4 Nov 2016

Is Australia The Worst Place On Earth To Be Male?

By Martin Daubney: Back in the early 1990s, when I lived in Sydney for two joyous years, Australia was so fabulously unreconstructed that it was widely joked the average Aussie man’s idea of foreplay was farting under the duvet.
In those halcyon days, retrograde alpha males like Crocodile Dundee were the men who men wanted to be, and women wanted to bed.
In many ways, lots of Australia is still living in that past. Huge and sparsely populated, it has large mining, farming and construction industries, and gay marriage is still illegal.
To most folk in the world, Australia is like an appendix or perhaps even a haemorrhoid. It’s down there somewhere, and you don’t usually pay it much attention, until it flares up. At which point, you simply cannot think of anything else.
That time is now.
Worse even than Justin Trudeau’s Canada, Australia – or, more specifically, its politically correct centre, Victoria – has become the world’s most troublesome SJW superstate.
Just last week, “feminist outrage” saw a movie about the men’s rights movement, called The Red Pill, banned from state capital Melbourne.

Illusions Of Grandeur

"Illusions Of Grandeur" This E.P comes from having the confidence to picture myself achieving great things in my career but still having an everyday battle with your inner demons trying to throw me off course. I had to get through this time and as an artist; you always question yourself "You've just gotta believe in what you are doing." Synikall.

Glen Poole: Philip Davies’s Men’s Rights Victory Turned Me Into A Blubbering Wreck

By Mike Buchanan: Glen Poole gets in touch with his feminine side with this piece in, appropriately, the Telegraph. In common with Ally Fogg, a Guardian writer, Poole claims to be a non-feminist. In common with Fogg, his writings couldn’t make it clearer he’s a feminist. The swipes at Philip Davies MP, one of only two MPs in the House of Commons advocating for the human rights of men and boys – the other is Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln) – start early:

… it was the words of Philip Davies, known affectionately by colleagues as a sexist troglodyte, [my emphasis] that made me weep.
A paragraph in which Poole ridiculously claims an equivalence between Philip Davies’s dignified request for a parliamentary debate on the last International Men’s Day, with Jess Phillips’s response to it:

Men Need Not Apply

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa rejects the feminist assertion that men are privileged in our culture.

Black November

The Balfour Declaration 99 years ago marked the beginning of a settler colonial project of tragic proportions.
By Ilan Pappe: November is a painful month in the Palestinian calendar. It is dotted with commemorative days that have one theme in common: the partitioning of Palestine.
Today is the 99th anniversary of the Balfour declaration. Although it did not offer partition, it sowed the seeds for it, which eventually allowed the Zionist movement to take over Palestine.
On November 15, we commemorate the Palestinian Declaration of Independence (issued by the Palestinian National Council (PNC)), which was a reluctant national Palestinian consent to partition, notwithstanding the injustice and criminality involved in such an act.
At the end of the month, on the 29th, we commemorate the UN General Assembly Resolution 181, which recommended in 1947 the partition of Palestine into two states.

‘Chattel’ On Corporate Balance Sheets

Max and Stacy discuss the 3/5ths compromise as people become chattelon corporate balance sheets. In the second half, Max continues his interview with author and journalist Tim Shorrock about the ‘Asia Pivot’ and the truth about North Korea.

America And Lackeys Insult People Of The World

By Finian Cunningham: And it’s not just Russia that Washington is insulting – it's the entire world. Such is the preposterous hypocrisy of US leaders and their international network of cronies.

US client regime Saudi Arabia – the world's most repressive – being given a seat on the UN human rights council over the weekend while Russia was forced out of it is just one glaring insult among many.
Russia’s top diplomat was referring to US officials and Western allies accusing Russia of “barbarism” and “war crimes” in its ongoing military intervention in Syria.
Yet these unverified, hysterical charges that Washington levels against Moscow in Syria are proven against the US and its allies who have committed huge war crimes in dozens of countries over recent years. Crimes that go unaccounted for.
Lavrov cited the case of former Yugoslavia in particular where, in 1999, US-led NATO warplanes killed thousands of civilians in air strikes on public infrastructure. Since then, illegal overseas wars launched by Washington – in brazen violation of international law – have proliferated with a death toll counted in millions.
Currently, US forces are bombing seven countries, including Iraq, Syria and Yemen, inflicting civilian deaths on a daily basis.

10 Myths Busted About The Ched Evans Case

Footballer Ched Evans was today acquitted after a retrial of one count of rape. The jury at Cardiff Crown Court returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty, Mr Evans’ solicitor read out a statement on his client’s behalf to the gawping media on the court steps in the time-honoured fashion and, within seconds, social media duly exploded with more speculation, myths, distortions and unjustified fury than one might suppose 140 characters could contain.
The facts, as reported, can be briefly summarised: Ched Evans was originally tried with a co-defendant, and fellow footballer, Clayton McDonald, in April 2012. On 29 May 2011, Evans and McDonald had sex with the complainant, X, in a hotel room. McDonald had met X on a night out, taken her back to the hotel room, and had alerted Evans that he had “got a girl”. Evans duly arrived, made his way to the room and, seeing McDonald and X having intercourse, joined in. X woke up the following morning, professing to have no memory at what had taken place. Both men admitted that they had had sex with X, and were charged with rape, on the basis that X was too drunk to consent, and that neither man reasonably believed that she was consenting. Both men asserted that they reasonably believed that the complainant was an enthusiastic and consenting party.

Vagina Monologues Box Hillary In

Let’s not beat about the bush...
By Ken MacIntosh: Nadya Tolokonnikova, the lead singer of Russian punk band/feminist-art-collective, Pussy Riot, commented last week on the fast approaching US presidential election. “Vagina is bigger than Trump”, she announced. Crucially, Tolokonnikova did not specify human vagina. A blue whale’s vagina is considerably bigger than Trump. Coming in at over two metres long, it could comfortably receive the entirety of Donald Trump as an insertion. As such, Tolokonnikova’s statement cannot be dismissed out of hand. If a blue whale’s vagina were dropped upon Trump from off the top of a small chateau, it would crush him, ending his presidential bid.
It could, however, be possible that Tolokonnikova was not referring to one huge vagina, but, rather, to the cumulative tonnage of all the vaginas in the world. By this definition, vagina is most definitely bigger than Trump. Even if we only consider goats, Trump comes a poor second – there are approximately 860 million goats in the world.