5 Nov 2016

Can The Oligarchy Still Steal The Presidential Election?

By Paul Craig Roberts: The election was set up to be stolen from Trump. That was the purpose of the polls rigged by overweighting Hillary supporters in the samples. After weeks of hearing poll results that Hillary was in the lead, the public would discount a theft claim. Electronic voting makes elections easy to steal, and I have posted explanations by election fraud experts of how it is done.
Clearly the Oligarchy does not want Donald Trump in the White House as they are unsure that they could control him, and Hillary is their agent.
With the reopening of the FBI investigation of Hillary and related scandals exploding all around her, election theft is not only more risky but also less likely to serve the Oligarchy’s own interests.
Image as well as money is part of Oligarchic power. The image of America takes a big hit if the American people elect a president who is currently under felony investigation.
Moreover, a President Hillary would be under investigation for years. With so much spotlight on her, she would not be able to serve the Oligarchy’s interests.

Western “Culture” Is Wrecking Entire Continents

By Andre Vltchek: You say “European cultural institutions”, and what should come immediately to mind are lavish concerts, avant-garde art exhibitions, high quality language courses and benevolent scholarships for talented cash-strapped local students.
It is all so noble, so civilized!
Or, is it really? Think twice!
I wrote my short novel, “Aurora”, after studying the activities of various Western ‘cultural institutions’, in virtually all the continents of the Planet. I encountered their heads; I interacted with the ‘beneficiaries’ of various funding schemes, and I managed to get ‘behind the scenes’.

What I discovered was shocking: these shiny ‘temples of culture’ in the middle of so many devastated and miserable cities worldwide (devastated by the Western imperialism and by its closest allies – the shameless local elites), are actually extremely closely linked to Western intelligence organizations. They are directly involved in the neo-colonialist project, which is implemented virtually on all continents of the world, by North America, Europe and Japan.
Cultureis used to re-educate and to indoctrinate mainly the children of the local elites. Funding and grants are put to work where threats and killing were applied before.

The Politics Of Rage

Max and Stacy discuss ‘the politics of rage.’ In the second half, Max interviews author, Charles Hugh Smith, about the ungovernable economy and population in America.

Julian Assange Says Trump Won't Be Allowed To Win, "Clinton And ISIS Are Funded By The Same Money"

By Tyler Durden: One day after Julian Assange officially revealed for the first time that the source of hacked Podesta and DNC emails in Wikileaks' possession is not Russia, in the second excerpt from the John Pilger Special, to be broadcast by RT on Saturday Julian Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of misleading Americans about the true scope of Islamic State’s support from Washington’s Middle East allies.
As previously reported, in an August 17, 2014 email made public WikiLeaks last month, Hillary Clinton, who had served as secretary of state until the year before, urges John Podesta, then an advisor to Barack Obama, to “bring pressure” on Qatar and Saudi Arabia, “which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIS and other radical Sunni groups.”
"I think this is the most significant email in the whole collection,” Assange, whose whistleblowing site released three tranches of Clinton-related emails over the past year, told Pilger in the interview. “All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIS and funding ISIS, but the dodge has always been that it is some “rogue” princes using their oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

Hot For Teacher + Pay To Play - William Banzai7

6oodfella Wouldn't Trust @snopes As Far As He Could Throw Them

6oodfella: We need a reliable alternative to Snopes, one that has no ideology, no bias, and no feelings, just pure facts.

Men Are Wimps

Shoe0nHead: haha silly men can’t handle acne, mood swings and being permanently sterile.

Time To Honour Erin Pizzey, In The New Year’s Honours List

 Please join me in signing this petition.

Uncle Sam Votes "None Of The Above" The FKN Newz

The Hugh Mungus Emotional Trauma Of Zarna Joshi + TED - Ideas Worth Silencing + Feminism Brainwashing 'Queer Kids' With Misinformation

That crazy broad that accused our buddy Hugh Mungus of sexual assault has hit back .. Zana Joshi has released a four part video series about the horrible incident and her torment and oppression ever since.