7 Nov 2016

Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes

Is election theft possible in the United States? And might the suspects live closer to home than the Kremlin? Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of numerous books and articles on computerized election fraud, explores the very real possibilities.

Protestants Get Ready To Grovel To The Jews

By Gilad Atzmon: This week we learned that Jewish institutions insist upon the Protestant Church apologising for its founder’s views of the Jews. The Jewish Algemeiner writes that “the 500th anniversary of the Reformation would be the ‘perfect time’ for Protestant leaders to recognise and apologise for the ‘horrific antisemitism’ of their movement’s founder, Martin Luther.”
The truth of the matter is that Martin Luther didn’t know about Zionism, Israeli criminality, Alan Dershowitz, Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Epstein, or Sir Philip Green but he still had a serious problem with the Jews.  Back in 1543 he wrote On The Jews and their Lies, a book notorious for its opposition to Jews and their religion.  
Rabbi Abraham Cooper — associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre - wants the protestants to disown the founding father of their church or at least to “directly address the issue (of antisemitism) in the overall context of what they’re celebrating in terms of this anniversary,”
David Michaels of B’nai B’rith insists that the Church reject some of its founder’s teachings. “This reality requires committed Lutherans and other Christians to ensure that there is fitting recognition and rejection of Luther’s hateful beliefs about Jews, wherever these persist.”
The Protestant world is clearly being subjected to an institutionalized assault Judaism. But there is one thing the Jewish Algemeiner fails to do. It fails to brief us about Luther’s argument against the Jews. The truth of the matter is that Luther’s animus towards Jewry wasn’t at all racially driven.

Joseph Against Potiphar’s Wife In Kontakia Of Romanos The Melodist

: Early in the sixth century in the Byzantine capital Constantinople, Romanos the Melodist wrote two kontakia about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. Romanos forthrightly recognized that Potiphar’s wife attempted to rape Joseph. He also denounced her falsely accusing him of rape. Yet Romanos interpreted these crimes only in relation to Joseph’s virtue. He ignored how allegations of rape buttress tyranny.
Romanos partially attributed Potiphar’s wife’s sexual assault on Joseph to the traditional Roman god Cupid and the Judeo-Christian figure of the Devil. In ancient Greek culture, spirits entering the eye and Cupid’s arrows were causes for intense sexual passion. Potiphar’s wife apparently experienced both:

the queen entertained passionate feelings
For the lovely beauty of the young, virtuous Joseph.
As she looked at the young man with unchastened eyes,
She was wounded in spirit by his invisible glances.

I Don't Care About A Lot Of Women

Feminism LOL: I do not stand with liars and frauds, I will expose them regardless of their gender.

John Tzetzes: Byzantine Classicist Of Classicists

I want to be a tanner, a stone-cutter,
or follow any other craftsman’s art.
Even a cobbler too, an ignorant inn-keeper
who still can’t say a single syllable,
but when he speaks he pours out buckets of spit,
a disgraceful, utterly brainless clod,
who makes his progress down the middle of the street
furnished with a royal escort,
vomiting up a lot of arrogant talk,
while a reverend soul, well-bred in discourses
goes about homeless, poor, wretched.
I see the deranged in the Senate,
the brilliant dishonored, the dull piled high with honors:
For it’s gold now that talks, everyone admires it. [1]

The twelfth-century Byzantine classicist John Tzetzes was “a man soaked in Homer, a man revelling in Homer.” Study of ancient Greek texts and even composing poetry in Attic Greek were highly respected in twelfth-century Byzantium.[2] Yet like many classicists throughout history, Tzetzes struggled to avoid poverty.

Smugglypuff's Wonderful LGBT Adventures!

Smugglypuff, aka "Dinsee Nuffin" (real name: TheoValerie Williamson), is a gender-confused, fugly, androgynous, social justice creampuff who inadvertently turned themselves into a meme by blatantly lying to the police on camera, and subsequently got herself arrested by throwing a man-child sized tranny-tantrum that resulted in destroying a random person's phone simply because they happened to be standing around doing nothing in particular at all.

Adam’s Mistake In Kontakion Of Romanos The Melodist On The Nativity

: A kontakion of Romanos the Melodist boldly proclaims a new ruler of the world. Mary the mother of Jesus declares:

I do not cast aside the grace I took from you, Lord,
nor do I obscure the worth I gained in bearing you,
for I rule over the world.
Since I carried your might in my womb I have might over all things. [1]
Jesus the Lord is the nominal head of the Christian Church. His mother Mary rules over the world in everyday life.
Mary has been interpreted as the new Eve. In Romanos’s kontakion on the nativity, the old Eve speaks before Adam does. She orders him to arise from his “deathlike slumber.” She tells him to “listen to me, your wife.” Adam made the mistake of marrying. Eve knew of Adam’s disappointment, depression, and anger:

Paul’s Mancast Episode One

On Trump And The Jews

Gilad Atzmon: The Jewish progressive fear of Donald Trump fits with the definition of Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We are dealing with a mixture of guilt and aggression that are embedded in New Left culture.
A brief interview with Joseph Navratil.