistles His Dogs

By Gilad Atzmon: In her recent Washington Post Article, Jewish academic Cheryl Greenberg makes one valid observation. Trump’s criticism of the Jews is far more subtle than his disapproval of other groups and identities (Mexicans, Muslims, Women etc).  Though Trump is not known for pulling his punches, when it comes to the Jews, Trump chooses his words very carefully. Trump, according to Greenberg, is so careful “that it’s not clear that Trump himself fully understands the implications of what he’s saying.” I guess that the Jewish academic couldn’t restrain herself from looking down at the Goy candidate.
Greenberg sees Trump as a puppet-master who controls his audience by means of ‘dog whistling’.  “Trump’s references to money, bankers and international conspiracies appear to be deliberate anti-Semitic dog whistles, and his alt-right supporters recognize (and celebrate) that.”
Greenberg elaborates on her observation, “first of all, dog whistles serve when overt expressions are not an option; they communicate to those who are familiar with the conspiracy theories but maintain plausible deniability.” According to Greenberg, when Trump wants to communicate a message about the Jews, he uses an indecipherable code intelligible only to half of the Americans... Greenberg and the ADL.
If Greenberg is correct, if Trump says ‘international Bankers’ but really means Jews, then both the Republican candidate and half of the American people are fearful of the Jews. They must very well understand what a confrontation with Jewish institutions may entail. They know that, in America, criticism of Mexicans, Women, and Muslims is a kosher territory but even a subtle criticism of Jews may cost them dearly.