13 Nov 2016

Australian Greens Senator's Stupid Donald Trump Fear Mongering

Donald Trump hates women! Australian Greens senator Larissa Waters delivers one of the dumbest speeches I've ever seen from an Australian politician. Riddled with hollow assertions, baseless accusations and sheer stupidity, I dearly hope nobody takes her speech as representative of anyone's views but hers. Regards, Bearing.

Leftists Playing The Blame Game Over President Trump

That Guy T said. "Don't Blame the DNC for screwing Bernie,
blame Bernie for accepting it like a bitch."

An Invitation To Be In The Public Gallery Of The House Of Commons, London, England For Philip Davies’s Debate Marking International Men’s Day - Thursday, 17 November

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Because International Men’s Day (19 November) falls on a Saturday this year, Philip Davies’s debate marking the day will be held on Thursday, 17 November. It will be held in the main chamber of the House of Commons, where debates on International Women’s Day have long been held.
Parliamentary guidance on attending debates is here. Security information is here.
I’m looking forward to being in the public gallery for Philip Davies’s debate. If you’d like to join me, please email me (mike@j4mb.org.uk) as soon as possible. Thank you.

6oodfella's Seen Some More Shit

6oodfella: "Is your dog's Halloween outfit sexist?" The shit just keeps on coming, so I'll just keep on making videos about it.

Hillary Is All Women

"Why do women flatly insist that Hilary is the embodiment of all women? ...Why would women or anybody want and demand somebody as vile as Hilary to be their avatar?" Asked johntheother.

This Wasn’t A Vote, It Was An Uprising

By Paul Craig Roberts: Dear Readers: The article below has come to me. I am unable to ascertain if it is a published statement or one of those items sent around the Internet. Nevertheless, I do believe that it captures the attitude of those Americans who in the vast majority of the states gave their vote to Donald Trump.
The optimism expessed in the article might be unrealistic. In order to prevail over the Oligarchy, President Trump will need a government as strong as he appears to be. He cannot find the strength he needs for his government among the usual Washington, Wall Street, and corporate sources. If he selects from these people, he will be impotent.
The question is: who is his transition team? Are they focused on making nice with the Oligachs? If so, there will be no change.
The Democratic Party failed America for the eight years of the Clinton Regime, which committed war crimes and overthrew a sovereign government on the basis of lies. The George W. Bush Regime originated the Middle East wars entirely on the basis of lies. These wars have resulted in the deaths, maiming, and dislocation of millions of peoples who have sought refuge from America’s aggression in Europe.

Kate Smurthwaite (Un-Funny Feminist Comedian) Does Housework

Kate Smurthwaite is an in-funny feminist comedian from the UK who also appears regularly on British TV news and current affairs shows as a guest commenter. Like her cringe inducing attempts at comedy, Kate's performance as a guest commenter is (in opinion) incredibly .. horribly poor.

Not My Country + Rioting Snowflakes - William Banzai7