9 Nov 2016

Is Maternity Leave Too Long? Laura Perrins

Mike BuchananLaura Perrins was faced with a feminist presenter and three feminist guests – one of them a man – and as usual, managed to make more sense than all of them collectively.

The Working Class Won The US Election

By Paul Craig Roberts: The US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs.  Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump.  This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people.
It remains to be seen whether Trump can select and appoint a government that will serve him and his goals to restore American jobs and to establish friendly and respectful relations with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.
It also remains to be seen how the Oligarchy will respond to Trump’s victory.  Wall Street and the Federal Reserve can cause an economic crisis in order to put Trump on the defensive, and they can use the crisis to force Trump to appoint one of their own as Secretary of the Treasury. Rogue agents in the CIA and Pentagon can cause a false flag attack that would disrupt friendly relations with Russia.  Trump could make a mistake and retain neoconservatives in his government.
With Trump there is at least hope.  Unless Trump is obstructed by bad judgment in his appointments and by obstacles put in his way, we should expect an end to Washington’s orchestrated conflict with Russia,

End Rape Culture Myth Protest

TheLondonGroup: On 17th October 2016 'The London Group' staged a protest against the Rape Culture myth that has developed in the UK. This is the video of that protest.

Legacy - William Banzai7 & Revolution! - Enzo Apicella

Judea Declares War On Trump

Introduction by GA: Back in 1933, long before Hitler imposed a single restriction on German Jews, the leaders of worldwide Jewry declared a war on  Hitler's Germany. Some argue that the German animosity towards Jews in the 1930's, that led to the Holocaust, cannot be realised without taking into consideration the Judea war against Germany.
Seemingly some Jews never learn the lesson. Performing the symptoms of Pre Traumatic Stress disorder the Jewish Chronicle is already at war with the next American president.
The JC Leader: Trump triumphant. So what now?
By Leader: It is not an accusation, merely a statement of fact, to describe Donald Trump as a racist, misogynist bully. That such a man can be elected as President of the United States is deeply chilling.
For Jews, there is one specific aspect of his ascendency that is so worrying. His campaign was self-consciously antisemitic. One of his main themes was that a global elite was conspiring against ordinary Americans.

You Will Be Broken Down

Where Must We Go + American Psycho II - William Banzai7

Laura Perrins Triumphs Over Maria Miller MP, Angela Eagle MP And Jo Coburn - ‘The Daily Politics’

Laura Perrins is a stay-at-home mother, formerly a barrister. Along with Kathy Gyngell, she's a co-editor of an excellent website, The Conservative Woman http://conservativewoman.co.uk. Maria Miller, a Conservative MP, is the doleful chairwoman of the Women & Equalities Select Committee. Jo Coburn, the feminist presenter, asks the question, "Is the work of the committee already done?" In this video Laura takes on Miller as well as the Labour MP Angela Eagle and Jo Coburn, and emerges victorious - as she invariably does, however many feminists are pitted against her.

Use Of Sexual History In Court Proceedings - Mike Buchanan And A Woman From WAR

Mike Buchanan's discussion was with Nicola Mann of Women Against Rape - WAR - which in its official literature encourages women to lie about having been raped.