6 Nov 2016

Japan And Russia Might End World War 2 Soon

Broc West joins Corbett for an ongoing look at news from across the Asia-Pacific. This time they cover: how countries across the Asia-Pacific are inching out from under the American umbrella; how the Japanese and the Russians may (or may not) be on the verge of formally concluding a WWII peace treaty; and Australia and Indonesia's potential joint exercises in the South China Sea.

Signs You Might Be MGTOW/RED PILL (And Don't Know It)

Terrence Popp: There's a lot of dudes out there who have been raked through the burning hot coals of the system. Some of them might have already taken the red pill and not even know it.

Mary Kellett Claims Absolute Immunity For Prosecutors

By : The story of Vladek Filler continues (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/16). It is the story of how one man stood up to the combined forces of his local police department and district attorney’s office and won. And won. And won again. With any luck, it will be, in the end, the story of how one man’s dogged determination to prove his innocence and a prosecutor’s guilt not only resulted in his compensation for the many harms inflicted on him, but made new law to prevent other prosecutors from doing what Mary Kellett so flagrantly and wrongfully did.
All the way back in 2008, Filler’s wife decided to use local law enforcement agencies to help her gain child custody from him. She did that due to her well-founded belief that her own behavior had been so questionable, so abusive and arguably so unhinged, that she might lose custody of their children to him. So she cried ‘rape’ to the police and, despite plentiful evidence of Filler’s innocence and his wife’s mendacity, ADA Mary Kellett plunged ahead with charges and a trial.She did so in part because she had a long record of taking to trial any and all allegations of sexual assault regardless of how true or false.

Institutionalized ABR - The Voice Of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff going through the news of the latest insanities on the Old Continent. - ABR stands for Always Be Recording. The male employees in Norwegian kindergartens are requiring complete video surveillance at the workplace in order to stay clear of the looming threat of false allegations of child molestation - a threat wildly exacerbated by the general(ized) misandrist climate of the workplace, no doubt. In any event, news are moderately good this week as the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, endorses the upcoming International Men's Day - and in so doing becoming the first British PM to do so since the founding of the event.

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt Scare In Reno?

Luke Rudkowski covers the news of what many people are saying was an assassination attempt on Donald Trump today during his rally in Reno. The story is still developing.

The Red Pill Berkeley Q&A - Pure Gold!

By This is really good. J. Steven Svoboda (from NCFM and arclaw.org), Warren Farrell, and director Cassie Jaye discuss “The Red Pill” and take questions. - Svoboda talks about his intactivist contribution to the movie, and Farrell finally has his moment in the sun after being buried by the feminist media for decades. - Farrell defends AVFM’s tactics by relating a conversation with Paul Elam wherein he admitted that after years of brilliant writing and research, nobody listened. - Cassie talks about her struggles to finish the movie and how it has changed her personally and politically.

The Dance Of The Rebels - Sang Mêlé

Perseus999: Militant antifascist hip hop from France from Sang Mêlé Collective (Batras / Cutter).
Paroles: "J'entame une valse avec le bitume, par coutume pas habitude
Révolté par le réel, par les pensées, les attitudes
Enclin à la lassitude, j'ai préféré le combat
Faut s'répéter, se révéler et référer les coups bas
Faut s'réveiller avant qu'la seule issue soit sous les décombres
Les corps jonchant le sol viendront annoncer le décompte

The Free Market v Gynocentrism. CS MGTOW's Response To That Guy T

Katherine Ryan At The Comedy Store (August 2016)

Harvard Feminists Suspend Men’s Soccer For Rest Of Season

Harvard University has suspended the men's soccer team for the rest of the season over sex rating.